Patient? Or… Patient?

Patient? Or… Patient?

Most people that want and need to lose weight and get healthy want it FAST. They workout for three days, have a salad and wonder why the scale hasn’t budged.


The reality starts to sink in and people lose their determination and get frustrated. However, we all know that changing your body and health isn’t like changing into a new outfit. It takes patience.


Why do you think all those crazy fads and trends are so popular? They lure you in with: “fast weight loss, no pain, no exercise needed, eat whatever you want, this new gadget will be THE ONE to get your pounds off!!!” Hmmmm.


We want things to happen and happen fast. Especially when it comes to losing weight, looking and feeling better. (think Veruca – “I want it NOWWWW!”) The pounds did not get put on overnight (although it might feel like it sometimes), so give yourself a realistic amount of time to get it off.


I’m going to be very honest with you here. A lifestyle change takes time to learn, implement and see results. If you just want your tush handed to you without learning anything, then a lifestyle change and skill set is not what you’re looking for. In reality you need to be willing to give it your best for 3-5 months or longer, depending on how much you have to lose to get to maintenance, (whether 20-50+ lbs.).


There are entirely too many people walking around in bad health. They are experiencing all different levels of feeling bad! Perhaps possibly not even realizing that this is not normal and is unnecessary. Has it been going on for a long time with you? You can go through life a little more easily you know. That way is one way, but it’s not the best way to age well. In fact, it sounds kind of miserable.


Are you willing to be patient enough to learn and implement simple, basic skills and tools to get healthy, lose excess body fat, balance hormones, gain cardio endurance, clean up intestinal health (which is where weight loss and true health begins!), strengthen muscles so backs and knees and other joints don’t hurt?


Taking back the reins on your health and wellbeing and learning how to retrain your body to do, be and have all those things is possible and there is a sustainable way to rarely having to be a patient!


I am a weight loss expert, lifestyle coach, and personal trainer. Hi there! The weight loss courses my clients get to experience are in fact life changing. While building a foundation of skills and implementing them throughout their course — they achieve their long sought after RESULTS. They lose fat, inches, sleep better, lose the brain fog, have more energy, strength and endurance, ease joint pain, gain flexibility, etc.. The key is that they walk away with results which were not obtained by either a fad or trend. 


To learn the process and fully understand it, patience is what you’ll need. Motivation, accountability, being pulled off the ledge when you start to feel defeated, getting a hug or a high five, or being pushed just a little bit harder — whatever is needed to keep you patient, realistic and on track and get to the end results is what you are going to get with me.


Would it shock you to tell you there are people who haven’t been to a doctor in ten years? Maybe longer? See when you have your health and know how to keep it, there is a strong chance you too won’t need to be a patient as often. (now, please, keep in mind I’m talking about general health here, not anyone who is in another category!).


We all know the quick fixes don’t work. Human beings need some skin in the game to feel the value of something, we need to learn things, see results and outcomes in order for it to register as a true success. It has less worth to have no learning and understanding behind it.

It is SO exciting when I see my clients walking up to the door, and you can see it! See their transforming start to take hold. I cannot wait to ask them the question, “So, I can tell, can you?”  When I ask, they say, “Yes! It is starting to be noticeable. My clothes are baggier and I am shrinking!”  Man, do I love that!


And that, I am here to tell you, is such a powerful moment for them! Helping people become aware of  exactly how their body works and why it takes patience, is such a cool experience.


Here’s what I know – it’s better to have patience and get to work on yourself than it is to be a patient. One costs a drop in the bucket, the other, so so expensive on so many levels. When the mind, body, spirit are all fighting each other it costs us so much. It’s expensive to be sick, tired, fat, unhealthy and miserable. 

On the good side is patience – you get to say WOW, I made that happen! On the other, a patient – you get to say Whoa… how did that happen?


Yes, it might require you to hire a personal trainer, even though you have to take time to gain health and get to maintenance, even though you’ll need to buy some clothes. It’s better for your mental and physical health to have patience.

Taking back your health is a win/win situation – which are always the best ones! When it’s your time, you’ll know. You’ll make the call! I can’t wait to meet you. 😉


Four things off the top off my head you are going to need to lose the weight finally and for good are this:


1. Be Patient. More than likely, it took years to put the weight on. It will take some effort on your part, some patience, perseverance and self-control – and a deep desire to DO IT.

2. Hire an experienced results oriented personal trainer. Someone who walks the walk. Someone you can relate to and you like. Does that person look how you might wish to look? Are they healthy? Toned? Friendly? Knowledgeable? Go find that. Find someone who is going to teach you all components on how to lose weight and most importantly how to eat, prepare and use food for health and weight loss! Someone to show you how to utilize all that workout equipment in the gym. Stay away from the trendy crap. You can always get to that later once you’re in peak shape and know proper form. One of the main things you should walk out with is the knowledge and skills and confidence to go out and do it on their own afterwards.

3. Deep desire. You’ve GOT to want it! No one can want it more for you than you do! To make a change in your life, you must change. Change your habits and you will change your life. Only you can do that. Self-discipline is the best gift you can give yourself.

4. Be realistic and kind to yourself. YOU are a trooper. Keep Going! YOU CAN DO THIS!


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Blue skies and great success to you. When you are ready – let’s begin,


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