Adieu Sweet 2019, Alas We Must Part.

Adieu Sweet 2019, Alas We Must Part.

2019. Some final words…

Grateful. Thankful… for all of it. The good, bad and ugly of it. It is what it is. The choices, the pain, the good things, the crappy, the joyfilled — it’s just life. I try and be grateful for it all. Shift your thinking and your energy will shift. It can be tough. I get it. While you’re in the thick of it, it sucks…. but here we are – survived! Safe.. All is well.

2020. The possibilities are endless.

I know it’s been done to death, but start a journal. Write down five things you are grateful for – daily. Just sit for a hot minute in the morning, or evening and shut everything else out and take a breath… and write it down.

We all get to start fresh every single beautiful day this year. A new page. A clean slate. Write a new story for yourself and change course to more positivity and living a more healthy, stronger, kinder life.

I am not a fan of new year resolutions. That seems like massive procrastination to me. Why wait? When things pop into my head I am all GREEN LIGHT man! Let’s do this.

I’m more of a daily regroup kind of girl. A new day to begin in a better way, or if already good… keep on going and getting better.

So on that note, this is not going to be a “How to Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolution For Weight Loss” theme.

I have a better idea.

Simply choose to make a change, even if you have to each day! But know that to make a change – YOU have to change, and so do your choices. You have to do some things differently, perhaps unlearn some things, and then learn some new ways and ideas.

Because let’s face it – most have tried many ways to lose weight, get in shape or get healthy and have failed. That stinks, but I don’t believe in waiting until a new year begins to make changes and learn ways to accomplish desires.

It’s time to stop the:


There’s a reason people are successful here. They don’t wait and they’re done bs’ing about it. Whether it’s simply needing to learn how to correctly eat, do cardio, strength train for toning, tightening or all those things and losing excess, unwanted body fat and getting super healthy – they are ready to stop the bs.

But if the new year is what it takes for you – then I say, let’s make it LAST this time so you don’t have to keep revisiting it. (and it’s okay if you need a tweak, regroup or reboot once in a while if you get off track!)

“Time is non-refundable. We all get the same amount. Use it with full intention.”

If you’re going to do the whole resolution thing – be specific when you make a list.

What’s your ultimate, final goal (not just simply weight loss/health! Ask WHY do you want it and WHAT will it do for your life. Ask several questions down that rabbit hole and it will lead you to your specific! Will there be mindset, physical, financial, measurable results. Is it attainable, realistic, doable. Will it help you age better and help your daily life. Is there a set time frame to go all in for the duration until you achieve success.

Want to strengthen your mind and gain some insight on yourself? Here are a few books I’ve read that are awesome! I like to read, learn, grow, get strong, and be a better me. I love to write in my books with notes on things that light me UP!

(1) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

(2) Biology of Belief

3) Outwitting the Devil. If that one doesn’t make you sit up and take charge of your life I do not know what will.

Here’s an excerpt from another book I’ve read: Freedom, How Grace Transforms Your Life Now:

“To sum up, the key to breaking from the emotional prison [of thoughts and] opinion of others is summarized in four steps:

1. Identify the unhealthy emotion.
2. Identify the unhealthy thought.
3. Identify the Truth.
4. Renew your mind [with the Truth]

When you renew your mind, you will experience transformation in both your emotions and your behavior:

When your Thoughts change, then…
your Emotions will change, then…
your Actions will change.

That’s why journaling is so cool. It’s just you, calm, quiet, in your head.  The interesting thing about journaling is that you get to write ANYTHING! You get to be immature, ridiculous, a smart ass, pissy, a jerk, mean, funny, silly and say whatever comes to your stream of consciousness… write it down. But then, shift into the actual truth of it all. Journaling gratitude is a great place to change your thoughts, emotions, actions.

Here is my best advice: Once you make a decision – JUMP. The “net” that you are looking for will never appear until you take the leap.

Take Action. Have Faith. Maybe it’s time for you to tap into your magnificence eh?

Look for the “nets.”

Go light this year up!

Hugs and blue skies,


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