Keep Reminding Yourself of Your WHY!

Keep Reminding Yourself of Your WHY!

When I finally got my head out of my own…way, I had a firmly fixed WHY on why I was finished with fat, tired, blah, unhealthy me. Oh and I was angry back then… at myself. Because when I looked around I realized it was no one’s fault but my own that my weight was getting out of control and I was getting more health issues.

You see, so many have tried fads, products, crazy diets and are just tired of it all thinking it just doesn’t work – for them. But I’ve been there, you’re right. Those things do not work. So get off that crazy train.  There is nothing new under the sun. We just like to make things trickier by putting a shiny new label on it!

Folks on that crazy train feel like they’ve tried everything, sometimes working for a bit but then gaining it all back and then some, or just never really working at all. The regiment was too strict, it was too hard, and on it goes.

Nothing worth having comes easy or free, whether healthy relationships, careers or your health and body.

It has to mean something.

When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy go deeper than a superficial reason.

Sit down and seriously consider your WHY as you start your journey. Try not to use generalities like, my doctor told me to lose weight, I want to lose weight, or I have an event, or it’s the new year.

Also remember this journey is for YOU, no one else. You cannot do this for anyone but yourself. When you’re ready you know it and begin.

Think about this – your body is your ‘home’ you live in day in and day out for your whole life. How have you been treating it?

So start by asking yourself why. The superficial answer will come first. Then it’s time to dive in deeper.
Ask another why on that previous why and continue asking on each why until you get to the root of why you want to this. Whoosh, that was a lot of whys!

It might look something like this:

Why?: I want to lose weight.
Why?: I want to look better and feel better.
Why?: I’m tired of hating the way I look and feel in clothes.
Why?: It makes me not want to go out and be around people.
Why?” It makes me feel bad about myself. I constantly berate myself and choices. I’m always defeated.
Why?: Well, I want to make better choices for myself and age better. I feel old and I’m not and I’m sick of it.

Now ask yourself “How will my life improve by beginning and achieving a healthy body fat percentage and true health and wellness?”

Perhaps better sleep, energy, strength, stamina, joy, friendships/relationships, positivity…. Yes please! The list goes on.

Why do you want to do this? I don’t want to age poorly and be a burden. I need to start taking accountability for this place I am at in my health and fitness levels. No one is doing this to me but me. Habits can be made, broken and changed. I want my sass and energy and strength back and feel great every day. Plus, there’s my kids and grandkids. I want to be around for that and be able to enjoy them.

When you know and remind yourself of your WHY it’s a stronger foundation for sticking to your guns on this journey! Turn your daily, healthy new routines of eating and workouts into your passion on being the best you can be for yourself! What follows is that others will see it and want to soak that up!

Start this endeavor with an honest perspective. It did not come on overnight and you’ll need some realistic time to get where you can easily maintain your successes.

And always remember, in the beginning you will lose focus on the end of the tunnel and get tired and overwhelmed two months in, because you want unrealistic results too soon!  Be honest with yourself. You haven’t done the work it takes yet… keep going! You’re still in the tunnel! Remember your WHY!

You are worthy and deserving of gorgeous strong health and a beautiful, positive mindset. This body of yours is your HOME. Make it fit to live in on the inside and out.

It takes time to get fat off and heal the body. In the beginning you are simply training your body to do what it knows, which is to be strong and healthy.

Stay the course. Remember your WHY. The tunnel is not as long as it seems!

Once out of the tunnel, you won’t have to work as hard to keep it off! What you will find however, is that you got your wonderful results by being consistent, persistent while developing habits, skills, tools and mindsets that will be with you forever.

First things first. You have to learn the things you don’t know. You have to implement and develop them long enough to make it a lifestyle and habitual.

So much information out there that is very confusing and very wrong. Dial it back and keep it logical and simple. It’s not boring to eat healthy and exercise every day. It’s empowering, motivating, energy producing!

Take the reins of your life back. This is not a punishment, it should not feel like you’re dying when you’re doing it. If it is, you’re doing it completely incorrectly.

Find your power by finding and knowing your WHY. Make it your passion. Take no prisoners but let’s have some fun with it.

If you need a little help along the way, please check out my reviews on google and a few on yelp. They’ll tell you LOT. My clients are simple fabulous.

Big hugs and blue skies,

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