Let’s Get Personal

Let’s Get Personal

So you’ve made the decision!  You’ve had enough with the fads, the injuries, and no results for your hard work. I completely understand as I’ve been there. You are ready, willing and with me, you’ll soon find out you are able to do this weight loss, healthy and fit thing as well.

I have created my Fitness Assessment to be the foundational catalyst for you that will put you on a confident path with solid, logical tools and skills to get you results and keep them. It is not your typical ineffective ‘assessment.’

All courses start with us going over your client forms, payment is made and then the fun begins! I get right to the heart of the matter — your daily ‘normal’ eating patterns and habits. THIS tells me a story about you, and it’s why you are here. Then, more importantly, I explain very simply why what you have been doing is not working and give you the most powerful information you’ll ever hear that, when implemented, will get you the results other clients do every month! Many of my clients at this point, sit back and say, “I’ve been to a nutritionist before” (or tried several) and they never told me any of this!” The light comes on in their eyes that suddenly, they have a plan that makes complete sense and that I’m going to help them go all the way with this endeavor.

I share real, honest information on how your body works and WHY what you’re doing is not ever going to work.  However, you cannot tell someone to STOP doing one thing without the most important part: Adding in the right things that will bring massive energy, lower inflammation, release fat, help you sleep so much better, along with so many other things!

My Eating Guide is informative, eye opening and a fun read. I will be there helping keep you accountable, on track with learning everything, and getting results that will motivate you! I love when my clients ask lots of questions. It shows me they are seriously ready to understand, learn and live the good healthy life!

Food and Nutrition is where the rubber hits the road and you win this race of fat loss and gaining health back. In the studio you will warm up, learn to lift correctly to build strength quickly and safely, and end with stretching those warm muscles to gain flexibility! So if you’re looking for a ‘nutrition coach in Fishers’ or a ‘weight loss coach in Noblesville’ or even a ‘personal trainer in Carmel’ – THIS is where all these great results happen. There are 100’s more like them! After 20 years of listening and learning the needs of the people that find me and work with me, my fitness assessment and Eating Guide is what gives them hope and a PLAN that makes sense, and is easily implemented into a lifestyle of health.

After going over habits and guide, we’ll get your scale weight, body fat measurement, circumference measurements, along with pictures. This is a great way to SEE the monthly re-measure results you acquire during your course. See pics below. We repeat this process of every month to keep you excited, and on track as you progress, learn and implement all that is shared.

We will also take a look inside my refrigerator! You will see how it’s ‘supposed’ to look. Food, portions, etc.  So powerful!

Then we finish up going over your times and schedule. Next time I see you it’s game on in the studio!

All my clients are URGED to text me questions in the beginning and throughout course. I never want you spinning out of control and making incorrect decisions or presumptions on foods, etc. Ask! I’m very responsive to your questions.

Here are some folks where you can see how your monthly progression shots will be as well!



See?!  If these lovely folks can — then so can YOU. It’s time you finally got your transformational results and rockin’ strong health back!

To your health and wellness in every way imaginable,


  • D McDonald
    Posted at 15:06h, 04 July Reply

    Cindy speaks truth! I am finally on the path to losing the extra 30 lbs I have carried around for 18 years. I am back doing enjoyable activities and physical work in the yard without pain and with much greater strength and this has not happened in years.
    All thanks to our Good Lord and to Cindy who is so wise and ‘on it’!

  • Cindy Sams
    Posted at 16:16h, 04 July Reply

    SO FUN helping you with a better quality of living! You’re too young to feel ‘old’!!! Hugs, Cindy 🙂

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