Ummm… I Think You Might Be Doing That Wrong.

Ummm… I Think You Might Be Doing That Wrong.

Oh, the wonderful things you see when you step into a gym!

Classes and bootcamps are fine, however, too many get stuck there. From what friends and clients have told me, there are way too many people struggling to get the results they want. They don’t see results, bulk up, or worse – get hurt. Sounds crazy right?

Please let me say here there is nothing wrong with these things, they are just a different ‘animal’ so to speak. Weight loss happens with food and weights for the majority of folks. What are the results you actually want? Sweating, dancing and jumping – nothing wrong with that. What I want to know is it teaching you skills and tools, implementing them for a duration of a course, that literally transforms your body and health?

One thing is for sure, you cannot out-exercise bad or incorrect eating patterns. And you have to lift weights. Lots of class and cardio peeps have come to the studio to learn what to do with all those weights and pieces of equipment. I LOVE training these people! What happens is sheer transformation! They realized that something was missing and that something was WEIGHTS (and nutrition). Never thought you’d love strength training? I’ll bet I can change your mind. Confused on what to eat, when and WHY – I will help make it simple, sustainable and results oriented with you!

If you still think strength training will not help shape or reshape your body or by doing that you’ll bulk up, then either you haven’t trained with me or you haven’t met me! One of my mottos is “we don’t bulk up here.”

Listen, I have a 4th/5th lumbar congenital fusion along with a broken L3. I’ve broken many other things and have RA (but feel NONE of it!). Most people don’t know this and it usually shocks them. I just don’t talk about it because I am not caving to it. I’ve learned how to lower my cellular inflammation, give my body gorgeous life giving nutrition, create a strong body and mind. But I am 54 for goodness sakes, and I’m humorously realistic – you should see me when I first wake up! OY!  That all being said, there aren’t many excuses you can give me that hold water. Keep it strong, keep it flexible, keep unhealthy excess body fat off and age well, that’s my motto!

Here is a little video of an exercise for your core that you learn while at the studio. Enjoy the sound effects and well… enjoy!


The core IS your center of power and strengthening that correctly will help in so many areas of health and wellness it’s ridiculous! Your core is not only your abdominals, but includes the sides of your body and back. Think of your body as a cylinder when it comes to your core workouts.

(Please note that your stability ball MUST be firm to hard, no squishy balls…) You’re welcome!

Friend, I am ALL about showing you the “how tos” when it comes to picking up weights and using them in the most efficient, productive manner. There are lots of exercises to show you! It’s good to know three solid exercises for most muscle groups as this will gain you not only serious strength, but toned muscles.

So ask yourself… do I need three months or five months to learn and implement to get as close to my final results and maintenance mode where it is easily sustainable. Leave here VERY confident in knowing that you KNOW how to lift weights, eat correctly, utilize cardio for fat burn and endurance, and gain flexibility. It’s simply what I call AGING WELL.

Everybody knows, a little knowledge to last you a life time of health, wellness and fitness is well worth it to learn it. What you don’t know actually can hurt you!

If you’re ready to finally see and feel results then now is the time! Take some time to look through my website. There is a lot of great stuff in HERE:

Big hugs and blues skies!

To your SUCCESS,

Cindy 😀

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