The Fizzle!

The Fizzle!

We all like to start the new year with a big bang when it comes to health, wellness and losing weight!

We go all in and by week four we’ve had enough.

Sound familiar?

Trying the same things that you did last year is futile.  I mean, if it really worked, it would stick right?

Too often it seems, people need to get to a breaking point.  That point where absolutely none of your clothes are fitting you, or the doctor is wanting to put you on some sort of pill to lower this or raise that, or you feel so tired, fat and miserable that you can’t even think about going to exercise in a gym in front of all those workout people!

Before you run out and join a gym, LEARN what to do there. More importantly, learn what to do in your kitchen!

Going into such an endeavor without any skills, tools, or knowledge is pointless.  It will create frustration and defeatism.

Let’s be honest…you need some new ways of thinking and doing!

The best way to create new habits and a healthy lifestyle is to work with the right experts. Do some research, ask some questions, do the math, read some written google reviews, check out websites, etc.

It’s not just about losing pounds.  In fact, that’s the least of the things you should focus on when beginning!  When it comes down to it, don’t you actually want the jiggle, the wiggle and the bulges to go away? THAT is what makes people feel miserable in their clothes, makes them feel sluggish and blah.  In order to find success you must start in the kitchen and then also begin to mix in the other correct ingredients!

You have to start at the right place.  Too many start the wrong way. They have been out running, ellipticaling, biking, or jumping around in a class sweating their batootie off to no avail. If it’s not working, it’s not working for a reason. STOP. You need skills and tools. You need time while learning them.

It’s so important to actually learn how your body works. It’s not releasing the fat for a reason.

What if learning some new things is exactly what your fizzle needs to burst into a flame this year?

Learn some new, fresh ideas, and work towards your results consistently and tenaciously. Suddenly you’ll see and feel your body finally responding to what you have learned!  Remember, not only will you look good, but you’ll feel stronger, more full of energy, you’ll get better sleep and actually BE health!

You want to see what can happen when you put the right stuff in the recipe for results? Check out my before/after tab!  WOW!

Now we’re playing with FIRE! Come on my little pyro, let’s light you up too!

Light the match.

😉 Cindy
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