Why Weight?

Why Weight?

What are you waiting for?

The studio is where it all happens. Here you will learn the skill set for eating correctly, lifting weights and using machines (there is a way to dial in for massive effects), as well as cardio for desired goals.

If you want lean, mean, fat burning muscles then you’ve got to learn to lift weights correctly for this to happen.
Weight training is an essential part in losing excess fat and maintaining healthy body weight. It requires some specific knowledge and methodology.

My passion is weight loss. Specifically, your weight loss. My passion is teaching you how to eat to rev up your fat burning metabolic engine, along with lifting weights effectively and efficiently without injury during your course – whether here for three, five months or more! The courses are designed so that you not only get results by the time you are finished, but by consistently implementing habits and skills, you will walk away confident knowing you can do this “fitness thing” for a lifetime of enjoyment and maintenance on your own.

It is so wonderful when clients not only start shedding the pounds, but feel better than they have in quite some time. While we start with the whole eating pattern (What. When. Why. Portions.), we always incorporate weights. Lots of weights! Here are the machines and weights we use at Full-Body Fitness. Love that little playground!

Everything in that room is accessible in any gym in one form or another and I teach you how to use them all so you are confident and knowledgeable.

The nutrition part is the trickiest part for some people. It is THE KEY for your weight loss success and massive health and wellness. Here in the studio, I help make this endeavor realistic, doable and sustainable. When my clients get on board with my eating guide, some instant results start to happen like more energy, bloat going away, and better sleep. Isn’t that awesome? I will never tire of hearing it.

But let’s get back to weights. They are my favorite afterall! Muscles weigh more yes. However they also take up less room on your body. They help you utilize (burn) calories not only while you’re working out, but for quite some time afterwards as well. Muscles are what keep the weight from coming back honey… so once you see what weights do to your bod, it’s hard to stay way! It’s a beautiful relationship between your mind and muscles… they make gorgeous music together.

So if you’ve been spinning your wheels on the whole weight loss thing or trying one ridiculous “fad diet” after another, feel like you don’t know exactly how to lift weights or use all those pieces of equipment — here is where you start: https://fullbodyfit.wpengine.com/

You can be rocking it as early as the end of spring, but you need to get started. Let’s get you strong, healthy and feeling better than you have in years!

Hugs and Blue Skies, 


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