To Eat Fat? Or Not To Eat Fat?

To Eat Fat? Or Not To Eat Fat?

$50 BILLION a year is spent on weight loss products! It’s one of the largest money makers, and it’s meant to confuse us.

Why IS that?

Why can some people lose the fat, inches, heal and repair illnesses and diseases, but some can’t maintain it?  I believe what’s missing is honest, realistic knowledge.

While everyone’s shape and size is different, internally our bodies work the same way cellularly. Our hearts pump blood the same way, subconscious thought life works the same way, brain delivers messages throughout our body the same way, nutrients are delivered throughout our body the same way, cleansing systems like kidneys and liver cleanse the same way, we grow hair, skin and nails the same way.  You get my drift.

We need to stay away from man-made, synthetic chemical fats which can ruin your cells and cause inflammation. If they take the fat out of it, and claim ‘lo-fat’ then you have to ask yourself, what in the world are they putting in it to make it palatable? These man-made fats have been chemically altered through hydrogenation (read definition here).  High fructose corn syrup for instance is highly addictive and very damaging to the metabolic processes of the body. So are plastics in so many consumables. We are not made to consume these things, yet we are told they are great for us, so we do.

Finally! FDA Banned!

Don’t get me started on SUGAR. Oops, too late. Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Sugar is a drug. For the record, so is caffeine.

High glycemic loaded food turns into sugars in your body.  These “food” items are things like cookies, muffins, crackers, pancakes, breads, donuts, french fries, rice, pasta, potatoes — all starches. High glycemic and partially hydrogenated foods (margarine/canola) make your body’s insulin levels spike. Insulin is a fat producing hormone.

Neuroscientists have shown, using MRI to scan the brain‘s activity in real-time, that sugar leads to dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens – an area associated with motivation, novelty, and reward.  This is the same brain region implicated in response to cocaine and heroin. – Nora Volker, a researcher at the National institutes for Drug Abuse has shown, using brain imaging, that there are similarities in the brains of obese people and those of drug addicts and alcoholics. (Excerpt from Psychology Today).

Get this, Americans consume approximately 150 pounds of sugar PER YEAR. Gross. About 79 pounds of that is in high fructose corn syrup items! Remember HFCS is a toxin and is killing us and it’s in nearly EVERYTHING on the shelves at your grocery store. Sigh, what to do, what to do? Well keep reading, we’re not through yet.

I help my clients get off of the whole “low fat/no fat/zero calories/diet soda/any soda” crazy train by making them aware of all this. Using a low fat dressing on your salad for instance will only leave you hungry sooner and more importantly, you will not be benefiting from the nutrients coming from the green part of your salad as there is no healthy fat to transport them!

Regular dressings will not make you gain weight. You gain weight from the portion size you consume and the chemical cocktails that are put in the low/no fat dressings and other items.

Does this ring any bells:  “I’ll have a cheeseburger and a DIET soda please.” Hmmmm, at the end of the day, low fat diets leave you constantly hungry…and set you up to consume more chemical damaging calories that do not fuel the cells in the body.

These days it seems too many are consuming nothing resembling food. Real food grows, rots and sprouts. We are overfed, obese, ill, and undernourished as a society.

However, this can immediately change on your next trip to the grocery store. I promise you, if you stop feeding your body the bad stuff, it will acclimate quite happily to it no longer being inside of you and it will stop all bad hormonal cravings and and thank you for the delicious array of real, nutrient dense foods you start to give it.

Your choice. Inflammatory lifestyle choices are the root of the problem.  Once you start to give it living foods, your body will start to trust you again, relax and release un-health from your system and you’ll shed fat, inches and scale weight. Notice the order I wrote that in.

When you stop ‘blaming the scale’ and focus on the real problem – fat and dis-eases – you can dial into how food is a magnificent healer and rejuvenator!

Okay, so now that we have all that bad news out of way, believe it or not our bodies need certain fats to work correctly on the inside – yes, and even to LOSE weight!  Remember: good fats are necessary to help deliver nutrients all over our body. 

Use REAL butter.  I order Minerva Amish Butter and order it by the pound(s).  They use plastics in the fake stuff.

Use organic Avocado with your protein in your breakfast and lunch.

Bitter almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts (1/4 cup only for serving size!)

Sesame seed, organic flax (freshly ground is best), chia

Getting healthy and shedding body fat is a process. It takes a strong internal desire to want to change daily established bad habits.

Clients tell me over and over how much better they feel when they following my guide. They also are thrilled with the monthly results!

When you are healthy, eating right, getting better sleep and massive energy by eating the real foods, your mental attitude will switch over.

You smile more, (grumpy isn’t attractive on anyone), your skin glows, your eyes are brighter and whiter, you just dig feeling fit, healthy and well!

On the flip side, when you feel like crap, you look like crap, which in turn, makes you feel like crap and you’re just tired of feeling like crap. (flip the switch!)

So again, it’s not that hard. It takes learning, implementation, consistency and duration to solidify these changes.

Just buy real food.  Lean meats, fresh veggies and fruits. Nothing in bags or boxes.

Lots and lots of clean, filtered water.

Eat less, more frequently and yea, move a little more than you were moving yesterday.  You’ll be on the right track for better livin!

Remember, your body needs to believe it can TRUST YOU again. Those struggling are more than likely in fight or flight mode and self-preservation. This will pack on more fat in this cycle. Your body doesn’t care how you personally ‘feel’ about foods, cravings, etc.

It NEEDS nutrients from living foods.

My favorite breakfast at 7:30 every morning is 2 organic brown eggs, 1 pc. of Ezekiel toast with a whole avocado smashed on it, lots of pepper on those eggs please!  It starts my day out the PERFECT way to establish level hormones and fuel nutrients!

The foundation of body fat release is FOOD.  It is the foundation of ALL of the courses my clients get to experience and learn.

Is it time for you to learn about properly eating nutritional foods?  Too many of my clients have come from ‘nutritionists’ and have never had the truth taught to them.

I am a realist with a terrific sense of humor and when it comes to healthy lifestyle, I choose to make it fun and honest.

I make it SIMPLE and very doable to do daily.  I take all the guess work and confusion out of it for my clients.

Remember, you can’t “out exercise” incorrect eating habits.

If you’re ready for some true and lasting results, I’m here for YOU.

Hugs and blue skies,



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