Cindy Sams, Your Fishers Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach

Cindy is a veteran weight loss coach that gets her clients results that brings tears of joy to their eyes! Don’t worry, she’s got plenty of tissues. If you are sick and tired of not seeing results, then you might have just hit the jack pot. Going on 19 years in business, Cindy has developed outstandingly successful courses that bring life long value to her clients that create a lifestyle that they can continue on their own. Nothing is held back in her personal training and you will learn and implement things that won’t be found anywhere else. Confused about food? Not any more. Weight area intimidates you? Not any more. Cindy brings her fun, faith-filled personality to the table so you learn the skills and tools it takes to finally get your health back.

Cindy will motivate and encourage you. She will fuel you with her bold attitude of determination, perseverance along with a big splash of humor to inspire you to stay focused to reach your goals. A strong, positive mindset and the knowledge she teaches will help you achieve lasting results through her effective, efficient strength training along with proven to work nutritional consulting.
Cindy’s purpose is to help her clients finally get their results – and keep them! She teaches you sustainable, simple ways to prepare food and will even share a taste of something she has prepared! You will feel hopeful and confident in knowing the skills and tools learned are working as you will see results. Results that are sustainable. Her passion and knowledge shows up for you and her clients successes are proof! Get empowered, uplifted, and ready to stay on track so that you can finally go from fat and fed up to confident and strong again!

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