Hi! Welcome. My name is Cindy. I’m a 58 year old Mom of two grown sons (Kyle and Trevor) that live in Austin, TX. I am of course super proud of them both! They are a lot of fun to hang out with and I miss them often. Thank goodness for facetime.


I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, I have a brother still there with his family. I moved to Fishers in 1995 and have lived here since.


A few hobbies of mine: Seven years ago, I started canvas painting with acrylics. Fun! Reading is another joy I am getting back to. I do not watch regular tv. at all, so hobbies, family, friends and my work are where I find my peace, fun and joy. I have a green thumb with indoor plants. All of them promote clean air and are easy to care for! I am creative so I like to write as well.


I love fun adventures and outings with close friends and obviously staying active, healthy and in shape is a favorite! That tops them all and helps me enjoy all of it.


I have been told I am “authentic (raw and real), fun, positive, hard-working, non-judgmental, loyal, kind, generous, and dare I say I have a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor.”


I help women and men turn their health around. I help you finally learn and understand proper nutrition and how your body works. It is the foundation of your course. It will take ALL confusion away. More importantly, I share why what you are doing is not working in a way that will help you understand.


I help you lose unhealthy, unwanted body fat, inches, scale weight and actually help you heal your body.


You’ll get off the ‘confusion bus’ when it comes to food, strength train properly from where you are at now in your abilities, and then progress you to better health and strength. We don’t do injuries here. In fact, many have found pains go away, backs stop hurting, posture gets better, sleep better, and have energy again! This happens quickly in the first week or two.


I share ‘real life sustainable’ information and coach in a way that is down to earth, honest and, I do like to make things fun! I help you throughout your course and am easily available for questions when not in the studio with me.


Simple. I’ve been in your shoes. I have been chubby, worn out, sick, confused, irritated and embarrassed with my body and the state of my deteriorating health. I had leaky gut, IBS, adrenal fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia, bad hair/skin, you name it. I either had it or was about to step into it! After losing the fat and getting strong lean muscles, I still had to heal. I had tried ‘traditional medicine/docs” but that never worked and made me worse. If you’d like to read more, please check out my blog titled “It’s Personal.”


As I built my business I met people or learned for myself many things to heal my body naturally. It took me on a long journey of healing and repair. Wow! What an amazing, valuable ride it’s been. Little by little my inflammation lowered and one thing after the other just simply – healed! Since then, for the past 20 years, I have shared with all my clients the tools and skills that I implemented that led me to where I am in my health today. I always tell people it is not about the scale. THAT is not what is making you miserable and sick. Changing people’s lives and health on this deeper level is so rewarding, humbling and is such a blessing.  How could I ever stop!?


My bright, clean, fully-equipped gym is in my home, and has been since the beginning. It is a private 1-1 course and I work back to back with clients. I am easily accessible in Fishers and have been helping clients throughout Hamilton County from the very beginning. Fishers, Noblesville, Carmel, Westfield, north Indianapolis and more.


First things first – after you choose your course, we schedule your Fitness Assessment. It is extremely informative and beneficial to you. I gather relative information about your daily habits and then give you a strong, structured plan of success. I’m with you through the whole process of lifestyle change that gets you results! After this, the next time we meet, you begin proper strength training (w/o injuries!) in the gym. All the while throughout your course I will share with you everything in my health and wellness arsenal that you wish to learn about. Ready?

