Three Habits To Kick. Three Habits To Pick!

Three Habits To Kick. Three Habits To Pick!

Without daily conscious attention, intention and dedication, we will form unhealthy habits that will negatively impact our health, well-being, and attitude.

Bad habits in our daily lives can wrench open doors to fatigue, obesity, illness, depression and other notorious health sabotagers.

The good news is these habits can be reversed! If you made it, that means you can unmake it! I find that empowering! Grab hold and fight for your health and joyful spirit!

Here are three common unhealthy habits that, over time, can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

1. Procrastination. Kick It!

To put off. Do another day, so you do not do it that other day. Stuck. Stagnant. Not able to take action. Excuses. Self-denial. Hesitation. Fear. Self worthiness issues. Blame. Excuses. Did I say that one twice? Hmmmm, I don’t know about you, but that sounds seriously crappy to me. It’s an unhealthy cycle of self-sabotague.

Some people like to brag about this trait. However I find it personally – unimpressive. (now, don’t get mad… get even with me! Go ahead, DO IT!) Go clean, go do that cardio, go organize that room! Take Action. 😉

– Action. Pick It!

Movement. Energy. Fun. Flow. Harmony. Empowerment. Self Value. Strength. Excitement. It is all based on your internal thought processes. Your self-worth and what you deem worthy to emanate out into the world is important. My friend!? Don’t you see?!! You are not they and they are not you. What you bring to the world is new, it speaks, it has energy that more than likely will resonate in a whole new and shining way than what someone else might think, say or do. You are not one in a million… you are the only one. And you, quite franky, rock.

So take action for heavens sake! Jump! The net ALWAYS appears doesn’t it? Seriously. You didn’t DIE by not taking the action, so why think you would if you did? Let’s just say, it rarely happens.

I find it thrilling when I see people take the jump, take the risk, take the ACTION! Their life, energy and face lights up and things start to MOVE man! It’s complete awesomeness! Things, good things mind you, start to manifest and flow.

Don’t be fear filled. If you swim around in the pool of fear it will not want to release you. The delight is found in the leap! Going OVER the waterfall is where you will scream with delight, anticipation, exhilaration!

Take the leap babe. It’s quite a ride and you are so worth it.


2. Going With The Crowd. Kick It!

Here’s a tough one. It’s not my intention to shame or blame. But are they living YOUR LIFE?!? Quit listening to ‘them.’ Your friends are not you. Your spouse and your kids and extended family are not you. You are the one. Being authentic, truly you, is tough and not for the faint heart.

Life wants to pull you in and you want to be a part of it. But you can do that gracefully and remain true to who you are regardless of others perceptions.

This is your life. We all have to go through our stuff to figure out who the heck we are in this world. Some do, some don’t. And sometimes those little life lessons can suck big time… we’ll call those “Experiences” and it often takes decades to figure out. That’s tough isn’t it!? Crazy, but go through it we must. It’s the only way towards personal growth and development. Some stay stuck, some grow into their better version. It IS actually a choice and you have yours to make.

Say for instance you ask a friend to be your workout buddy to motivate each other. What if after the first week, life starts to get in the way? They or one of their kids are sick. No daycare or their spouse is out of town. Doctor appointment? Yea, life can get in the way and theirs doesn’t usually end up matching yours for the long haul. You are left disappointed.

You have a decision to make. Do you take accountability for yourself and go on your own, or…?

Only one of those decisions is going to empower you and make you feel great.

Someone else cannot want your weight loss and healthy lifestyle more than you want it.

Go own your own!

– Personal Motivation and Mind Set. Pick it!

It’s not a matter of IF it’s coming, it’s when. If you are aware and have some tools to prepare and get you THROUGH life’s hurdles with grace – that is where you’ll find some personal power – and peace.

Your mind is your friend, but many times, if not in control of it, not so much.

