Fourth Quarter Regroup!

Fourth Quarter Regroup!

Here we are again. The almost end to the year.  How’s it been going for you in the health area and all that entails?

As far as the new year, I’ve never done “resolutions.” Do you?  I’ve always thought just once a year check-ins aren’t the smartest way to go. There’s a lot that goes on all those other days that can get us off track!

So let’s take inventory of your body, your lifestyle and your daily habits – your home.  Is your house a mess?

If you are wanting to change the outside appearance of your body – your home – you know, that place where you literally live, then let’s look inside.  To change the outside you must go inside.  Gut health, mind health, cellular inflammation, etc.

What do you say about yourself in your head and out loud? Are your past experiences and failures holding you back? How do you use food? Who are you hanging around? What are the habits they help you create? What are you feeling when you do sabotaging things to yourself?

The mind, body and your beautiful spirit are all connected.  One cascades into the other and each are affected as a whole.


Most who are looking for weight loss or better health this time of year are thinking to just join a gym and go move their bodies more. You know, shake things up a little to see if they can get to their healthy self.

All that usually does is shake up the messy things already inside.

Make a plan first.

  1. Write down what you desire. Write down if you are ready to learn, create, grow, discern with tools and ideas to help you get to your desire. WRITE SOME STUFF DOWN.  And hey, get real real honest with yourself. I’ve learned we all have a tendency, as humans do, to bullshit ourselves. Don’t do it. Be authentic. Usually when I personally hit a trigger I will tear up a bit… and struggle internally before writing it down. That’s when I know I’ve hit a truth within me. Hmmm… don’t be afraid of this. This is where the magic happens.
  2. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels at a place of fitness now, but not seeing results, it’s time to regroup, and come up with another plan.
  3. Call an expert to help you. This would not be your friend or neighbor already struggling with their health and weight loss. They are doing them.  You do you.


At the gym I personally work out at there will be people flocking to the cardio equipment and checking out the ‘intimidating’ strength training area. I root them on every year! I know that most won’t make it though.  They never acquired the actual tools, skills and mindset needed for them succeed.

It bums me out a little as they are doing what gyms make their money from… your monthly membership that you keep paying whether you attend or not. You might receive a couple free sessions from someone who doesn’t care, and then sets you loose in the room full of equipment with the same mindset, questions, concerns, self-sabotaging habits. My clients who hire me realize that they have to know what to do first before they join a gym. That’s the game changer!

My passion is helping people with their whole health. Not just helping them, but teaching them the tools so they have the power within to do it on their own from there on out. That takes many things. I incorporate all of it. Mind, Body, Spirit.  Just finished my 56th year on earth and trust me…. I GET IT.  I GET IT ALL…. all the feelings, all the pain, the struggles! Been there, now let’s get through it already!

Getting healthy and strong and losing unhealthy fat takes time.  What do we do when it seems it’s taking for-ev-er? Impatience sets in, self-sabotaging thoughts take over, and we – give up.

The powerful courses I have developed over the past two decades will help you learn skills and tools and you’ll experience the accomplishments, the body changes, the pitfalls and the Ah HA moments – those are what solidifies habits and patterns in your thoughts and actions. That is what gets you your magnificent results!

It takes perseverance, dedication and commitment for a well established timeframe.  Once in maintenance it’s GREAT!  You don’t have to work as hard as you did to get fit, you can breathe and know you did it, and you will have the skills, tools, and mindset to keep it up like I have.

You’ve heard it before and it’s well worth repeating.  Anything worth having has been fought for, earned, respected.

YOU are worth the truth, the fight, the struggle, the tears, the growth, the release of false perceptions – you are worth the respect!

How about we light the fireworks before the end of the game/year?  It only starts to happen when you begin.

Let’s get the party started so you won’t have to do the traditional resolution.  Let’s make this (next) year the year you make your beautiful house a loving, kick ass, formidable, welcoming, strong, beautiful home!

Big hugs and blue skies!

Onward, Cindy

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