Winners Never Quit

Winners Never Quit


When it comes to quitting it all comes down to what tape that is playing in your mind. What do you tell yourself continuously? Do you say to yourself things like ‘I can’t’ ‘I won’t’ ‘No’?  Or perhaps use the words ‘ugh, I’m so fat’ or ‘I hate this that or the other thing’ when talking about yourself. Some folks feel deep down inside a feeling of unworthiness to attain the successes they want. These things hide in friendly, outgoing, successful, seemingly confident people. Truth be told however, our subconscious blocks can jam us up if we do not conquer and release them!


What you think and speak correlates to what is happening in your life.  It also is connected to your health and well being. This is a universal truth.

Watch this cool three minute video on the power of thoughts and words:  Dr. Emoto “Water” video  You can see how words spoken or even a negative thought can have seriously damaging effects on the inside of our bodies. Why? Because our bodies have a LOT of water inside. Check this out:!


If you have worked with me or do at this time you know what I’m going to say now… Drink Your Water! 7-8 bottles a day. It is extremely important to your health, your body functioning at it’s peak level, and weight loss!


Negative thinking is actually a bad habit.  That being said, since it IS a habit, that means it can be changed! Try being vigilant with your thought habits and patterns and you can change mindset. Sometimes I lose this battle, but mostly – I win.  I win because I have learned how important it is and how my life and health are connected to my thoughts, emotions, and words. Pretty cool.  In fact, it is awesomely empowering.


Light at the end of railroad tunnel. Natural lighting.

You can be sure the world would be a much cooler place if people started to put their own personal and emotional growth on DEFCON 1 -URGENT/PRIORITY! It would be a more loving place if we started with loving and taking care of ourselves better before everything goes wrong. All it takes are some skills you’ll need to learn. Personal development is key to being the best version of you!


Here are a few amazing books for you to start yourself on the right path: Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Hung By The Tongue and The Big Leap.


I know it might seem silly, but how about you go walk over to your mirror right now, look your amazing self in the eye and say, I AM SO AWESOME! I am worthy and deserving of perfect health. Try it. Go ahead, get up close and personal with YOU. Say to yourself, Yes, I can, I will, I am going to do it! Write in dry erase marker on the big mirror in your bathroom or bedroom. Use powerful, uplifting words! Journaling is also an extremely powerful tool to get to the bottom of things that are not working in your life!


Here are a couple very simple phrases you can try when your thoughts try to get out of control: Abracadabra!  Remember: YOU are in control of you. Your words are powerful. Even more powerful than the words spoken to others are the words that you speak into your own mind.


From this day forward when you speak, make a conscious and deliberate effort to have a minimum of 85% of your daily conversations positive, purposeful, and productive. This will strengthen your mindset, create possibilities and attract more joy and successes in life. Every time you say or think something negative–STOP. Immediately tell your mind – Stop! Then switch to something positive and continue on. This one practice can dramatically transform your reality. Become unstoppable by using your words to create your next breakthrough. You have something special inside you, let it shine!


All this being said, we are only human. But then again, that means we are amazing beings! Such power we have over our minds but we need to tap into it! Creating positive habits takes time, determination, and consistency, just like any other positive habit. Learning what it takes to lose the extra weight, eat correctly to maintain that, along with exercise that is effective and efficient takes time and continued effort. The good results that happen when you do will dim the memory of how ‘hard’ it may have been in the beginning.


Don’t quit darlin’. Winners never do you know.



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