Host With the Most!

Host With the Most!

“Host” Health is everything.
The terrain inside of your body is everything.
Are you still treating your body as though it’s a trashcan?
Are you still feeding it all things processed, chemically laden fake products?
Your eating habits and what you consume will hurt ALL functions in your body in every way possible — and slowly, yet assuredly deteriorate it.
So ask yourself: what exactly am I eating? How and when am I eating? What exactly are my daily habits?
Your health, wellness and aging beautifully is COMPLETELY in your control.
Want to make a bet?
I USED TO BE FAT SICK AND SLOWLY KILLING MYSELF WITH MY BAD HABITS. I USED TO HAVE AUTO IMMUNE R.A. (Key words: used to), adrenal fatigue, bad skin, bad hair, insomnia, foggy brain, epstein barr, bloating, pain, leaky gut, IBS, massive cellular inflammation, parasites and gut yeast overload.
I used to be every single one of my clients that walk in my door. I DID NOT GO TO ANY ‘doctor’ to HEAL THESE THINGS.  I realized that I was doing it to myself with my horrifying habits of what I put into my beautiful body.  I had to truly learn to love myself again enough to stop treating it like a trashcan.
I healed because of what I ate, when I ate along with a POWERFUL little yellow supplement I was putting inside of me that lowered and healed my cellular inflammation, and with proper exercise. Then, I learned how to detox, and why we absolutely need to deaily! Wow!
NOW, I am the healer and get to help others who WANT THIS AS WELL. 😃 ❤ (this is NO sales pitch. You take ownership of YOUR HEALTH.  I wanted mine so bad — and attained it. I did what needed to be done.)
Most people exercise completely incorrectly for what they want to do and accomplish with their health and fat loss processes. And most people eat completely incorrectly.  The ones that think they know what they are to do are usually their own worst enemies and are missing the key ingredients.  My tip: Get off of ALL fads, products and devices that ‘help you lose fat and get healthy.’  Ugh…. spare me.  Oh, be assured – I tried them back in the day. THEY DON’T WORK. They never will.
If you are not ready to take accountability for yourself (that’s what I call “quit your bullshit”) 😉 as an adult who wants to lose fat, inches and unhealthy weight and actually GET HEALTHY with what you feed your body, what you feed your family, etc. then don’t expect to be healthy and age well.
Keep treating your body like a dumpster fire and it will burst into flames and get worse and worse.  Be a better HOST to your body!
Do you want pizza every week? Sodas of ANY SORT!?
Do you want donuts cookies cakes and other sweets that’ll just make you fat and depressed, hot chocolate and chips, crackers, and everything cheese cheese cheese!?! …well, good luck!!
You’re going to age poorly and keep packing on fat.
It’s not rocket science and we all know it.
The fact that I and so many of my family, friends and clients have come out of this horrifying cycle of self-induced madness is in fact proof that you can too. You just have to make some necessary changes.
Yes, you need to stop the bad dangerous habits BUT you also need to incorporate the GOOD ones that will heal and repair your body and finally help your body get you the fat loss and health it’s dying for — literally.
I have two spots coming up ready to be filled at this time and as always, first come first serve.
My clients have fun while learning and implementing my course and when they change their habits they find the success they want.
If they don’t, it’s not as fun. Most thankfully, dig in, learn, ask questions, be truthful with themselves and their triggers and quirks when it comes to food, weight loss, etc… lots of love and support here for ya peeps — I GET IT.  But you have GOT TO want it.
Sometimes I have to push, pull and lovingly drag them to the finish line, but I will always share everything in my vault of knowledge with everyone who wants it.
My courses are so powerful and lifechanging and my clients will tell you so themselves.
HOWEVER! I cannot in any way shape or form, want it more for you than you personally want it for yourself.
I already did the work in the beginning of my journey and took the time to get the health I have today.
You have to do your work. But once in maintenance…. it’s a JOY RIDE baby! 😛
Habits need to be changed. When you are stronger, shed fat, heal the body you are a MORE JOY-FILLED person!  That healthier lifestyle and the choices you make suit you better.  Your energy will pop like you can only imagine at first… then it becomes your reality. 
Check out my google and yelp reviews as well as my facebook page “Full-Body Fitness” for lots of before/after shots as my clients’ progress through their course!

Hugs and blue skies!


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