Head Spinning Thoughts

Head Spinning Thoughts

I’ve been told my passion for your weight loss is contagious! That’s terrific because I KNOW you can and will succeed. It happens all the time, so why not you too, eh?

Your determination and hope strengthen when you incorporate some fun, positivity, super RESULTS, instant energy and mental clarity. That all equals AWESOMENESS!!!

This time of year we get BOMBARDED with challenges, products, and competitions to get you stoked for the new year and new you weight loss endeavor.

It kind of hurts my heart, brain, and makes me wince a little because these things can be expensive, non-sustainable, cause injury and illness (yep, it’s happened to friends of mine!). Products are things I try and get people off of. That being said – I have tried things, just to see “if they work” or if it’s just hype.

But here is what I’ve found. Skills that actually get your real results that after acquired, no longer need to be “paid for month after month” are still the best way to go.

I mean, seriously… what is not to love about this:


Haha! Isn’t that fabulous!? And she did this with learning to eat correctly for a 54 year old woman, how to do her cardio the right way, and learning how to lift weights and use all that freaky gym equipment! That’s it.

Skills actually set you up for success. Constant, life long success. Do we need a tweak from time to time? Sure, perhaps. In the business world they call that CEC’s. However, solid skills are something you can always revisit when you get off path.

You see, well over a decade ago, my guts used to torment me. I had IBS, was always fatigued and bloated by the end of my day among a myriad of other irritating things. I used to try so many things and oddly, none truly worked. They were expensive and not sustainable and didn’t work.

Seriously wanting to whip my bank card out anytime someone told me about the new miracle way to lose weight for the new year.

Our rational minds know that there are no quick fixes out there. We know it, but we still want to take the easy way out, without much change and accountability. It is what it is when you’re a human! But we know there are not any quick fixes for this weight loss stuff.

As years passed I found an easier way, a more simple, natural way to heal my guts, raise my energy and boost my metabolism and immune system. No systems, or pills, or drinks. I’m talking about learning how to eat correctly. Many have forgotten how easy it really is.

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However, having been overweight at one time, learning how to eat correctly, workout and strength train to get my body working properly again – without any gimmicks or actual products, I realized how confusing it can be this time of year.

The cycle of disappointments and self-sabotage that sometimes ensues when we spend all this money and nothing changes can be disappointing. We cycle downwards… thinking “well, that was a waste of time and money.” Ah! This just kills me.

Take a step back. Really ask some pertinent questions. Are you being taught skills that once results are acquired you can “go on your own?”

Just like anything else you want to learn and succeed at you hire someone to teach you those skill sets. Piano? Calligraphy? Language? Any job of any sort? You have to be trained and taught. There’s that two month time frame or so where everybody feels sort of — dumb. But then all of a sudden things start happening and you start to become more confident in what you’re doing. Six months later you’re a rock star!

I have actually spent over $1,000 on a course or two when I wanted to learn a skill or gain knowledge. Look for value and price. Make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. I do a little research, price compare. Looking for good written reviews.

Basics and simplicity are sometimes overlooked. People think the more they sweat and can’t walk the next day the better the workout.

This simply is not true and it’s where a lot of folks find me, and by ditching this mindset – find their success.

Think about desiring a skill set to lose weight instead of ingesting something expensive and non-sustainable for the rest of your life. Just a thought!

It can be a crazy time of year! I am one of those who always cheer when the crowds come into the gym for the first 6 weeks after 1/1! I am always rooting for them to stay, keep pushing, keep saying YES.

There is much love in these words and big hugs! My desire for your success is SO huge and makes me so happy when you find your successes here. I simply love it and am so grateful for the opportunity all these many years.

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