Say It Ain’t So

Say It Ain’t So

You’re ready to finally do this. You make the call, ready to take on the world and do this for you. It’s your time!

Then poof! Just like that your subconscious steps in and ruins the day. It’s too much, I just can’t. I’ve tried before. Nothing works. I’m not worth it. I feel selfish and guilty taking care of me and my health.

You sounded so ready and then – you talked yourself right out of it.

Here’s the thing… I already know I can help you reach your goals. Until you are working with me, I cannot help you understand, know and believe that you can reach your goals. Get it? Left alone in our thoughts too long, we can easily talk ourselves out of something good for us.

It bums me out when I can see it, and they can’t. Or don’t think their time and money is well spent on their health and wellness. Or that they are just tired of trying and failing. I get it! It’s way too saturated, inundated and well, there are just too many to think about and sort out.

Here’s what I do when I look into something: look for high value for the price along with checking out google reviews, testimonials and before and after results on websites. Oh, and experience – not only years in business, but life experience! Can you relate to their story? Are you going to walk away with knowledge, skills and tools that you can take with you?

You cannot sweat off or out run the fork. You cannot out exercise a bad diet. You just simply can’t.

Isn’t that for the most part what is missing from our walking around the earth healthy, strong and fit?
That actual desire to do the work and learn how to be healthy, strong and fit – consistently?

There have been many people in my studio who have tried before. Tried trainers, tried diet products, classes, boot camps, supplements, shakes, drinks and pills.

Products and fads can fool you into thinking you’ll succeed, and they are expensive. They do not teach you the how’s, the why’s. They do not give you the skills to go about the rest of your life, fit and healthy.

Skills and tools give you empowerment!

Results give you determination to keep pushing!

We don’t “try” here. We do. We keep pushing through all the head gunk that likes to rear it’s ugly head and keep all eyes on the prize! Because again, once left alone in our thoughts for too long – poof! Away goes our grit, our determination. Guess what? I am your grit and determination until you find yours.  You’ll find it the minute your awesome results start to happen.  And most of the time, they happen surprisingly quick here!

Don’t think you can achieve it? Guess again friend!

Isn’t it time you stop doing this:

There’s something else that bums me out…

Knowing we are coming into the “holiday” season. It starts usually around Halloween. People give up. They think it’s “too late” to start. Why bother… the “holidays” are here.

What? (blink. blink.)

The holidays were here last year too. They’ll be here again next year. Where will YOU be? How do you want your next year to look? How about going into it with a strong foundation and eye popping results. There’s better sleep to be had and rockin’ energy to gain back! It’s go time baby.

Part of keeping you on track is mindset. Releasing old myths and simply getting back to logic and basics. If you aren’t starting with FOOD/EATING/NUTRITION – then you’ll be off to a rocky start. It is the very first square on the game board to your results.

It’s not about sweat and calories burned. It’s not just about learning how to lift properly. Most of the time we need to sift and sort and purge some of the mind stuff.

Seeing peoples Ah HA! moments happen right before your eyes is truly an awesome and humbling experience. Wow, what a gift.

Are you ready for yours?

Is it Go Time?  If so call. Email or send up a smoke cloud. I’ve got your back until you find your grit and determination again!

Blue skies,

Full-Body Fitness


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