How do you handle this day with such JOY Cindy?!?! It’s what I get asked about a lot.


Honestly I have not always liked Mondays. Now however, I view them as a reset, a new page, an opportunity for something to happen or make happen! Who am I going to meet? A new client? Friend? Opportunity? Who can I make smile today when I am out and about?


Your mind is a muscle. Learning how to flex your positive muscle can be fun if you… have FUN with it! It’s astounding how many times a day I need to flex it and say – nope, not today, not right now. Because, you see, everything can change in a moment! Something can bring you joy, crack you up, make you come back to your senses.


We’re all just humans, and life can be tough, I get it trust me, but how we view this day, and how we flex that muscle throughout the day to create momentum is powerful.


Sundays for me are mostly prep day, get my mind around my next week client schedule, errands, or appointments that need to be done. Then, I wake up Monday with this amazing feeling of possibilities and energy! Sometimes that lasts through the day, sometimes it fizzles out and I rollercoaster throughout the day. Of course I do have those days where it just flatlined and I push through the best I can.


Either way, I flex. I keep on flexin’!


Just try it.


Just try this motto for a week and see what you can shake loose from the day! Flex baby, FLEX!


Hugs and blue skies,

Cindy 🙂

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