Psyche! Don’t Let Yours Jam You Up

Psyche! Don’t Let Yours Jam You Up

That is not a quiet mind. Too many jangly thoughts. Chaos! Overwhelm!

Have you had unwanted thoughts constantly creeping in throughout your day about something you did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say? Or maybe it was something you ate that you told yourself you were just not going to eat and now you’re feeling kind of crappy about it.

Maybe it’s telling yourself today is the day you’re going to do this, that or the other thing… and then suddenly it’s tomorrow, next week, Christmas.

It’s draining. It’s relentless. Those thoughts.

For quite a while now I have been much kinder to myself and my thinking has changed. I’ve been in training you see… my mind muscle is much stronger than it used to be. My self worth is intact.

I like to help others in this area as well. It’s so truly incredible to me that our worst “enemy” seems to be crouched up there in our mind, ready to pounce at our first slip up. It’s time to let that go and try something just a bit more… lovely.


When it comes to losing the good old poundage, the problem lies in the fact that most people look at it as a problem to be fixed, but it’s actually a symptom.  I want to know why you are not letting yourself have this success. I want to help you stop the wrong thinking from your past and start thinking kinder thoughts for your now.

Ultimately, for most people, it is what we think or believe about ourselves that is the catalyst that causes commitment to the self or on the other hand, non-commitment, stagnation, low self-esteem, procrastination, self sabotage.

I want to know how you treat yourself, what you say to your self when it comes to being overweight, unhealthy and spinning in self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns. What do you think when you look in the mirror?

I like to help people see the reality of being human; the joy, pain, astounding contradictions, glorious humor, and learn to be more humble, kind, and patient not only with themselves, but others.

It might be something that was said to us when we were younger that made us feel inferior or embarrassed or scared. Maybe something painful when you were a little kid that shattered your confidence, or self worthiness perhaps or some moment where you felt alone or left out.

Perhaps food was used as a tool of comfort or pain management in our youth, and as an adult we have attached ourselves to it. Notice I say “attached ourselves to it.” It did not attach to us.

It could be anything really. Young minds often don’t know how to express feelings and thoughts, so they internalize and there is sudden a subconscious block put in place that protects them for the moment.

The problem is that that subconscious block gets dragged into their teens, twenties and onward jamming up the adulthood now.

Somewhere down the line we accepted it at one point as truth. These thoughts and corresponding feelings of shame, guilt, fear or even comfort, usually have absolutely no “truth roots” in our now experiences. Yet we’ve dragged them with us nevertheless.

They’ve messed with our self worth long enough. It’s time to release it and let it go. Step into your truth, your now and know your worth!

To lose weight and keep it lost permanently, it requires now truths to enter into your thinking. Got it? Now Truths. It’s time to retrain your brain and learn proper sustainable nutritional habits, strength training, cardio and flexibility.

You’ve heard of the old saying “If you want something different, you have to do something different.” I believe that for sure. I also believe that you have to think differently too. And that is tough to do, but it can be done.

You can create new grooves – called neural pathways – in your gray matter! I found a couple of great articles on neural plasticity, understanding how it pertains to the body, mind and ultimately spirit.  You can check them out:



and then there’s also this amazing book:  The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy Ph.D. you can check out and wrap your mind around!

The first step to success is awareness. Are you putting REAL FOOD into your body? How’s that mind of your treating ya?

Most of us think about stuff that hurt us in the past and if not released, it consumes us in the now. Those deep-rooted subconscious thoughts and beliefs are sneaky. Very, very sneaky. And they are unnecessary in your now.

More deliberate, cognitive, calm thinking leads to better choices, better choices create a better attitude and feelings and those determine your next thought, and next. When you start to feel good in your thinking and decisions that is when life long habits are established.

When you make positive, healthy, calm choices you just plain FEEL BETTER. Full-Body Fitness’ weight loss courses are not about jumping around and sweating.  They help encourage you, teach you vital skills, and retrain your unhealthy habits during the longevity of the course. You have to consistently implement and encourage these tools to solidify them into your life – and brain!

That is why my three and five month courses are so popular. With nearly 20 years experience learning and living and teaching this lifestyle – I can tell you, as well as so many of my clients – that it’s the real deal and the way to make it stick.

Your very first step is awareness. You can’t learn, heal, or release what you are not aware of. Let’s find it, learn from it and… Let. It. All. Go.

When you learn, understand and know yourself better it will be easier to find and retain your joy, peace, mojo, and your delightfulness!

You Can Start Right Here.

Hugs and blue skies,

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