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Client Testimonials / Before & Afters

John Boeke
John Boeke
My wife and I decided early this year we were tired of messing around and needed to seek help to get to where we wanted to be as it relates to our health and fitness. Being in our sixties we have tried a lot of different things. Right before we almost signed up with a remote coaching service, we found Cindy online. Thank God we did. To think you could accomplish what we have with Cindy via Skype and text would be impossible. Our understanding of the right way to get to where we wanted to be has come together incredibly well with Cindy's help. With much gratitude. John Boeke
Fatima Sheikh
Fatima Sheikh
Cindy is a lovely, friendly, charismatic person and an EXCELLENT trainer! As a petite woman looking for woman trainer who would understand my needs, I found her by chance and I am SO glad! She understood my goals and made sure I was doing EXACTLY what I needed to be doing to make progress. Every hour with her has been incredibly valuable to me. Cindy will not waste your time. She gets right down to the workouts you need to be doing, down to the exact little muscle you need to be using in every exercise. She stresses proper form and being aware of your muscles so that you get the most out of every exercise. Cindy really understands body mechanics and she will make sure you do too. I also really appreciate that she stresses eating REAL food over "diet" products. I never felt like I was depriving my body of anything with her food plan. In fact I felt more fueled than anything while my weight dropped off fast. Cindy is a gem of a personal trainer and an awesome person to know! I am so glad I have two more months with her and I definitely hope to buy more!
If you're searching for a personal trainer and nutritionist, you can stop looking now because Cindy is the best of the best. Here's why: I've been working with Cindy for roughly two months so far, and I can honestly say that she has changed my entire life. I didn't realize how little I knew about nutrition until she spelled it out for me with her nutrition guide and weekly guidance. I now know when to eat, how much to eat, and what to eat. It's been an empowering learning experience. In such a short amount of time, I've gained energy, strength, knowledge, and confidence. And, when it comes to fitness, with each session, I feel myself getting stronger. Cindy ensures that you understand exactly what to do and which muscles you're targeting; that way you can take the exercises and perform them on your own. Her goal is to give you tools for life. Cindy has taught me how I can live a longer and healthier life, and I can't thank her enough. My entire outlook on health has changed, and I feel like a brand new person. Like I said, she's changed my life. And the best part about working with Cindy is she's by your side every step of the way. She's supportive and kind. She holds you accountable, and she inspires you to want to become your best self. You won't go through this journey alone because she, too, is invested. Thank you, Cindy! :) You're the best!
Lauren C
Lauren C
Did you know most personal trainers teach you skills so you continue to be reliant on their services? This is one of the first things I learned from Cindy and how she runs a down to earth and honest business. Cindy's passion is to help you succeed and eventually continue your health journey on your own with what you learn from her. Cindy isn't just a personal trainer...she is an accountability coach, a nutrition guru, a cheerleader, a comedian, a therapist (yes...I've had my crying moments) and a friend! Give her a try! xoxo
Jill Everhart
Jill Everhart
Cindy is the BEST personal trainer around town in my opinion! She is extremely passionate in making significant changes in all of her clients! She is always there for you and wants the very best for you! Cindy takes time to listen to each of her clients, and she creates individualized plans and goals for each of them. Cindy promotes complete wellness for her clients at all times! I am extremely thankful and fortunate that a friend recommended me to her. Even though I had always stayed active playing sports and participating in group fitness classes at the gym, I knew something was missing. From the beginning, Cindy listened to my questions and always responded in an uplifting and informative manner. She encouraged me to eat healthier foods and helped me with properly timing my meals. Also, Cindy helped build my confidence in strength training so that I would feel more confident heading to the "big girl and boy" gym area! My strength building workouts with Cindy always flew by quickly because they were so much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed her sense of humor and listening to her knowledge in fitness/wellness. To summarize: Cindy's full-body fitness course will teach you many tools and skills that will help you to achieve amazing results! Make it one of your top goals in 2023 to take care of yourself by entrusting Cindy with your own fitness/wellness journey! :)
Lori Cardwell
Lori Cardwell
Before I met Cindy, my workouts were not structured, my eating habits were all over the place, and I was not losing any weight on my own. Cindy’s program is exactly what I needed. Her nutrition guide is easy to follow on when you should eat and what you should be eating. With Cindy’s guidance I also learned how to target specific muscles and how to properly workout without being so sore the next day that I can’t move. She walks you through how to do the correct movements for the most effective and efficient workout. With her training and support I'm happy with my progress over the last couple months. I feel confident that I will reach and maintain my fitness goals with all the knowledge Cindy has provided. I highly recommend Cindy if you want to make healthy lifestyle changes!
James Wright
James Wright
As a male in his seventies, I had developed a lifetime of bad habits. I slept too little; I ate the wrong food at the wrong time; exercise was sporadic and either an obsession or, more often, non-existent. I knew it was in my best interest to make a lifestyle change. I knew what I wanted to do but didn't know how to approach the lifestyle I wanted to create. After doing some research and seeing results individuals were getting by working with Cindy Sams, I decided to work with Cindy. As a result of that decision, I have made a significant lifestyle change. I sleep more, I have learned what to eat and when and I have worked with Cindy 3 days a week for the past 4 months. I have lost 25 pounds, feel better both physically and mentally and have learned a lifestyle that is not difficult to maintain. Cindy has shown me the path to a better lifestyle and has motivated me to follow the path. If someone is looking for a trainer to help them become the best version of themself, I recommend Cindy Sams. There is no better time to take that first step on your health journey than today. Make 2023 your year when better health happens!!
Claire Eller
Claire Eller
Cindy will help you get where you need to be with your weight loss journey. She is excellent. She will guide, you train you, and encourage you. Plus she is extremely positive and helpful. I highly recommend her to help you with your health journey. She’s a wonderful and honest person as well.
Kimberly Thaman
Kimberly Thaman
Cindy is awesome! She teaches her clients about nutrition and helps to get them to change their habits.
Amanda Looney
Amanda Looney
I just finished up a 3 month package with Cindy, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start or get back into a health/fitness routine. She meets you where you are in the beginning and guides you to make better choices throughout. Workouts would fly by with Cindy because I was always laughing and having fun. Cindy really knows her stuff too, she educates you on why you are doing the workouts and how to do them the correct way with a big emphasis on safety. I never felt like I was going to overdo it or get hurt like I have worried about in the past with group fitness classes and bootcamp style workouts, but I still always got a good workout in! Cindy also will take you to your own gym at the end of your package and make sure you know how to do all of the workouts comfortably without her help. This was a huge help for me to feel confident walking into a new gym.

