Bite Me.

Bite Me.

I am a firm believer that your body knows how to be healthy and what we put inside it determines our level of cellular health, inflammation, body fat, how we age, look and feel.

There are a lot of people walking around not feeling their best: tired, listless, foggy brained, back and knee pain, overweight, unhealthy. Too many in fact.

What amazes me is that a lot of health issues are brought on by not remembering one simple fact: The human body was never intended to be able to adjust and adapt to fake, chemically laced, processed food like substances.

This might be kind of what that looks like:

However, real food rots. It comes out of the ground, sprouts, grows and is a treasure trove of deliciousness for a healthy body and mind.

Real food has flavor!

Everyone has read at least one weight loss story where the now healthy person has completely changed the way they used to eat. They look amazing, healthy and fit — and love their new way of life.

What’s not to love there?

Think about this for a moment: your body will acclimate to everything you give it and do to it, and everything you don’t.

There was a time I ate either pasta, potatoes, rice and rolls with every single meal! I was a mess. Fat, tired, foggy, bad sleep, bad skin, IBS, leaky gut and more. Ick!

Once I simply stopped eating them, and got serious, my body suddenly stopped wanting them. Oh, and I lost 35 lbs. rather quickly (4-5 months)!

I also realized that THOSE things can be added in sparingly, on rare occasions and it won’t set me back. My brain doesn’t think about them any more.  And remember, I used to eat at least one and sometimes two of those starches at every meal!

Just the other day another client and friend told me that he just doesn’t even think about “those foods” anymore. Those things being the unhealthy stuff like fries, soda, fast food – he simply doesn’t order it, buy it, or eat it. He’s learned how to prepare and eat real food.

He’s only worked out with me eight times and already down 15 lbs.

Understand this kind of amazingness happens all the time here. When it happens it lifts people sky high with empowerment and mindset to be able to continue on throughout the rest of their course and lives.

I assure you, your body will acclimate to everything you do to it in one way or another. Do good to your body, it will acclimate and treat you right. Do bad stuff to your body, it’ll acclimate to that and eventually give you a rather hard time.

Are you going to live forever if you eat right? Nope. But you’ll live well and age beautifully along with all that great energy to rock the body you’re in!

Refuse to give in. It’s less expensive to be healthy.

If you DO want to age well, feel fabulous, lose weight, look awesome, one thing you can start implementing is to drink more water. Plain old water. Hydrate your internal system! ALL your organs depend upon it.

Water is one of two things you will not survive without. Oxygen is the other. You breathe right?  Well, that’s not boring is it? Of course not, and neither is water. Don’t like water? Water is life – drink UP. Especially if you want to feel and look better and yes, even lose weight.

Upping your water intake will help you burn more calories. Drink some before your meals and you’ll reduce your food intake.

The second is eat real food. Nutrient dense, real food. I’ve heard story after story about how real food, juicing and good nutrition in general has literally wiped out some of my clients’ health issues. (obesity, acid reflux, poor sleep, cholesterol, high blood pressure, to name just a few)

It seems logical that if people have made an illness/disease “go away” to never reappear again by changing what they were putting in their body, isn’t it worth a shot to stop debating and start listening, learning and doing?

Thirdly, eat on smaller plates. You do not have the lifestyle, even if active, to eat huge portions of food… even if it’s real, healthy food. Too much, is too much.

You have to train your body to eat correct portions. We have been programmed to eat eat eat and NEVER let our bodies simply be a little empty. Most are stuffed. Stuffed with all the wrong foods.

This is a huge step to gain control of your weight and manage it once in maintenance mode. To get to maintenance you have to go through the processes of learning and implementing the things that make it happen!

It’s a lot easier being proactive and preventative rather than reactive. Being in a reactive, fight or flight state causes a great deal of stress internally, is expensive and over time is down right dangerous.

So remember, this is not where you find real food.

Yes, you’ve heard it all before – yet don’t do it. Change is tough. Real food however is delish! Being healthy and strong are magnificent! If you want something bad enough, you’ll do what it takes. If not, then there’s that as well.

So if you’re searching for help, this experienced coach (moi) will help you understand nutrition, your body and the importance of learning how to strength train correctly and basically age phenomenally – then it’s your lucky day!

We start with nutrition and food. Throughout your course we will be tweaking it as you experience amazing benefits from incorporating what you learn. Then proper strength training, cardio and flexibility (it’s where transformation and lasting health happens), as well as a plethora of other things you will learn, implement and gain eye popping results from!

It’s time folks. Spring is 64 days away I believe from the day I post this. Are you ready for spring break? Summer clothes? Being fit and active going into this time of year? Let’s boogie!

Bon Appetit and blue skies!

Cindy Sams, Full-Body Fitness, Your Weight Loss and Health Expert

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