Back To BASICS. Time to go old school

Back To BASICS. Time to go old school



Keep it simple sweetie Is a favorite motto of mine. We tend to overthink things instead of just simply starting at the easiest point and tweaking as we go.
Stop the over think.

Your body – mind, cells, muscles, skin, and your very spirit are extremely RESILIENT!
They all acclimate to everything you give it whether good or bad.


When it comes to your muscles, they LOVE when you lift weights and put them to WORK!

Remember back in the “olden” days (I like to call them Little House on The Prairie Days, or for the guys, Dances with Wolves Days)?
They cut wood by hand and actually made mortar to build their homes, they plowed with horses. Family members planted or hunted food FOR THE DAY only and washed clothes down by the stream then dragged that heavy load back to be hung by hand to dry. Everyone ate dinner before dark, got a great nights sleep and felt strong for the next day. No one ever stuffed themselves silly – they ate to live, not lived to eat. There was no pantry with fake processed foods, there was no late night snacking.

Everyone had a job to do to create an organized effective lifestyle. If you were not pulling your weight, you got the boot! (or put in the outhouse for a time out!?)

Have all of our “conveniences” made us fat, lazy, forget about real food and simply prepare it in a healthy way?

It’s not that difficult to eat correctly for the body to thrive, lose fat and keep it off, and have massive energy. It’s really not.

However I don’t think we need to go as far back as those long ago days – not completely anyway.


Why is it we always seem to weight…oops I mean wait, until we are sick, fat, tired and nearly dying of some disease before we are told by a doctor to do something? What they tell you usually has nothing to do with NUTRITION and healing. It’s beyond illogical to me.


You have a skeletal system, a muscular system, the sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems, an incredible mind, you have a blood pumping, heart beating engine in your glorious body that BEGS to be put to work.


Your success in this health area is what we do here. We go back to the basics. I won’t let you spin in the morass of misinformation that has been dumped into you through ads, videos, tv and magazine articles. We take one simple step at a time, learning simple, natural, effective ways to get healthy and strong, that gains momentum.


Too many people jump into things that are outside their abilities when they start this endeavor so they get defeated and don’t learn a thing or see true results. Some even get injured in some way. I love to help you realize that there is a faster, more efficient, effective way to get you to your goals. Not being able to move for three days is not one of them. Ummm, when did this ever work? It doesn’t.


Foundational habits need to be set in place and that takes a duration of time.

A lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE and doesn’t cost excess money every month is what you are wanting if you sit and think about it for a second.

It’s time you go old school my friend! Let’s get you off the merry go round and onto your success.

It’s time to succeed in releasing unhealthy fat, learning nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle! It’s time to lose all the jiggle, wiggle, and unwanted bulges.

It’s what happens here and it usually starts in the first week after starting!

I have three spots coming available, grab them quick as they go fast!


Hugs and blue skies,


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