A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On!

A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On!

If you want to lose fat and scale weight – don’t drink your calories.


Let’s take a moment to learn the fascinating process of your extremely energetic internal systems!

Your digestive process IS how you get your metabolism up and running strong. It’s how you gain strong energy throughout your day, how you get rid of fat, how, and how healthy you are.

The process of digestion actually occurs before you lift a fork.

The action of taking time to physically prepare a meal for instance cause the glands in your mouth to get excited and make saliva.

A gross fact: We produce about 1.5 liters per day of slurpity slurp saliva!


That first bite dancing around in your mouth with your saliva makes enzymes.

While making its way from there, your esophagus will start to muscularly contract, which helps plunge it into your stomach.

The stomach muscles then bounce, push and knock it around in there which further breaks up food and enzymes.

Hormones in your tummy trigger acids to be released, dissolving food further.

The hormones created during this whole experience wakes up the pancreas, liver and gallbladder to make digestive juices and bile.

After about three hours inside your stomach, it flexes its muscles and pushes everything into the small intestine.

There your liver will send bile into the gallbladder to dissolve the fats in the mixture, called chyme, to be easily digested by the pancreas and intestinal fluids.

The enzymes then break down proteins into amino acids and carbs into glucose.

Are you starting to see the superior energetic process this takes?  Vroom! Vroom goes your engine!

(please note at this point by ‘carbs’ I mean healthy vegetables and fruit – not starches, processed foods and sweets).

All these molecules go through the lower part of your small intestine where tiny protrusions on the walls further strengthen molecule absorption and transference into the bloodstream.

The blood then feeds your body’s organs and tissues.

(Ever heard of “you are what you eat?” – Yep, that applies here. It’s super imperative to understand this.

Next, fiber, water and dead cells that are sloughed off during digestion go into the large intestine/colon.

Your body drains out most of the remaining fluids through your intestinal wall.

Now can you guess what’s next?

Feel free to check out my blogs called “What’s the Poop – Scoop #1” and “What’s the Poop – No. 2” (wink)

https://fbfitness.com/whats-the-poop-scoop-1/ and Gut Health For Weight Loss – Full-Body Fitness (fbfitness.com)

Your colon then flexes its muscles and pushes that poop into yet another process until it’s ready to launch!

Believe it or not this whole process takes about 30-48 hours!  My goodness SO MUCH ENERGY HAS TO OCCUR! vrrrrrooooom!  Are you seeing where I’m going with this yet?

Drinking a liquid laced with chemically processed powders, unhealthy fats and sugars (way too much sugars), will never ever let this process happen.

No pun intended (really?) but there’s no ‘meat to it.’ Your body doesn’t have to work at anything. It doesn’t create any energy for liquid. It just slides down like a lazy river… and that is one way to ruin your hormones and metabolism.

How to properly use food to release fat, balance hormones, lower inflammation, heal the intestines and body IS the foundation of my courses.

Foods: how to eat them, when to eat them, what to eat and WHY is how you create a lovely, healthy LIFESTYLE.

It’s where my clients finally find health, fat loss, massive energy, amazing sleep and where weight management is successful.

If you really want to lose fat and scale weight, then let your body make, mix and shake all these fascinating ‘juices’ naturally that naturally help you to your goals.

Want to skyrocket your metabolism and energy systems – eat your foods properly. At Full-Body Fitness you’ll learn that as well as properly strength training the body for strong, lean muscles. You’ll correct postural alignment, stop back, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, sleep better, and heal the body over time!

Summer is almost here.

Big hugs and blue skies,

Vroom! Vroom!  Cindy 😉

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