The Fizzle

The Fizzle

We all like to start the new year with a big flame and a big bang.

We go all in and by week 7 we’ve had enough.  Enough of the disappointment of not being able to achieve our resolutions. What’s with all the self-sabotaging behaviors already?

There’s a reason for that you know.  It’s called being human.

We don’t like to do things that we don’t want to do. Too often it seems, we need to get to our breaking point.  That point where absolutely none of your clothes are fitting you, or the doctor is wanting to put you on some sort of pill to lower this or raise that, or you feel so tired and listless that you can’t even think about going to exercise.

Sometimes we just need a new fresh fan of oxygen to breathe the life back into our flame!

And, POOF!  It can happen so fast, if you just open the door and let the air revive you.  But you have to want it. You do actually have to get to that point where nothing and no one is stopping you – there are no more excuses left inside you.

Your YES is big.  Let it out!

We are starting month three of the new year. It’s the top of the third inning and this game lasts twelve! It’s called 2017 and it’s time to light it UP!

Let’s be honest…you need some new ways of thinking, because if it was working for you – it’d be working. The best way to create new habits and a healthy lifestyle is to work with the right experts.

Most women I know when asked say the want to ‘lose weight.’  But when asked a few more simple questions what it really comes down to is that they want the jiggle, the wiggle and the bulges to go away.

They have been out walking, jogging, ellipticaling, biking, or jumping around in a class sweating their batootie off to no avail. If it’s not working, it’s not working for a reason.

Stop. You need to learn how your body works. Most people do not have a clue how their body works on the inside. It’s not releasing the fat for a reason.  For many people, that reason is discovered here:  and here:

What if, this is exactly what your fizzle needs to burst into a flame this year?

How you get to success is by learning new ways, fresh ideas, working towards it consistently and tenaciously. By working at it for a long enough span your body will acclimate to it. Results cannot NOT happen if you are implementing what you learn. When you see and feel your body finally responding to what you have learned – you own it! You have learned how to make your body lose the fat, jiggle, wiggle and bulges.

Now we’re playing with FIRE! Come on my little pyro, let’s light you up!

Call today, light the match.

😉 Cindy
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