The Good News is…

The Good News is…

The good news?  Your health/weight loss/fat loss/strength/healing struggles can all be turned around rather quickly!

Is 30 days fast enough for you?  How about a week?

My 3 and 5 month courses built over the last twenty-one years will get you monthly noticeable results and teach you more than you could imagine!

Do fast results and better health gains in a shorter amount of time sound better than spending the same dollar amount for a full year at a hiit or boot class? Do zero injuries sound good? Good news!  That’s exactly what happens here… results, zero injuries.

Too often what happens is that people don’t take the time to really THINK about value and what they will get in return. Take all the hoopla out of it, the pumped up high-fives and group think mantra, and what you’ve got left is YOU.

WHAT is it that YOU truly want to accomplish out of the time and money you invest to get RESULTS?

Unfortunately, below are some of the things that are likely to happen to most when they start out (been told these things more often than I care to recount):

NO LIFE SKILLS/TOOLS: They are not being taught real life tools and skills about nutrition and how to use real food to gently fuel the system so it can first, trust that you are no longer trying to kill it with your unhealthy, incorrect habits, and second, heal and strengthen the body from the inside out to begin to release fat.

At Full-Body Fitness, LLC, you will learn the processes to teach your body to trust you again. The more you implement what it needs (instead of what you want) – it will heal.

PROPER STRENGTH WORKOUTS: If you are overweight, out of shape with weakness in joints, ligaments and tendons – the last thing a body should be doing is box jumps and burpees, one-arm side planks, or even yanking ropes or kettle balls around. That makes no sense.

What exactly is that doing to help that type of body heal, repair, strengthen from the inside out?

Those folks usually end up hurt in some way, bulkier than when they began or simply get no results. You don’t need loud music, sweating your butt off, cheerleaders or high fives for a good workout. I’ve had many many clients come to me after doing these things.

After one week in my studio implementing a few of the things in my eating guide, they feel significant results in energy, sleep and yes, scale weight. They lose the ‘bloat.’ When the proper your body understands are utilized, MONTHLY body and health changes happen quickly!

Motivation is sustained by empowering yourself with knowledge that is beneficial to you so you don’t have to rely on anyone else for your health and wellness.

Your skeletal system is held up by your MUSCLES. What should be taught and slowly progressed through with an overweight out of shape body is how to properly use free weights and machines that are in every gym you walk into. How to hold a weight. How to flex specific muscles – too many don’t understand how to do this.

Efficient, effective, non-damaging strength training needs to be learned, built upon, and consistently done. You don’t start by swinging heavy weights around. Without proper body strength and balance your spine will destroy itself. Lack in leg strength and proper postural alignment will wreck your knees. Want to heal and get strong? Learn to lift free weights and use all gym equipment – correctly, effectively and efficiently.

These are the things you do for lifelong health and aging well. It’s not a quick fix… it’s a LIFE STYLE with daily habits that create good things!


By the way, this is my gym where my clients train:  

This has everything a large, fully equipped gym does. It’s bright, clean and motivating! I work one on one, back to back on the hour throughout my day. I love it, they love – it’s all good.

SABOTAGE and COPING TRIGGERS:  Ouch, this one is a tough one. Most use food and alcohol as coping mechanisms. This is a dangerous thing unless you are honest and aware of yourself enough to be able to learn healthier skills and tools when ‘life stuff’ hits the fan.

Understanding your body and mind and how intricate the intestinal system connects and contributes to mental health is essential.

You have to be brave and honest with yourself to know and understand yourself.

For instance, perhaps you as a child equated food/treats with love.  Perhaps you went without so you, as an adult, think ‘lack’ – it could go away, so eat it all while it’s here.

It could be from boredom, unhappiness, anger, bad sleep patterns, attention seeking, victim stance, job or family stress. Lack of worth from something in your youth where your subconscious will only let you reach only so high, and then boom, in comes the saboteur coping trigger!

It could be anything. But it needs to be recognized, understood, and let go of. You are stronger than your feelings.

These triggers holding you back in your NOW no longer serve you in your adulthood.

It was implemented in youth and was there to actually protect your young mind. Butt now, not so much.

Two interesting books I’ve read on this phenomenon are The Big Leap and  Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Excuses are a biggie as well.  So many excuses, so little time. Drop the excuses, take no prisoners, be accountable and take charge of your health. The same wind blows on us all, it’s time to set your sails correctly to benefit your journey, not hinder it.

In other words, we all deal with crapola in our lives that pops up, or might even be persistent. You can’t let that hold you back.

FOCUSING ONLY ON SCALE:  It’s not the scale. It’s what you do that makes the scale go there.  The scale should not be your focus at all in the beginning. Poor daily choices, lack of knowledge on how the body works and why what you’re doing is killing you slowly and making you fat, tired, sick and feel crappy is what needs to be addressed.

Truth be told I used to be super unhealthy. Here is a list of things that I’ve naturally healed in my body over time: rheumatoid arthritis, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, IBS, leaky gut, bad hair, bad skin, bad thoughts. I’m sure I’ve missed a slew of other things, but for now, that will do!

That is why I am so passionate about helping people!  I KNOW you can turn dis-ease around! I used to be sick every year. I have not been sick in 12 years. Hmmmm, makes ya think right?

Oh!  But wait…. there’s more.

I’ve also jacked my neck up so badly and broken my back AND leg in a sky-diving accident on my last (72nd to be exact) jump in October of ’07.

But you’d never know it. I don’t talk about it often but I will point it out if needed to help others realize the importance of letting excuses go. I mean, whose body hasn’t been through the ringer? Do something about is my motto. ACCEPT NO EXCUSES!

I keep my muscles strong with daily strength training for longevity and vitality. We lose muscle tone around 30 years of age. I’m going into my 59th year and I like my ‘stuff’ to be firm – not saggy!  Muscles give you ENERGY. Muscles make you move through your day with strength. Muscles make me happy!

This is why excuses don’t hold water with me. I get it, I can sympathize, empathize and give you a hug if needed, but it’s time to put them down and pull up your boots and get busy taking hold of the reins. I have VAST knowledge and experience in healing the body naturally. Lowering cellular inflammation which helps healing occur is how I healed!

All this health and wellness stuff is debilitating when you don’t have it!

So here you will find, while learning and implementing, we also have FUN and take things in stride. I make sure to keep it fun, realistic and logical. I am kind and loving and rather funny, but I will NOT let you wallow in your excuses.

We all mess up, but it’s getting right back in the saddle of habits that keeps you on the right path!

Learn honest, simple, real nutrition, strength training, along with gaining flexibility, and detoxing to lower internal inflammation so your body can trust you again and easily release fat and more importantly – maintain fat loss. Come at these things from a place of logic and don’t fall prey to the FADS that are running rampant out there this time of year!  Ugh, for heaven’s sake.  Just no.

Start your health and weight loss endeavors correctly and you won’t go wrong.

Your body is just waiting for you to treat it better.  Is it time we met and worked together? I hope so. It certainly is fun to hear my clients sharing they are shrinking into smaller clothing! If only I could put each of my clients in this blog to share with you.

Each month they physically and visually get more results as they progress through their course. It’s quite outstanding to be a part of their willingness to take control and implement these life changing skills.

Big hugs and blue skies,


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  • Donna
    Posted at 19:57h, 04 December Reply

    Thank you Cindy for your passion to help us all regain health, stamina and build the temple we were created to be.

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