Personal Training Services

Personal Training

These courses are so much more than typical personal training. You'll never do jumping jacks, burpees, flip tires, lift super heavy weights incorrectly, or any of that. Those things will get you injuries and little results. Here we go deeper to the root of your current health and strength levels and build from there during your course. By the time you are finished you will know how to use all gym equipment properly, eat foods that fuel and release fat and feel the best you've ever felt. You will have the tools, skills and results that you can maintain for better quality of life!

Fitness Training

What does fitness training mean? To me and my clients it means learning how to actually BE healthy and well. Feeling great with sustainable, strong energy throughout their day. Sleep more soundly and peacefully and wake up able to cope with the normal day in/out things in life. Fitness is food, muscle strength, flexibility, vibrancy! If you are ready to get the joy of fitness back into your eyes and body and life, then let's begin.

Strength Training

Muscle strength is key. The body begins to lose muscle at the age of 30. Proper strength training is greatly misunderstood and here you will get strong from the ligaments, tendons and joints that are connected to the muscular system. In other words - no injuries, just terrific results! If you want your back, knees, neck and other parts to stop aching, then the muscles must be trained correctly. However, too many do not know how to do this safely or effectively. You must learn body mechanics and how to even flex a muscle. You will learn all of this and most importantly, get results throughout your course. By the time you finish you will have learned how to strength train productively and not just jump around and sweat. All that crazy gym equipment that seems so confusing - will make sense. Ready to get strong and age well? Let's begin!

