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Are you ready for your Transformation?  

I help women and men who have tried many ways to lose weight without full success. There is too much false information when it comes to Food, Weight Loss, and Personal Training that can be confusing and frustrating. Here we get back to basics with nutrition, effective methods of strength training and cardio for fat burn and endurance. Flexibility is a big one too. I am ALL about aging well!


Personal Training is just that – personal. Your weight loss, health and wellness  goals are a personal matter! Here you will not be flipping tires, doing jumping jacks, burpees, cartwheels, standing on your head, or hurting yourself.  Here you lose weight, inches, jiggle and bulges. Cindy will help get you results quickly!


The Weight Loss courses are designed to teach skills, habits and tools that get your results. Hiring Cindy as your expert weight loss coach is an investment in yourself just like any other form of personal growth.


All focus is on you and your journey. No one staring at you in a crowded gym when you feel at your worst.   1:1 personal training is where lasting success happens. The skills you learn here will get you the results you’ve been desiring, which will help you actually be confident in any gym, anywhere, whether playing with weights or in a class, after completing your training!


{Personal Trainer in Fishers, Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville and North Indianapolis since 2003}


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    • #1 Rated Daily Eating Guide w/Free Nutritional Consultation included with package!
    • FREE Fitness Assessment
    • Twelve (12) one hour, Personal Training Sessions, 3 x week


    Regular Rate: $54/hr.

  • FINALLY FIT (3 Months)
    • #1 Rated Daily Eating Guide w/Free Nutritional Consultation included with package!
    • FREE Fitness Assessment and progress tracking
    • THREE MONTH WEIGHT LOSS COURSE (36 sessions) , one hour,  Personal Training Sessions 3 x week

    $1,615  – 3 months, 36 sessions

    Reduces rate: Only $45/hr.!!! Great Deal!

    This creates lasting habits and great results! 



  • THE GAME CHANGER (5 Months)
    • #1 Rated Daily Eating Guide w/Free Nutritional Consultation included with package!
    • FREE Fitness Assessment and progress tracking!
    • FIVE MONTH WEIGHT LOSS COURSE (60 sessions), one hour Personal Training Sessions 3 x week

    $2,450 – 5 months, 60 sessions

    Free Month (12 additional sessions) until 2/10/2020! This is known as Icing on the Cake! 😉

    Reduces rate: Only $40/hr.!!! (Best Deal) 

    This REALLY TRULY IS your Game Changer!


  • Which Program is BEST for YOU?
  • There will be many deciding factors for you to take into account.

    First, know that these courses are indeed COURSES. They are not “group” or typical “personal training.”

    The Finally Fit and Game Changer courses are tailored to help you FINALLY reach the results you have been dreaming of!

    Results are in fact guaranteed when you implement all the highly valuable information and tools you will learn – and take with you after getting you your fantastic results.

    Cindy shares information on Nutrition, true Health and Wellness, Strength Training, proper Cardio, Flexibility and so much more that you won’t find with anyone else.

    Too many people are struggling still and these courses bring it back to a basic, logical mindset and skill implementation.

    Ask yourself honestly how long will it take for you to get to MAINTENANCE and get your health back. Is it the Finally Fit course? Or go ALL the way with the Game Changer? 

    Do you need even more than that? Let’s talk it through!

    As your Health Coach I’ll provide accountability, direction and whole-hearted support every step of the way. You will gain strong knowledge and life skills that will always help you stay on track, no matter what life throws at you!

Real Women. Real Results.

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