What’s Your END GAME?

What’s Your END GAME?

So Long 2019! See ya! Adios! Ciao!

We are coming into December 2019 quickly! How did it go over these past months? Did you make it happen? Get it done? Meet the mark?

If not, please do not beat yourself up about it.

Instead, sit for a second and think about why it didn’t happen. Think about what you want to happen this time, this coming year. Really dig and ask yourself what is it you truly need to do differently to make that happen!

Want to learn a language? You take a course. Want to learn how to play the piano? You hire a teacher. You get the picture.

So saying, “I want to lose weight and get in shape” is using too broad of a brush stroke. We need to get the really fine brushes out and create a better pallet. More color! More depth! More detail, please!

All of these things take time, teaching, learning, putting into practice, persistence and keeping your YES big, your WHY in front of you – all the while getting RESULTS! That’s why it’s called a “course.”

It’s time to think differently and come at it from another angle perhaps.

The highest success comes to those who hire professionals with a high success rate to help them learn, put into practice, be persistent, help you stay focused, drag you back from self defeating thoughts and habits, and keep you feeling proud of yourself!

Personal Training IS the very essence of personal. YOU are the only focus, your time is not divided among a group, no one staring or judging, you don’t have to listen to people’s chatter. The focus is all on you. And you are learning a lot of new skill sets. That is what it takes to succeed. Not just going somewhere and jumping around. Sorry, but it’s true.

It’s not about the scale. It’s about no more back fat, no more jiggly thighs, sagging butt, or flabby belly! It’s about time to stop feeling tired and run down all the time. It’s about actually being healthy, fit, and strong — and feeling good in your skin again! Now THOSE are the things you really want if you stop and think about it, or at least my clients do (once they let go of the whole “scale” thing).

These six things below happen consistently and quickly to most if not all clients once they begin. What in the world are you doing if not feeling these things in the first week of beginning?!?!

Ask the right questions and you’ll be able to focus more positively on the end game.

You need skills, knowledge, practice, persistence, patience, a sense of humor, faith, resolve, and… RESULTS while you’re working on all of it.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when the year comes to an end? What do people usually do?

They join their local gym because it’s convenient and close, sign up for the two “complimentary personal training” sessions and think, Yes! This is it. Then, poof. Nothing. Nothing was learned, no results, and yes, even some injuries might have occurred. (these are stories I hear all the time)

Now, let’s ask why? Why do people continue to do this in the beginning of the year over and over again?

People like to feel like they are part of something, connected to others. That they are not alone!
But there is something I’ve noticed from talking with people (especially women) for almost two decades…

In a crowded gym, full to busting with people this time of year, some still feel “alone, uncomfortable, incapable, awkward, lacking in confidence, like they’re not good enough, feel they don’t belong, insecure, too out of shape, and highly stressed when they walk into one of them!

So they quit going, feel defeated and more reluctant to try yet again.

This just slays me. However, I get it. I used to feel this way… and I couldn’t stand it either.

Want to know one of my favorite things to do? It is to get you feeling so ridiculously confident with your new skills, and your fit, strong, “new” body in that gym you decide to join that you won’t recognize yourself! Yaaay, you!

Be specific (what exactly do you want your outcome to be)

Measurable. (every month get remeasured!)

Attainable (this can be easily implemented and sustained)

Relevant (will this help you age well and be more healthy and live a quality life?)

Time-bound (is there a time frame in which you adhere to to meet your goals)

What is your END GAME? Learn It. Earn It. Own it.

It’s time to do some research! Be thoughtful about it. Do the math, do the research, search for value! Find your professional that gets clients regular, consistent, outstanding results and run don’t walk to get there! Quit wasting time with nothing learned, and no results while working so hard. Set your intention and get busy.

My early Christmas and 2020 new year gift to you, if you are ready to make this finally happen, is here: https://fullbodyfit.wpengine.com/programs/

Note to Self: 2020!?!?! I am coming to get you! And I am going to make you so proud! New DECADE, new healthy, fit, strong, gorgeous body.

Call today to find out about the Game Changer bonus!

Blue skies,
Cin 😉


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