The Not So Merry, Go Round

The Not So Merry, Go Round

It’s creeping towards the middle of February. The weather this time of year is erratic to say the least. We go from -19, to 57 in one week. Crazy.  But it does get you thinking about SPRING!  It’s coming quickly.

Most people have at one point or another enlisted “lose weight” as one of their new year resolutions. However, about this time into the new year is when a lot of people fall off and drift back towards old patterns and habits.

Then the weather will get a little warmer and they’ll start back up again pounding the pavement on walks and runs.

I always think two things… 1) good for you! and 2) I want to help that person.

Here’s what happens when you hire a personal trainer… and I don’t mean just joining a gym, or moving around in a class, or doing group trainings. When you hire a 1:1 personal trainer, you focus on learning skills that help you meet your goals. It’s all about you and your journey. In a class they cannot connect you with your body and focused forum, there are too many bodies, so many end up just swinging dumbells around, or worse, injuring themselves from improper technique.

Sure those other things might seem fun, but where is the focus and intent? Where are you learning true skills where you can utilize on your own eventually after seeing great results. I’ve trained many cardio/class people who had outstanding results after their time with me. They realize the true importance of eating – learning the why, how, what and when, and learning not only how to lift but how to make their muscles work in a powerful way to achieve and maintain those outstanding results. Heck most people are even doing crazy cardio and are left frustrated that no weight is falling off of them.

Listen, this is truth: sweating your tail off does not make a great workout. There’s nothing wrong with it, and it might feel great, but if your purpose is to lose body fat and get strong, you can only do so much if don’t learn the skills.

One of my passions that seems to change the game for my clients is them actually learning the how’s, why’s, what’s, when’s from everything to d0.

If you’ve been struggling and really really want results that last with great knowledge gained and skills you can use forever, get here. We’ll make it happen for you!

Hugs and blues skies,


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