Cindy’s Top 5 Favs! Hey, It’s Not Just Hype! But Pure Bull$hit!

Cindy’s Top 5 Favs! Hey, It’s Not Just Hype! But Pure Bull$hit!

Try saying that with your BEST “announcers” voice!

Oh man, I had such fun with this one! It was difficult to pick my top five favorites as I thought they were all hilarious, however there are some products on this site that I found downright piss me off a little.

Unfortunately it comes down to the obvious and very sad fact that people will try anything to lose weight that seems fast and easy.  You know, as opposed to a little willpower, some self-accountability and hard work.

It breaks my heart that for the amount of money people shell out for this type of crap, I, personally, could’ve helped them change their bodies, health status and enjoy a healthy lifestyleand apparently, I could throw a little common sense in there – for free.

So without further ado, my top 5 from the site linked below, is as follows:

1) 5 hour energy drink – Yep, this is one of the ones that pisses me off.  If you are dragging butt by the afternoon and need to slam a little poison into your system to jolt it into working another two to three hours, I have an even better idea.  How about get to bed at a decent hour, EAT REAL FOOD, you know, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and oh, wait for it… exercise! All of these things will naturally give you energy throughout your day.

2) “Marked” – What was he thinking? Mark?!?!  Hmmmm. (sad face) GNC? (I’ve heard it called “Got No Clue”). I agree with “Scooby” with this one as well. WHERE ARE THE STUDIES?  If the actual product is NOT on, then I’m calling B.S., and so should you. Be smart people.

3) “Bio-Synergy Skinny Water” – Yes, apparently some folks really are that desperate… and, not so smart.

4) “Shake Weight” –  I just laugh and laugh and LAUGH at this one. I seriously cannot believe ANYONE in their right mind bought into this.

Okay, here I have to stop and tell you that for me, there was a FIVE WAY TIE for fifth place! I just could not pick one.

Anyone that knows me, knows how I feel about abs and the core in general. It takes honest, self-accountability and determination to get awesome abs and core strength.  First and foremost, you need to seriously get a handle on the nutritional part.  I’ve found that 95% of the folks I’ve worked with for weight loss over the past decade are doing it all wrong. But I PROMISE you, it is an easy fix.  It’s much easier than having high cholesterol and high blood pressure and prediabetes right?  RIGHT?!!  Check out an oldie but a goodie from my first Youtube attempt: Abs on stability ball

5) On this awesome site that I have linked below you will find my 5th place five-way tie with these products:

(a) Ab Circle Pro (b) Ab Rocket (c) Six-Pack Shortcuts (d) Flex Belt and (e) Steam-O-Belt

So, after having a really great laugh at some of the promo videos from this site: Hall of Shame!, I have to ask you a question. Are YOU one of those people who bought into this stuff? I’m sure all of us knows someone who has. I personally do.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve found.  At the end of the day, you get to spend your money however you choose. But there’s a reason why these greedy money makers keep making and selling this stuff. There is a reason new “fads” are always coming out. And the answer is NOT because they work my friend.

I would urge you to stop yourself the next time you are watching their glossy advertising on the boob tube promising you a quick fix if you would only “Just Call Now” and buy their product.  It will not work. It never works.  Put your credit card away sweetheart.

There are personal trainers out there who care and are good at what they do.  Find one of those people. Someone who you gel with, who is in good shape, who walks the walk.  If you want a balls to the walls trainer, go find one.  If you want someone who shoots you straight, in a caring way, and teaches you, then find that person.  Look around.  Don’t just pick one from the gym you go to because that’s convenient. Watch what they’re doing. Are their clients bodies changing to meet their goals? Could you do what they’re showing you after you’re sessions are met? Heck, I’ve had five people in one month come to me from another local gym because of the quality of training they saw at theirs.

Regarding these types of products however, please, please, PLEASE stop wasting your time and money.  It’s time to get real and honest with yourself and then – get to work.  I’m right HERE if you need me or want to chat.


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