Yep. Take a bow. Because when you work out with me, your core will be strong and mighty and you’ll love it! Better yet, your body will love YOU!

The core. It just sounds powerful doesn’t it? The Earth’s core. The core ingredient. Core values. Core data. It’s the stuff that makes something strong and stable. It’s what holds it all together, integral, foundational. It is the power center.

Your core is the center of your power. It is the cylinder that is your whole torso! Some people think core and think only abdominals, but it is also your sides and back muscles as well. Even your butt is engaged when working the core in the lumbar area.

Do you know that your whole muscular structure is made up of over 600 muscles — and nearly ALL of them attach directly to the skeletal system at least TWICE? Sweet.

Muscles contribute to approximately 40% of the body’s overall weight in an average sized person. The muscular system is also made up of connective tissue and nervous tissue. Your muscles are responsible for three basic functions: movement, to generate heat and obviously provide basic postural support.

They also help burn fat and calories for fuel; and THAT is why we lift! Muscles not only to help get rid of excess body fat but keep it at bay as well. My cardio clients end up LOVING strength training because it will literally transform them and help with all their goals.

So you see, while the skeletal system is just the framework of your bod, it’s your muscles that hold that system in place while also allowing it the movement necessary for posture, motion and activity.

It makes sense that if you keep your core strong, you can help with many things.

Does your low back always hurt? So did mine many moons ago. I have an L4 and 5 congenital fusion and a couple years after babies I needed core work ASAP! And that’s about how fast it helped! It was great and I have been able to help so many people over the past 17 years with this.

Crazy as it sounds, I’ve also broken my L3 (approx. in ’07). So keeping excess weight off and staying strong and flexible at the glorious age of 54 is a priority and a passion of mine!

Here’s the thing, when you have a strong core you sit up straighter with less effort, so your spine won’t take on as much stress and it can help lessen or slow down any degeneration.

So when a person is all hunched over and has excess belly fat, it’s harder for them to take a deep breath. Too many people breathe shallowly and from the upper lung/chest area.  BREATHE DEEP! Practice this. It’s essential for life and great health. Big breath through the nose and out through an open mouth — ahhhhhhhhhh!  Slow and steady, no rushing it. Get that oxygen deep into the lungs, blood, muscles and cells!

When you sit up straight and your shoulders are in correct alignment by working the back core exercises, your lungs can then expand properly and more fully, thereby helping with so many issues: brain function, cellular function – and many other necessary important things!

Strength training the core incorporates specific exercises and exercised PROPERLY, can help you in so many wonderful ways. But the key is doing them correctly and consistently. Done correctly you can achieve faster results with no injuries. Sounds good right?

I and my clients have experienced many health issues reversing with proper nutrition, strength and flexibility. It’s worth the effort to get off excess fat, have more energy, be strong and flexible.

Aging poorly is a choice. So for me and my clients, we choose preventative maintenance! It’s so much easier, more fun, less stressful and less expensive.

Take care of your body to the very best of your ability. I will help you learn and implement all these tools during your course – which will get you really terrific results!

So if you’re ready to get on stage, take a bow! Oh, and call me. It’s the best way to get started.

Hugs and Blue Skies,

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