They Say 1000 Words

They Say 1000 Words

You just can’t hide it. You can’t run from it.

It will show up.

You can try to dodge it by hiding behind others (I used to hide behind my kids), you can opt out altogether, but they say 1000 words.

Pictures.  (and dare I add: clothing. That stuff is so freaking honest it hurts)

But you can change all that you know. No. Really. You can.

Thousands have and thousands more will before I’m through.

Show up, learn it, earn it, own it – your health, wellness and power!

Ready to stop being at the mercy of feelings, emotions, habits, old beliefs, and cravings? Ready to stop beating yourself up every. single. time?

It’s not just about moving your body. It’s combining the top three: Nutrition/Weights/Cardio.

There are things you don’t know. There’s a reason it’s not working. Who’s in your head? Guess what my clients hear in their heads? Moi.  Encouraging, motivating, teaching, advising, books, classes, an adjustment, prayer, deep breathing, self-care. Whatever it might be I will do my best to steer them in the right direction.

Whether they grab the wheel is up to them. Most do, but some slip through. Too many blocks and self-sabotaging thoughts, too much ego, too many failures to think it will ever work. But I keep trying to get through. It’s my passion and my purpose you see. I simply can’t help myself.

Your body knows how to be healthy and fit. It’s just waiting for YOU to get on the right page. If what you are doing is not working, or worse, hurting you – stop.

Learning how the body works on the inside, how the mind works, how lifting, eating and thinking are so very important to make this thing STICK is crucial..

It’s what needs to happen

Pictures and Clothing never lie…. darn them! I’m mean really. Couldn’t they just one stinkin’ time lie to us a little bit?
Not going to happen I’m afraid.

Say hello to just a handful of my bodacious, fabulous, delightful, smart, courageous, spunky, funny, loving clients and dare I say, friends.
I cannot WAIT to meet you as well!

Yowza! Sweet goodness! She’s still kicking it!

Insert “wolf whistle” here.

Still working hard!

A whole new person? Nope, just a healthier one!

Fit and Lovin’ It!

Sweet! What a difference and the smile on her face says it all.

Excellent shape before wedding!

Ready for the beach baby!

What does the word: TRANSFORMATION actually mean to you?

All of this happened for these people in approximately five months. It took me 5 months to lose my weight (and keep it off after 20 years now).

Being realistic, honest with yourself, open to change, learning, growing, and being authentic, vulnerable, tenacious and consistent are key ingredients when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of talking, thinking of being fat, jiggly, sluggish and over it!

On top of all that we’ll whip in some serious comic relief and humor! It’s the way I roll honey.

Gosh, I just love all my clients…

Here’s the thing though. I can’t help you if you are not here.

Come on! Let’s go play with weights, food and get this health and fitness thing done already.

Hugs and blue skies! Cindy

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