Is Chaos Careening You Into Cravings?

Is Chaos Careening You Into Cravings?

This. Kitchen. Would. Make. Me. Crazy.

Do you ever feel a little “off” when things are a mess? When papers pile up in your office? Clothes laying around? The kitchen, ahhh, like this one? It can be… overwhelming. People don’t make the best decisions when they are overwhelmed.

If my kitchen looked like this it would easy to decide to eat out, eat poorly, make a bad choice. It would also probably make me want to simply move out. (Ha!)

Appliances you don’t use or unnecessary clutter will push these buttons. Getting organized isn’t about re-arranging, it’s about tossing it altogether or at least, giving it to someone who will actually use it.

When you walk into a room and you feel like screaming, there’s a strong change you could suddenly find your face in a bag of Oreos in your pantry.

I am not a huge fan of cleaning. I am however, a relatively neat person. Not freakish, but organized-looking is what I go for. Clean counters, papers picked up off the floor in my office, a clean bathroom. This doesn’t always happen I’ll admit, but when it piles up my energy gets all ‘ziggy’ and I know it’s time to get cleaning and organizing my spaces. It’s when I feel this way and don’t follow through that I am more likely to make poor choices.

Think of your home as a reflection of your state of mind, the choices you make for your health and wellness.

Look around. Go through rooms. Is your home office a giant paper origami? Is your kitchen a hot mess? Is your closet a vortex of dread?

If they are it will be more difficult to make positive, healthy eating choices and other decisions.
Healthy eating isn’t about dieting. It too is about clearing and cleaning. Look in that fridge. Open that pantry. Slide the trash right up and start the purge!

This – is not food:

Making positive, healthy choices starts with actually understanding HOW your body works and why what you are doing now isn’t working for you. It’s also changing what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat so you can lose excess fat and get the health you so desperately want back. You can you know.

These foods have nutrients in them which give life to your starving, struggling body:

Look at all that gorgeous COLOR!

You’ll start to make better shopping decisions as well. You’ll learn to use and see foods as healing, detoxing, nutrient rich friends! You don’t need to be a culinary wizard either. Keep it simple sweetie. Eating and food is not an “event” – it’s simply nutrition and living healthy.

Start in your fridge, then freezer, then pantry. Toss out all the old, unhealthy stuff. (I’ll be happy to help you if you want!)

Fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meats, organic up your eggs – all of it. Prepare for the week ahead. Rinse. Repeat.

Your body deserves the very best from you. You can either play nice with it, or it WILL turn on you. It’s not made to eat fake, crappy food-like substances over and over again. Would you put the worst gas in your car that will hurt the engine? Of course not.

Food and habits is where we start. Your body knows how to be healthy. It’s up to you to learn how to do this and how your body actually works so you can live a healthier life and have better quality of living. Time to stop chasing health fires and learn how to use food for LIFE.

Learning about your cardiovascular system and how that works to your advantage (and most are doing it wrong) along with proper effective efficient strength training are the three most important things you can learn!

My clients understand that they are investing in their health and learning how to age well. The courses they invest themselves in turn their whole internal health system around and they get stronger, more flexible, more confident and have better HEALTH.

Big hugs and Blue Skies, Cindy 🙂


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