The BEST Weight Loss Secret EVER!

The BEST Weight Loss Secret EVER!

I just got yet another email with the above title.

It pisses me off.

It pisses me off because I know that there are people who will try anything to get the weight off and feel better about themselves.

I have been there. I LOVE to share my story about my leaky gut, IBS, horrible skin, awful energy and sleeping… errrrg…

I was once a Slim Fast new mom and desperate for my old body back, starving while nursing and not able to make something to eat so slurped on those instead.

Ready to learn the REAL SECRET to actual weight loss and health?

A: There is none. Nope. Not one single secret!

I have acquired a HUGE arsenal of knowledge, skills, tools and results that have not only gotten me phenomenal health, but that of my friends, my sons, and clients!

There will ALWAYS be a shiny new gym, gimmick, a new  product, or some scientific wonder to get your attention and tell you that there is where the secret lies.  It doesn’t – unless they’re actually TEACHING lifestyle changes and skills.

Don’t fall for it (again).

Your body already knows how to lose weight and be healthy. You just need to get on the same page and let it do so. Don’t know how? Confused with all the inundation of “secrets” out there?

You’re not alone.

It all comes down to understanding the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. Kind of humbling right?

If you are willing and wanting to learn skills that are sustainable and desiring to truly change your lifestyle – you’re ready!

Open mind, open heart – ready. Being willing to let go of what you think you know and trust someone who gets actual results for people is imperative.

So if you are not going to let go of your pizza, cookies, cake, diet sodas and eating out all the time or not being honest with yourself – then stop right here. Because I promise there is no magic pill, class or product that will help you with your health and weight loss. Unfortunately, what you eat in private, always shows up in public.

If you are NOT getting amazing health and weight loss results happening — it’s simply not working. Change lanes.

At 22 years old with 20 pounds to lose — that’s easy.

At 42 or 52? A completely different story. Your body is doing stuff you need to know about and you are most likely the culprit holding it back from it’s true path to health and wellness.

These fads, products, pills are no secret… they are a crutch, they are a lie and they do not work. There can be no sustainability with them.  In other words, they might work for a bit, but they are expensive and will only get you a little something – if that. But the minute you stop, you’ve gained nothing but an empty wallet.

Personally, I like things that are simple. Things I can do myself to get the job done.

I just can’t hold on to my integrity and sell products that “help you lose weight” – I’ve tried them, sure. I’ve had others who wanted to try them. However, ultimately the only thing that actually worked for them was getting in the studio and doing the work, utilizing my amazing Daily Eating Guide, and other simple skill sets that helped them reach their ultimate health, weight loss, and weight maintenance.

When you implement simple things that work, you will literally change the way your body is shaped, detox and let your glorious body start working how it was made to work! You begin to shift to a personally kinder mindset, losing the fat and jiggle and dropping sizes. Getting off unnecessary prescriptions, lowering inflammation on the cellular level and acquiring true health are some other amazing benefits.

Which is pretty much what we’re all looking for if we’re honest.  It’s not even about ‘weight loss’ per se… people just get sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I don’t teach or preach suffering. I like feeling good honey!  And want that for you! I want your success to manifest in the habits and skills that work.  Those that do – attain it!

I teach common sense, what real food is and does to your beautiful body. I teach how to push, pull and lift WEIGHTS, those wonderful things that Change the Game for you! It’s what our bodies are made to do and I love seeing your eyes pop with the thrill of dropping pant sizes, bras sizes (say bye to back fat honey!), underwear and whatever else sizes!

I will keep it authentic – and fun! I don’t judge or shame or yell at you for heaven’s sake.

I meet people where they’re at, but won’t let them stay there – if they want out that is.  This is NOT a bootcamp.

I share my stories, my imperfections. I let them hear that I don’t do perfect, that they will never do perfect. And that’s OKAY. Do better than before, create the healthy, happy, KIND mindset, learn the skills.  SO simple…yet people don’t want simple, they want FAST, SLICK and SCAMMY! Where is my credit card? That shake weight has GOT to work for my arms! Hmmmm.

Here’s the thing and the no secret secret I mentioned:  Time and time and TIME AGAIN, I will do someone’s fitness assessment, they will start to implement what I share with them during that time, and they come to me at their first workout three to four days later with 7 lbs. off of them, sleeping better, bloat going away and tons of energy! And they are completely astounded and excited to get to work in the studio!

I love this part!!! No products, no pills, no secret – just learning some things and new ideas and putting them into practice.

THAT is sustainable. THAT you can take with you for the rest of your life and it won’t cost you anything once you’re done and you are in maintenance.

See? There’s no secret there. Just putting the rubber to the road and learning how your body works. Too many truly don’t know HOW the body works.  I can help you understand WHY it wasn’t working. It’s so simply for me to see it, and I get to help you see it too!

Not just telling, but showing. I’m a doer. But I can’t want it more than you do. You are the one who has to be sick and tired of your… bs, so to speak. Are you ready?

Please just remember next time you are desperately thinking something you’ve heard about is THE THING that is going to help you, just stop. Ask yourself, is it simple, is it sustainable, is it affordable for the rest of my life, can I do this on my own afterwards.

It blows me away that there are people paying huge dollars in gyms, colorful classes, and taking all kinds of products, and are either not going or not seeing any sustainable results.

Sustainability means that you are not dependent upon it.  Until you learn a foundational skill set that you can do on your own, with confidence and consistency, you will continually be lured into the trap of quick fixes, secrets and miracle products.

I promise, if you are honest, and implement what is being taught to you, it will get you the results you want. It will change your game, your mind, heart and spirit, your body and clothes size.

Ready?  I’ve got a secret to share so come closer and let me tell you, show you! You will be amazed.

Get in here!  I have a couple of spots available!  Does one have your name on it?  Hope so.

Check out my Google reviews and my website to get a handle on me and my past/present clients.  That’s usually where people start.

Hugs and blue skies,



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