Health Coaching

When I think about health, I think about how sick I was when I was unhealthy and miserable. All those autoimmune issues that held me in constant turmoil. It was expensive and exhausting - not to mention dangerous for vibrant longevity and aging. It takes time to get your health back. If you are truly interested in your health, in every sense of the word, these courses and all that is shared with you are where you begin. So many of my clients come in bloated, miserable with the light in their eyes dimmed. My favorite thing is helping them get it to shine again! If I along with so many others can 'make dis-eases and pains go away' then so can you. Patience, determination, perseverance is what you will need, along with a great sense of humor and some grace. I will help you learn and understand the how to's throughout your course. Unlike most ‘fad’ diets, true health coaching should focus on balancing hormonal and metabolic disorders, eliminating body fat and cellular inflammation and shedding toxins that have built up over years, and finally, de-stressing the body while teaching sustainable and healthy eating for life-long results.

Nutrition Coaching

This is everything! It is the strong foundation for losing body fat and inches, sleeping better, having more energy, healing and so much more. These courses go deep into helping you learn, implement and maintain healthy nutritional habits for the rest of your life. I help you make it make sense. We don't follow fads as they are incorrect and confusing. If you don't learn how to use food for fuel that calmly releases fat and inflammation, it will be a continual bumpy road. You cannot out-exercise the fork! During your course you will learn how to eat delicious, healthy foods, and easily prepare them so that your body will start to trust you again. If it's been treated like a dumpster fire, it will be on full lock down and preservation (fight of flight) mode. This keeps you in the packing on fat mode. It's time to turn that around and learn logical, easy to implement nutrition. Ready to feel great? Let's get you started.

Weight Loss Coaching

Isn't it funny how the 'scale' is made out to be the bad guy? True 'weight loss' is not about the SCALE. The scale is the result. I help my clients understand that the scale is not why they are over weight and unhealthy. Our focus is getting the fat and inches off. This in turn lowers inflammation inside the body. When the body is in constant protective mode with the food and drinks consumed, it will not release fat. I help you focus on the reasons why the scale is telling you that story, and, what to do to make it go down. We don't focus on the scale here. We focus on learning habits that release fat and inches and get health back. Until that happens, it makes sense that the scale doesn't matter in the beginning! It's not the culprit. Here you will get monthly results. There is nothing more fun than my clients telling me they are shrinking into smaller sizes and feel amazing and strong. These 'Weight Loss' courses get you your results.

Motivation & Mindset

Getting noticeable results every month is rather motivating don't you think? The information in these courses that are shared with you, helps you change prior beliefs that did not benefit you. I have a way of saying things that helps you see things in a more logical, common-sense way where you can shift out of limiting beliefs. I make it fun. I share my past habits that destroyed my body. I keep it real, but kindly help with thinking more productively and positively about your successes as we progress through the course.

Benefits of Working with Cindy

20+ Years as a Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach

Services Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, & Northside Indianapolis

Rated #1 Best Nutrition & Weight Loss Fitness Course

1:1 Sessions in a Clean, Private Gym

Achieve Monthly Results in Your Fitness Goals You Never Believed Were Possible!

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    $95 / Hr


    Package Term – 1 Month

    12, 1 Hour Sessions (x3 Per Week)

    Standard Rate of 95/hr

    Fitness Assessment

    Nutritional Guidance

    Personal Strength Training

    Reboot  $1140

    This is for previous clients to reboot and resolidify habits learned in prior courses.

    ONLY $68/ Hr


    Package Term – 3 Months

    36, 1 Hour Sessions (x3 Per Week)

    Reduced Rate of $68.75/hr

    Fitness Assessment

    Indepth Daily Nutritional Guidance

    Personal Strength Training

    Weight Loss Course

    Monthly Progress Tracking

    Finally Fit $2475

    Great Savings! Get amazing monthly results with this 3 month course

    ONLY $58/ Hr


    Package Term – 5 Months

    60, 1 Hour Sessions (x3 Per Week)

    Incredible Reduced Rate of $58.25/hr

    Fitness Assessment

    Indepth Daily Nutritional Guidance

    Personal Strength Training

    Weight Loss Course

    Monthly Progress Tracking

    Game Changer $3495

    This 5 month course really IS your Game Changer! Exceptional RESULTS that last! Massive Savings!

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