Going To the chapel

Going To the chapel


Congratulations! You’re getting married! Think of it… it’s going to be an amazing day. Everyone will stand up, turn and all eyes are on you!


You have your date saved, the most fabulous location for the ceremony picked out, and an incredibly romantic honeymoon destination, but what about the perfect dress? Most every bride has envisioned what she will look like on her special day. Those pictures will last a lifetime you know so lets make sure you feel awesome and ready for all eyes to be on you!


It has been so much fun working with my client brides to be over the years – along with their moms!


To get ready, however, we need some time! So ask yourself: where am I physically, where do I want to be, and how long will it take? I recommend three to five months for most brides to be. Together we can attain your goals at the Full-Body Fitness studio. Check it out here: https://fullbodyfit.wpengine.com.

You simply need to decide which weight loss package works best for you. Then we begin. You will have fun, learn a TON, and most importantly see and feel great results. Your confidence will be off the charts as you rock your dress and the whole day and night!


Motivation: Your success is my passion. That energy will help you push through your workouts. You will be thrilled at what you can accomplish and how your body transforms! I love seeing people float out of my personal training studio feeling great. Your results are a strong motivator!


Accountability: Depending on the weight loss course you purchase, we schedule your 3x a week workouts in advance, although I can be flexible if need be and add a fourth day to see faster results! This keeps you on track and helps you stick with your workouts and see massive results! I am your accountability partner and will help you stay motivated.


Confidence: By learning all the tools and skills to get your results, you will gain true confidence. This is a weight loss course, not a class where you just sweat and leave with no skill set or tools that bring true and lasting success. You will learn how to strength train effectively and efficiently so you don’t waste time and see fast results. Gaining strength, reshaping your body, and seeing some sleek feminine definition is what that dress calls for! The knowledge in the personal training courses you are taught is invaluable. When you are first learning anything in life it’s awkward, but once you learn the how’s, it becomes natural – and confidence builds with knowledge and results. That’s why time spent in these courses are powerful.



Nutritional Advice: Most people come to me in the 30% body fat range. They are tired of being tired. I dial it into focus, help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. This brings hope. Food, nutrition and how to put this all together in a simply and sustainable way is what I help you with. People are swimming in the ‘too much information’ pool and are overwhelmed. I pull them out and give them a little CPR. Just kidding.


Proper foods, timing and portions and the power of your body’s fat burning capabilities are what I teach. It is simple and sustainable. Once you learn HOW your body works, it’s a no brainer. We will learn to re-train your body how to eat correctly and therefore how to function properly as it should. This is the ground floor area for losing weight. I make it fun and common sense to you – and the fast results are phenomenal!


I want to help you feel magnificent on your special day. Whether it is weight loss or just toning up your muscles, try and give yourself at least three months to make it happen. If you have more than twenty five pounds, give yourself more time in the studio to go all the way!


And hey, even if you’re not getting hitched, you still get all these terrific things for yourself! So If you are tired of the struggle, confusion and lack of real results – just call. I am a wide open book…. read me! Ha! I’m here for you!


I am looking forward to helping you in every way I can on this journey. The key to making this happen is to get started now.


It’s time beautiful, let’s go.


Check out my successful weight loss courses and call today to get started.


Hugs and blue skies,


17 years experienced, top rated, personal training and weight loss facility: Full-Body Fitness has been helping clients in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Indianapolis take back control of their lives and health. Your success is my goal as well.

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