The core. It just sounds powerful doesn’t it? The Earth’s core. The core ingredient. Core values. Core data. The foundation of the buildings structure is its core. Yep!  It’s the stuff that makes something strong. It’s what holds it all together.  It is the center.

Your core is the center of your power.  It’s what makes the athlete run faster; it’s what makes a swing of a bat, golf club, hockey stick or tennis racket more powerful.

Do you know that your whole muscular structure is made up of over 600 muscles — and nearly ALL of them attach directly to the skeletal system at least TWICE?  Think about  that for a sec.

Muscles contribute to approximately 40% of the body’s overall weight in an average sized person. The muscular system is also made up of connective tissue and nervous tissue. Obviously it is responsible for the body’s ability to move. Your muscles are responsible for three basic functions: movement, to generate heat and obviously provide basic postural support.

Now, the skeletal system – all your bones baby – are the framework of our bodies. Your muscles hold them in place while also allowing it the movement necessary to create human posture, motion and activity. Muscle tissue continuously gives the skeletal system this support even at rest. When you’re sitting down your body uses muscle activity to hold the head upright, to balance on your butt and to keep appendages in a place of rest.

So you see, while the skeletal system is just the framework of our bods, it’s your muscles that hold that system in place while also allowing it the movement necessary for posture, motion and activity.

It makes sense that if you keep your core strong, you can alleviate many if not all back “pain.”  It happened with me and a LOT of people I have worked with.  I tell my clients the main reason that people have bulging discs, degenerative discs or sore backs in general isn’t because they have “bad bones” it is because their muscles are not helping them sit or stand with correct posture!  Over time this lack in muscle tone will cause all kinds of stuff to happen. Makes sense right? I believe in preventative maintenance.  Take care of your body to the very best of your ability and it will “break down” much slower!

Heck, about four years ago, I couldn’t use my left arm for over a year! Six chiropractic sessions at Morter Health Center and viola` – GONE. It had to do with this bone called the atlas. No needles, pills or surgery! Six little drop table adjustments for my atlas and it hasn’t bothered me once since! I’ve shared that with a couple other people and they too got relief because they did not let it go on and on like I did. Sometimes it takes me a while, what can I say!

I am a crazy core lady!  I love it. My clients love it (well, they say they don’t but love the results they see and feel!). Strength training the core incorporates specific exercises and exercised PROPERLY can help you in so many wonderful ways.  But the key is doing them correctly.  Done correctly you can achieve faster results with no injuries.  Sounds good right?  If you’d like a little instruction on how to do these exercises correctly just ask, I am here for you. Full-Body Fitness

Well, let’s get cooking then!  Check out my oldie but goodie little video on how I teach the stability ball in my studio…. It’s TOUGH when done my way babe!  And yes, I am a little bit of a character so enjoy: Cindy and The Stability Ball! LOL!

Hugs and Blue Skies,
Cin 😉

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