Bite Me.

Bite Me.

I am a firm believer that your body knows how to be healthy. I am also a firm believer that what we put inside our bodies determines our level of cellular health, how we age, and how we look and feel. There are a lot of people walking around feeling like crap. Lots and lots… and lots of people.

What amazes me is that a lot of health issues are brought on by not remembering one simple fact: The human body was never intended to be able to adjust and adapt to fake food. Basically, in any grocery store, if you are not in the produce area, you are in the fake food area.

This is not where the real food is:

Real food rots.

Don’t like fruit? Hmmm, grow up. (sorry, that sounded mean ….what I MEANT is that your taste buds grow more mature as you do… Check it out here!)  It’s in the real food category though. Don’t like veggies? Sigh… They’re not my fave either, however I do eat them, and I like them, but I’ll juice the craziest stuff and slurp it down no questions asked! (yes, even beets…on occasion).

Real food has flavor!

Everyone has read at least one weight loss story where the now healthy person has completely changed the way they used to eat… and they love it!

My favorite saying is: “Your body will acclimate to everything you give it and do to it.” Let that sink in. Time and again I have shared the fact that once I quit eating either pasta, potatoes, rice and rolls with every single meal, my body suddenly stopped wanting it. (and I lost 30 lbs)

Just the other day another client and friend told me that he just doesn’t even think about “not having it” anymore (it being the unhealthy stuff like fries) – he simply doesn’t order it, buy it, eat it.  He’s lost 30 lbs. and has only worked out with me eight times.

I assure you, your body will acclimate to everything you do to it in one way or another.  Do good to your body, it will acclimate and treat you right. Do bad stuff to your body, it’ll acclimate to that and eventually give you a rather hard time.  Are  you going to live forever if  you eat right? Nope. But honey, you’ll live well and age beautifully and have energy to rock the body you’re in!

Refuse to give in. It’s less expensive to be healthy!

STOP eating this stuff if you want to age fabulously! Don’t hate. 😉

If you DO want to age well, feel fabulous, lose weight, look awesome – drink water. Plain old water.  Hydrate your internal system for heaven’s sake. It is one of two things you absolutely, positively will not survive without: oxygen and water. Don’t like water?  Tough. Suck it up sweetie… especially if you want to look better and yes, even lose weight. Read THIS to get picture on Hyration.

I get to talk and listen to a ton of people about health and wellness in my Fishers personal training studio. I’ve heard story after story about how real food, juicing and good nutrition has literally wiped out a certain health concern or two over the years.

It seems logical that if people have made an illness/disease “go away” to never reappear again, by changing what they were putting in their body, isn’t it worth a shot to stop debating and start listening and doing? I am all for being proactive and preventative rather than reactive.  Being in a reactive, fight or flight state causes a great deal of stress internally, and over time is down right unhealthy.

So remember, this is not where you find real food.

Yes, you’ve heard it all before – yet you just don’t do it. Change is tough. Real food however is delish!  Are you wondering why you’re fat, your kids are fat, the dog and cat are fat. Who on earth is doing the shopping? You are. You’re in charge of you. So, hit the perimeter of that grocery store. If it has a label with ingredients, put it down. Because

So if you’re searching for a ‘personal trainer near me’ than look no further! You can reach me Here!  I’d love to help you tackle this part of your journey!

Bon Appetit!

Cin 🙂

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