We do have tendencies to be our own worst friend. And sometimes, with the best of intentions, we listen too intently to our friends. The glitch is that they are giving you advice on your life based on their perceptions and beliefs. So you see, it’s not necessarily a true, in your favor kind of advice, albeit heartfelt as it might be presented to you from someone you love/like/admire. Ultimately we are all going through things that others know nothing about.

That being said, there are those in our life we find to be mentors and truly authentic, in your corner friends, that speak the truth into your life with no self-intent…. those are good ones to keep! Sometimes it can be hard to hear a truth about your self, so having a solid person in your life who you know has your back often helps you gain strength from it instead of resenting it.

Your thoughts can make you or break you. The strength of your mind and heart can either pop you out of a bad day easily or stubbornly keep you in it. It is all within your power to choose either.

Your positive action combined with positive thinking patterns results in a joyful attitude and stronger personal accountability.

I have found people who strengthen me in these arenas. Jesus, Faith, Family, Friends, Counselors, Experience, Knowledge, Intuition, Tools, Mentors: These are some super cool people and tools to have on your side and in your tribe!

It’s imperative to surround yourself with people who uplift you. It’s also a constant shedding of skin so to speak. Ultimately you are who you surround yourself with. Choose wisely for your best interest.


3. Fads, Scams, and Quick Fixes For Weight Loss. Kick It!

Have you noticed that we as a society are daily inundated with “new” ways to lose the weight, get fit, suppress the appetite, etc.? I really mean literally – daily inundated. And it all costs a TON of money monthly usually.

Is it just me or do you find this confusing, along with seriously irritating?

It reminds me of a great saying that I just love: KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. (I believe the original word used was “stupid” – but that’s just not nice.)

Unplug and just think for a minute. When you’re depressed and can’t stand the way you look and feel and are at the end of your rope, you’ll try anything – and they know it! It’s all about the money, and they want yours. Learning some skills, tools and implementing them will reinforce the personal belief that you can do this and you have the tools already.

Basics. When it’s about your body and healthy weight loss, start there.

– Skills and Tools Are Cool. Pick It!

Learn how to eat for your body now and how to use foods to lose the weight you want and have the energy to rock your day.

Learn how to lift weights, pull weights and push weights around. Stop being intimidated. They are just machines. But you have to know what you’re doing. So simply get taught, learn it, just like anything else.

Two things your body uses for fuel while doing cardio: Glycogen (sugars) and Fat. Learn how to fire up more fat burning engines and gain endurance.

Flexibility. Strong and pliant muscles, ligaments and tendons are how to AGE WELL!

Sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system. Learn how and why your body might not be responding. Learn how to create a healthy internal balance and release stress. (cortisol can be visious!)

These are powerhouse skills and tools that will get you results like nothing else you’ve ever tried!

And it’s what we do here. Thousands have come, gone and some have even come back for a reboot since 2003. My goal is to get you to your best body now in a relatively short time period (3-9 months) and then let you fly. You have learned it, earned the results you desired by implementing skills, and a positive can do mind set. Now it’s time to own it out there.

Do you know this happens all. the. time. here? It’s my passion, purpose and happy place – your success!

To me it’s about teaching someone how to, not withholding to keep them from personal betterment, self motivation and accountability. There’s a huge difference. That is my joy and passion.

How about we get all this settled into place BEFORE the whole “new year resolution” thing this January? It’s incredible going into the new year feeling magnificent instead of defeated.

At Full-Body Fitness ( strength training is the foundation for changing your body. However, see the list above and know you get all of that here in your storehouse of tools! So, yea, it’s all kind of big deal. Is it going to be easy? Maybe, maybe not. Will I help you learn and understand how to push your body outside of the comfort zone you have been soaking in? You betcha! And more than likely you will laugh and have fun and learn to be kinder to yourself along the way. Oh, and results? Yep you’ll get them!

Kick the bad habits and let’s get you living some really awesome ones that will fire you up again!

Hugs and Blue Skies!

Cindy Sams

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