Pass The Time, Please.

Pass The Time, Please.

Ah yes, time.

Sometimes elusive. Why are you always slipping away?

I’m very cognizant of the time slipping away. I ask myself if I’ve accomplished the things I wanted to make happen this past year, or at the very least am I moving them in a forward direction at this moment.

There are days my time is wasted. I feel like what the heck did I even really do today? Did I get anything accomplished? This can lay on me like a warm blanket, while sitting in front of a roaring fire…during a hot flash. Heavy, oppressive, confining, disappointing.

Sometimes I have to cool my jets and realize that time is something, that while we have no control of it in the literal sense, we have complete control of how we utilize it. Knowing that gets me moving. It’s up to me. It’s up to you.

Are you one of those people that are constantly, consistently, consecutively, late. “I am so busy! I lost track of time. Time got away.” You know, that person? (I am certain some are cringing, but never fear I’m not here to judge you). Keep reading though!

I am anything but this person. I’m the ten minute early girl.

Please know, I don’t mean to call anyone out. I simply want to share the possibility that there is always time for the things we find important.

Ah… there it is! Priorities.

Good intentions alone don’t pan out when it comes to family, connecting with friends or your health and wellness. Time will run right over you if you let it.

Set your priorities. Right them down. If you are not intentional about what you want to create in your life, it is simply a wish. Wishful thinking doesn’t cut the mustard – or is that cheese? Well, either way, they both stink. 😉

Too often we think of something we want or want to do and then – Poof! It’s gone. The door bell rings; the laundry timer goes off and another load gets folded; someone just yelled downstairs, “What’s for dinner?”; the kids are in and out of the house. Stuff happens, and that something you wanted to achieve so badly is now skirting around elusively in your mind and you wonder, wait, what was that thing I was wanting to do? Ah, you might even know and remember what it is, but are fearful that you will once again fail at it, so you go about your day and don’t dwell on it too long, saying to yourself, you’ll get back to it when you get a free moment.

Most people need authentic, tangible accountability. In general people have a difficult time honoring a commitment when things start to get hard or uncomfortable. It’s also why people hire me. I am their accountability partner. I am here for you. I help you keep your eyes on the prize when it starts to get hard and you start to slip.

Here’s an article about time from FORBES  (don’t take it personally).

At the end of the day, we’ve each had the same amount of time. You get to choose how you feel about your day and what you did with your time. As for me, my outside gym (YMCA) is closed, but my rockin’ playground inside my house is running and calling my name!

If you’re looking for that strong, authentic accountability, a fun, clean environment, and powerful coach that gets eye popping results and teaches powerful tools that create them – then check it out and get in here. Don’t waste time. I have some spots remaining!

Hugs and Blue Skies,

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