You Know You’ve Had a Good Workout When…

You Know You’ve Had a Good Workout When…

#10.  You leave from your workout and your shoulders, biceps and triceps will not let you hold your steering wheel at 10 and 2…. it’s 6:30 all the way home baby.

#9   As you’re staggering out the door to your car, the next client sees what they are in for and peels off – rubber hitting the road!

#8  Your trainer is always smiling and “seems” nice, but by your second session you realize she really is not messing around. You start to curse her in your mind and send her glaring stares throughout your workout.

#7 After today’s surprise “bump” on weights along with some new and “exciting” exercises, the light dawns that you PAID for this person to kick your butt a few times a week. Tomorrow you’ll be sore in places you didn’t realize you had.

#6 You’ve made some strange new sounds that did not sound remotely human. You are slightly embarrassed.

#5 You’ve discovered what the word “Hangry” means. Yep, and so has your spouse.

#4  You start to plan ways to sneak in something sharp to pop that darn stability ball when she’s not looking.

#3  You lose your vision on those squats.  Just briefly though.  It comes back just in time for your second set.

#2 You spent the hour praying “Dear God, when will it end?” …and then look at the clock and see it’s only been 20 minutes – you have 40 more to go.

#1 It’s all over and you want more.You come to the sick realization that you feel better than ever and can’t wait to see that smiling, spunky, energetic trainer to see what is next up in her arsenal for you to accomplish.

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