Is Your Money Going To The Gym, But You’re Not?

Is Your Money Going To The Gym, But You’re Not?

Apparently it’s very common. I can only shake my head. I don’t get it.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of tossing my money out there and not getting some benefit out of it. I mean seriously, I pay my heat bill and I want HEAT gosh darnit. Paying for a vacation where my bum gets planted in the sand – I want to come home relaxed. That is useful and productive.

To throw $35-$100 away every month and not utilize that payment to some productive outcome seems… illogical to me. Yet smart people do this all the time.

Don’t you find it outlandish that 70% of the profits from big box gyms come from these people. That’s SEVENTY PERCENT friends. $400-$1200 a year (per person or family) that is being flushed down the pipes yearly.

Just joining doesn’t get the job done. You have to know how to play in that playground and ask yourself how much are you willing to sacrifice for the change you want to take place?

I get that the big boxes are offering you a seemingly sweet deal by waiving sign up fees. I get that you will receive your “free” personal training session and be shown around your gym. I get it. You think you’re getting something for free. But where’ the actual value?

Nothing is free. Not technically. You’ve got to have some skin in the game somewhere in there. It’s where the rubber hits the road! (haha, as a writer you’re not supposed to USE all those cliches’) But I digress…ha! 😉

Do you know where else the big box gets you? Personal training. Sorry. Gosh I don’t like to say it, but I would guess that 90% of all my clients past and current have gym memberships somewhere. They’ve come to me with stories of not meeting goals, lack of caring, not really learning a thing, embarrassment and even injuries! Whaa?

The whole half hour workout to me is also – odd. Heck I can barely get a good workout in with that, and I know how to utilize my workout! Another thing that I don’t get is a lot of trainers charge higher than their full hour rate for that half hour session! ($70/hour regular, but charge $45 for a half hour?) Um, I’m no math guru, but that doesn’t seem right to me…

People who are out of shape and are unhappy about their physical appearance do not want attention drawn to them. They are nervous going into the metal playground with people staring at them. They are hoping and praying that THIS WILL WORK for them this time.

My intention is to bring high value to the table and share with you the tools and skills, the mind set, push through all the mental and emotional blocks of eating, weight loss, strength training properly, and the years of the inability to do so on your own – and actually get you your results, but also teach you how to implement powerful, sustainable tools and skills.

My intention is to “push you out of the nest” to go fly on your own at some point. Personal Empowerment is… powerful! Holding back “secrets” on the how to’s is not how we roll here.

It’s about learning the nutrition part in depth, learning those weights and machines correctly, learning how to utilize your hours spent on cardio equipment to attain your goals! It’s about the why’s, the how’s and the results you want.

Is this yet another “sales pitch” for the You Year? Perhaps. But real results don’t lie. Just check out my clients’ before/after progression shots! Those people chose to lay it on the line and got busy learning and implementing!

My desire and passion is to get you to a point after a realistic three to twelve month perior of working on your body, your mind set and habits, and get them so ingrained in you that you can walk into that gym of yours that you’re paying for month after month and OWN IT!

Wasting time and money is silly. Ask youself WHAT you want to accomplish. WHY? WHAT are you willing to do to get there? WHAT is the timeline needed to accomplish goals?

Hugs and blue skies,

P.S. The Game Changer package is on FIRE right now until mid February. Take advantage. Putting your money in the right places to make that investment powerful with highly valuable information, tools and skills is key.


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