Break Free! 5 Things Holding You Back and How To Change Them Now!

Break Free! 5 Things Holding You Back and How To Change Them Now!

1.  Excess body weight and/or lack of strength is holding you back from doing the things you want to do in life. What a drag to want to but not be able to: run around and play with your kids or grandkids, run a marathon, or heck, even just to get up those stairs without being winded. Whoosh! Time to do something about that friend. I would start with your eating habits; what, when, how much. This is the foundation for weight loss, good health and aging well. Secondly, I would start you lifting weights. Strength training. Your muscles were made to be worked and will acclimate quickly. They are your fat burners while you are at rest. Also learn how to strengthen your cardiovascular system! There is a proper way to use cardio time to lose weight and gain endurance.


When the weather breaks, if you are not in shape for a run, don’t start there! How about a nice walk? Call a friend to join you! Learn from someone who can show you the right way to shop, prepare, and eat to lose weight, do cardio for weight loss and strength train to gain massive health! Your body will thank you for it!

2.  Serious health issues are starting to crop up. Heart diseases, pre-diabetic numbers (See Link: How To Prevent) or full blown Type 2, high blood pressure or cholesterol, fatty liver disease, gallbladder disease, metabolic syndrome. Yikes! Where to begin? Please hear me, if your body has gotten so out of shape that it is now rebelling and failing, then it’s time to do something. Anything other than what you’ve been doing to it. These diseases are not normal. We’ve come to think of it as aging. It’s not. I promise you that. It’s not how it has to be. Our bodies intrinsically “know” how to be healthy. We are wonderfully, masterfully, amazingly made! 


I deeply believe that the body does not fail us… we fail it. How? By not taking care of it and putting all other things ahead of it. For starters, by feeding it food that has no business being called food. By swallowing some pill to cover the problem, but the problem is still lurking and the pill creates even more collateral damage by side effects often worse than the problem. I beg of you friend, please do something. Get with your doc. Tell them this is unacceptable. Start slowly. I love helping people who want to get off medications. Your body knows how to heal itself, but it cannot when you are the one damaging it.  Some things you can reverse if you get to them soon enough. Start now.

3. You start to feel envious of other friends losing weight. Isn’t it peculiar when friends, family and coworkers almost refuse to unleash a compliment from their mouths when they see you or someone losing weight, eating properly at home or work, when they see a personal trainer.  They say things like “Is that ALL you’re going to eat?” or “Just one won’t kill ya.” or “Must be nice to have a personal trainer.” Don’t be that person! If you are feeling envious of others, perhaps that is your subconscious speaking to you! How about YOU taking your health as a top priority. Get in the game instead of being envious! Ask if you can join in the fun! You ARE actually worth it and life is better when healthy and strong!

4. You do not stick with it. I always root for everyone giving it their all after the first of the year, or in the spring as the weather breaks. The gyms will be filled with non-stickers yet again. Their intentions are good, but for whatever reason in their arsenal of reasons, they fail to hang on to the feeling they had when they first decided to get started.


So you need help? It’s okay. Not many people actually know how to USE all that equipment in the gym. Or realize that your body uses two kinds of fuel during a cardio workout. But they join up not having a plan of action. They might sign up for a class, sweat a lot, meet some friends and that’s it! They keep doing just that – with little to no results. If it’s not working stop. Heck, I’ve met people who pay their monthly fees and never step foot in the door after the first five weeks of the new year. AHH! You need a motivator! An accountability person!  Pssst! Click here: I AM YOUR COACH AND MOTIVATOR!  😉 😉 

It’s great when you go with a friend, but what happens when your friend bails on meeting you that day? It bums you out that’s what – it’s disappointing. You’re friends however, are not living your life. They are not putting your clothes on or standing in front of your mirror. They are not in your head and heart. Not finishing something, or quitting on yourself messes with your self-esteem and your subconscious will have a field day with this. It makes you feel even worse! Get your MOJO back with a motivator, coach, personal trainer. Yea! We do a highly successful Buddy Training here in the studio as well as 1:1!


5. Every year you keep saying and telling everyone “I need to start, I’m going to start. Starting!”  And then….nothing. You see, people hear what you say, but they see what you do. Getting stuck in a rut, being too scared to start, fearing that it won’t work or will be too hard are things you must banish from your brain. Action is key. You need knowledge and skills and a plan. I help you with all of it.  What you will gain is a healthier body, knowledge, skills, that plan I mentioned, and a boat load of confidence and self-esteem when you finish your course with RESULTS!  Read some testimonials here:  DOES ONE SPEAK TO YOU? Ready? TAKE ACTION!

I am a personal trainer, nutrition, weight loss expert and health coach who has been helping people in Hamilton County, Indiana: Fishers/Geist, Noblesville, Carmel/Westfield) lose weight and get healthier for 17 years! It’s a joy helping my clients get this done after struggling for years. Stop spinning your wheels. Maybe it’s time we met eh?  I’d love to help you too. Spring is here! Let’s chat, and get you started.

Hugs, Cindy

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