What Doesn’t Kill Ya, Can Kill Ya!?

What Doesn’t Kill Ya, Can Kill Ya!?

Hi. This is your cardiovascular system. I need you to help me. 

I promise I am not here to hurt you, but to make you stronger, more energetic, more vibrant and healthy.  

Please. I need you to take me for a walk. Or a bike ride. Something. Honestly, anything will do, but you need to get out there and help me, because I can’t do it without you on board. 

You see I am made to bring blood and oxygen to the most amazing thing – you! I deliver blood, the blood I pump delivers the oxygen and nutrients to every single glorious cell of ours! Then I remove the gunk, you know it as carbon dioxide and waste products, that is made by those cells. We’re pretty important and cool.

I’m not saying we need to go run a marathon right off the base or ever really. In fact – DO NOT RUN.  Start slowly and build endurance. Doing this will also peel the excess fat off your body… so no running!  I’m sure you realize it’s getting super tough to go up and down those stairs without a little huff and a puff!  I need just a little more from you.

Here are some awesome things that will happen when we get moving:

1) Your spirits will lift. By getting fresh air and sunshine on your body, it will activate some hormones which I like to call: Happy Hormones!  These endorphins are our natural mood enhancers. They LOVE to over react and get real happy. They run amok in your brain and nervous system and have some really astounding physiological effects. Peptides (amino acids) activate your opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect, which means you’ll feel less of your aches and pains and you’ll simply FEEL BETTER!  Do this to boost the opiate centers instead of burying us in a bowl of ice cream and saturating us in sugar, which will increase our insulin levels and get us fatter ad affect our mood. This is what we DON’T WANT! 

2) Your body acclimates to every single thing you do to it.  Good OR bad.  If you give it bad things (or nothing) it’ll do badly and you will feel listless and achy all the time. If you give it good things like MOVEMENT, some fresh air, sunlight and some great nutrition, it’ll treat you magnificently! (pssst! I mean, seriously, like you wouldn’t believe) Those stairs won’t be such a big deal anymore. I’d love it if we walked away from the house for just 15 minutes. Then turn around a come home and stretch all those wonderful warmed up muscles, tendons, and ligaments on the floor.

Doing this 4-6 times a week, we will acclimate to it and be stronger! Then it’s time to walk farther down the street, maybe 25 minutes and come back. Do you notice a difference? After about a week or so of that, we are now able to go a bit farther with a little more giddy up in our step. Wow. This is EXACTLY how your heart gets the blood around your body: IT’S INCREDIBLE!

3) You’ll eat healthier. Why? Psychologically, when you do something good for the body, you feel more accomplished, less self-loathing, and… miserable. You are more proud of yourself than if you would’ve just sat on the couch and ate cheese and crackers. You’ll start to want to treat your body better. Why? Because it’s treating you better, and we like to do nice things for people we love.  Uh hem… that’d be us my friend.

Make sure you feed us a quality breakfast with some SOLID FOOD.  It is the ONLY way to generate our metabolism -which I like to call our engine, our fat burning engine.  Liquid food is LAZY and so our body gets to stay lazy as well… Nope!  Energy creates ENERGY and without anything to digest… we got nothin’. Try one piece of toast with some avacado and two organic eggs to start your engine and give great energy and fuel to the body!  It’s time to stop treating your one and only body like a dumpster fire. It won’t last and will end horribly.

Some tips before we walk; BRING WATER and get new gym shoes! We need the cushion and support. It’ll save your feet and joints – trust me.

4) Start. Today. Remember, you and I are in this together. It won’t kill you and not doing so just might. So let’s go! And remember, we’re in this together and I would never steer you wrong.   

Hugs and blue skies!

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