Tired, Fat, Sick and OVER IT.

Tired, Fat, Sick and OVER IT.

I have been on the unhealthy, miserable, expensive painful side. Often sick. Sinus infections were my ‘thing’ as well as Rxs, along with highly processed, food-like substances.

Fat/chubby, sluggish, horrible IBS, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, insulin resistance and metabolic disorder, adrenal fatigue …oh wait, I already said that …bad skin, bad hair, dead eyes and the list can go on.

All I know is it is in YOUR power to change it. I decided one day a long time ago to change this for myself. I realized it was no one’s fault but my own that got me where I was.  I was sick of myself and my excuses.  Just call me LUCY…

I’ve only been ‘sick’ one time in 13 years, and that last time was about eight years ago!  Incredible!!!

I haven’t been to a doctor to heal any of these symptoms above. Over the past twenty years I have learned things. I’ve put them into practice and utilized them.  I have many powerful tools in my health toolbox now and I implement them daily. I share them with whomever wants to listen, learn and know. My grown sons are coming around and asking me for advice and letting me help them!  Just the other day I was talking to my 24 yr. old and during our conversation about his managerial position in working with people, he said, ‘Oh, that’s good, I’m going to use that.”  Thrilling sensation is what this Momma experienced!  Ha!  My 25.5 yr. old is taking my advice on some mild (lifestyle) issues and is naturally healing them with my advice. Ecstatic! Heehee…. finally!

So many people are spinning out of control and all you need is the right plan, the correct information and a system that gets you to where you are begging to be.

It’s as simple as ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know.’

I will guarantee you that what is being taught ‘out there’ is to keep you on the hook, confuse you and not teach you a dang thing. You wouldn’t believe the stories my clients share with me about their experiences elsewhere.  It’s astounding to me that people spend their time and money on something that doesn’t get them results. I’m so joyful when they find me and start working with me!  (So are they).

Sweat, for instance, does not equal a productive workout.  Don’t even get me started on ‘fasting.’  I assure you, you’re more than likely doing it incorrectly for health, aging well and actual fat loss and maintenance of that.

My courses have been designed over the past twenty years to set you free of this confusion in these areas.  I will teach you the things that are not being taught and that will get you off the hamster wheel of this nightmare.

In the past I’ve personally signed up for courses and got terrific information and skills out of them.  I wouldn’t spend my money and time if I didn’t give it my ALL during the course to get what I wanted from it.

Trust me when you’re on the side of being healthy, strong and vibrant after decades of sick, chubby, and miserable — it is so much more peaceful, cheaper, less soul sucking, less helpless, MORE empowering, in control, more energetic than you have felt in ages. Shift!

Clients tell me within three days of eating the way I teach them to that they sleep better, have more energy and look less bloated. Your eyes will look happier, rested. Your skin will look better you will start to help your body to release fat—> it knows how to do it you just need to learn how to help it out!

It just takes you wanting it bad enough to make it happen.  Yes, you need to stop bad habits. Yes, you need to implement the good ones while releasing the old ones.

It all comes down to you. Are you ready to cut the crap?  You have to be honest with yourself with your FOOD CHOICES and HABITS. I LOVE telling my clients how I used to eat. I tend use comic relief and make people giggle at the reality of how I used to treat my body.  I’m upfront and honest about foibles and it helps clients relax and understand I’ve been in their shoes.

“What you eat in private shows up in public.” That’s a sign hanging in my studio. My clients love it because they know it’s true.

We’re coming up to sugar season. We’re coming up to flu shot season. We’re coming up to horrible weight gain season. Stop it. Stop ruining your body with horrible habits.  That’s not what holidays are for.

Your body knows how to be healthy. Do you think it doesn’t? Seriously? Give it a fighting chance, you’re getting in its way. Release what you think you know.  If it was working well… it’d be working right?!

This comes from a passionate heart for your success and for you conquering in this area. We have all been fighting this battle for decades, some all of our lives! Get off the crazy train. Common sense, knowledge putting it into consistent, forward motion is what it takes.

We all get off track. When your caboose gets off track, lift it up and put it back on!  That’s how we all roll! You don’t stop, berate yourself and give up. Get your caboose back on the track!

I am the same as you. I have been in your shoes. Don’t think for one second I can’t put myself in the feeling of how it used to be for me.  Heck!  I’m tearing up as I write thinking about it.

I have two spots open and one more in a month or so.  Lock ’em down.  My pricing is ridiculously low for the information and courses you experience. How do I know this? Research. Breaking the math down. My clients tell me, people in the industry tell me – often. But I want your success and make it attainable for you.  You want it – come get it for yourself.

I’m ready when you are and will help you get back on track.

Blue skies and big hugs,

Cindy Sams

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