Half Time! June 2019

Half Time! June 2019

JUNE 2019

Dear Diary,

Once again, half the year is gone! While having full intention of losing weight and making THIS my year, I seem to have let life get in the way of my health, wellness, and weight loss – again. UGH!! 

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and over weight! eeerrrgggg!  I need to do this… I am ready to DO something about this. I’m tired of complaining about it, feeling gross and flabby, exhausted and icky and completely unsexy! I know I am in this body somewhere and I want her to come OUT of hiding!

Getting out and just walking because the weather is nicer is NOT going to do it this year. I am older and I still don’t know what I’m doing. I need help!

I AM SO OVER THE STRUGGLE and have decided to DO this. I need it so badly. I’ve researched my new personal trainer and weight loss coach and WOW – I’m excited! She goes ALL in with her clients, the referrals, years of successful experience, and reviews are off the charts , I LOVE the before and after pictures showing obviously REAL results! And I am excited to start so I can go out in a blaze of glory in 2019 with my new lifestyle, and my healthy, fit and strong body!


GO YOU! is what I say to that!

My passion is helping others in this powerful make or break you area in life and firing up clients with hope and their passion about this whole process. Showing them that it is not only doable and attainable – but that it is easy to sustain once they reach maintenance mode.

When you work on the body it affects the mind and spirit as well and I believe, all three are deeply connected.

In other words, when you feel crappy and walk around with that inside of you all day, it shows up. In every aspect of your daily life, it shows up in how you are thinking and feeling when you go to the grocery store, church, to lunch or being with your honey. And that, my friend, will slowly suck the life out of you!  How do I know? I have been there.

You only have one body. Let’s change the mindset to fully understand how important that one fact is.

It is joyful when my clients tell me how awesome they feel working out for an hour in the studio. They are learning what it takes to get fat off their body and get healthy again and as it starts to show, they gain more knowledge, understanding and excitement in the whole process.

Some come in tired from their day. Or maybe they are new and are apprehensive; “Is this going to work for me?” or “Can I even do this?” Then, WHAM! It happens. Their bodies change, mind set changes, over time, they become strong, have better posture, more energy, sleep better, toned, tighter and lighter – healthy.

You don’t need a pill, shake or a breakfast bar or some other fad or product. I am a anti-gadget/fad kind of woman.  By teaching powerful tools and skills and putting them into practice consistently is what empowers people to be self sufficient. This is how you succeed at this game. 

Those RESULTS that show up in the mirror lift your mind, body and spirit to a whole other level. Your WHOLE being. So don’t just make it about sweating and jumping around to loud music.

Your muscles need to be stressed with added weight for them to get sleek and shapely. Quite frankly, it’s not going to happen if you are not lifting, lifting correctly, and learning different exercises for each muscles group. Here’s a big clue: using weights and strengthening your muscles is how to keep fat off your body and age really well.

However you have to learn how to utilize all that strength training equipment correctly. Simply throwing weights around or moving all crazy on a cardio machine is not going to cut it and most get frustrated. Nothing changes.  What gives? 

At your fitness assessment you are learning SO much that you simply do not hear about ‘out there.’ You won’t walk away clueless about the why and how of how to get healthy, fit, and strong.  Food and nutrition is the main focus as you cannot out-exercise horrible eating or patterns.

And the more muscle you have, the faster your fat burning engine is: think metabolism! Lifting also makes your bones stronger and will help you with balance. They take away back pain, knee pain and other aches and pains because those are what HOLD UP your bones!

I get so excited about this stuff!

This is where YOU come in. There is SO much to teach you and coach you on. So get in here already, it’s HALF TIME and time is a’ wastin’.  Want more assurance that you too can do this? Check it OUT: https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=AHnmXJTJPITctQWCubrABg&q=Full-Body+Fitness%2C+LLC&oq=Full-Body+Fitness%2C+LLC&gs_l=psy-ab.12..0i22i30l2j38.1379.4608..4869…0.0..0.175.3122.0j24……0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131j0j0i13i30.WnwaKYhAVzA#lrd=0x8814b322c1f7b6d1:0xfa29d6d53514a31f,1,,,

I am just a phone call away and YOU are just a few months out from getting your body, mind and spirit in a rockin’ state of glorious joy! It all starts right here: 

Hugs and Blue Skies, Cindy

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