There you are. Unhealthy, overweight, and not knowing if you can try to do this one… more… time.

But you know you need help, you just haven’t found the right fit. That someone who can reach through the clutter of failure thoughts, self-sabotage and b.s. on how to do this and finally get it done.

At times, it seems so daunting to even start let alone stay on track and show up. I mean seriously, there you are seemingly doing all this “hard work” and you feel like you are getting no where. It’s usually about six sessions in when people do this. It cracks me up every time. In my humorous way I ask them “Did you get to where you’re at in six days?!”  Okay then. Let’s keep showing up.

My monthly remeasures for my clients (the ones that implement what I teach) PROVE this stuff works and more importantly – LASTS.

Think about how you feel when you don’t show up… Mmm hmmm, exactly. Kind of crappy. Like a failure, like you let yourself down, like you just can’t get this to happen. The spiral starts.

Want to know the secret to getting to that special place where you feel great in your skin, your clothes, and like the face you see in the mirror? Keep showing up. Go in a forward direction. Implement what you are being taught, what is shared with you. I cannot help you if you are not here with me. Stay in the race. It’s worth it. You are worth it.

It can sometimes seem like you’re just doing the same thing over and over and nothing is happening… keep going, keep showing up, keep implementing the tools, skills, insights, ideas, understanding.

This past week, I received a text from a newer client. She is a doll and I want to help her with her journey. I can. Actually it’s really a “we thing” not a me thing. I can’t do it without you.

Her work schedule is bumping her off track in her getting to her sessions with me. She is sad and feeling like she is failing, she’s feeling like this is impossible.

I sent a text back that I am hopeful lifted her up. Hopefully it empowered her. Keep showing up sister, I said. Let’s make it happen. (I found out later that it did indeed remind her that her HEALTH is MORE important.) Nothing in life works well when you are unhealthy, overweight and sick and tired all the time. Get the priorities straight!

I see you when you are walking up to my door. I feel your energy and can see where you are at inside of your mind. Yet when you come and do the work, you feel awesome when leaving after working out with me. You leave the studio with completely different energy.  Why is that?

For one: Happy Endorphins! Two: You did not fail yourself and you pushed past that first thought of not going.

I promise you when you do this for yourself, things happen. They happen deep inside you. These feelings when you show up, show up as self confidence, awareness that it can be done, a deep proud feeling inside of you. You did it and feel great, great about the fact you showed up and great about how you feel.

In the beginning it’s all about consistency. You just have to keep showing up. (and implementing what you are being taught!) There are things here that are shared that get you raw health, deep inside you, where health actually starts. There are things you won’t be taught elsewhere. I’ve heard this regularly from clients which is nuts to me, but I tell them always “Well, I’m glad you’re here then!.”

I’m not a believer of lingering in self-sabotage, negativity in thoughts and words… let’s just let that go finally and move to a better place with your health!

Yes. Yes you can.

Hugs and Blue Skies!


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