New Year! New… you?

New Year! New… you?

New you?

Why? What’s wrong with the old one? Why do we do that year after year? I get maybe you’ll need or want a little tweak here or a little personal growth there, but a whole new you? Most of us don’t need to go that far.

There are a lot of folks who by the end of the year seem so full of self-loathing and dread that they haven’t “accomplished” anything they wanted to do.

So at the click of the clock at midnight, they begin anew and go gung ho with the top three “I am gonna be/do/have better!” goals. Then six months into the year, if they even make it that long, are exhausted and down on themselves for not completing one if not all of them. The next thing you know another Christmas and “new year” are happening.

Stop right there. Get off this merry-go-round. Remember the old definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

I can assure you that “new” year does not have a secret agenda. It’s not jumping out and saying, “BOOO! Gotcha again! Here I am, the NEW YEAR and you’re not rea-dyyyyy!”

Hey, I have an idea. How about we just learn to relax and love who we are and understand that we are all still growing, learning, figuring it out – every morning… when you wake up!

Take a few long, deep breaths. Go look yourself in the mirror. Really look. You too guys. Because seriously, even if you feel like crap about some things in your life and need to start working on yourself, you are at this moment pretty darn terrific!

(And YOU need to tell YOU that. Be accountable for your happiness and life = joyfulness).

Most people have a hard time motivating or self-promoting themselves. Go to the mirror anyway and see what comes popping up in your brain and thoughts. What just came out of your mouth? What just popped into your brain?

It’s funny how we can be kind to everyone around us – putting on our false bravado, smiles and considerate platitudes, but when alone in our thoughts, not so much.

Take a serious minute to consider your glorious self. Think about your incredible body, your fascinating mind, your spectacular sense of humor and sense of adventure! Why, just reading that makes you kind of perk up doesn’t it? It certainly makes me want to hang with ya! You sound pretty neat.

I have a better plan on how to love yourself pretty much day in and day out. To have true joy in most things whether it be relationships/family, health and well-being, or your job – you have to be…. c.o.n.s.i.s.t.e.n.t. and p.e.r.s.i.s.t.e.n.t.!

Making better and better choices on a daily and, sometimes, hourly basis, is what it takes. Are you going to slip? Of course! So you might as well forgive yourself upfront.

However, as time goes on you develop and strengthen patterns and habits. You will then start to look and feel better and it gets easier to make the better choices hourly and daily, weekly and monthly, year to year… and, VIOLA` – no more merry-go-round!

Turn in your ticket honey – that ride is out of order!

Too many people think of their health, or bad health as some great burden that just is what it is or think that’s what getting old is!

I guess that’s one way to go about it.  Seems a bit painful and unnecessary to me.  But I get it.  Feeling like crap all the time it’s hard to drag yourself out of that.  Staying there is downright dangerous.

It takes learning to think proactively instead of reactively. Practicing positivity instead of negativity. Learning tools and skills. It takes being consistent and persistent with them.

Will I gently, lovingly, and passionately tell you that you need to get off the “junk” foods, (for example: ANY soda, sugar-free, low fat, processed anything, fast foods, etc.), and tweak the way you’ve been eating and thinking about eating?

Yep. We are, after all, changing bad habits and wrong thinking. I am consistently dropping nuggets throughout the duration of working with someone.

It’s a process. It’s ALL a process, this life thing. You’re going to have to stop some bad habits.

Be honest with yourself and look within to win. To grow and change you have to ask yourself, what can I do better? How can I be better? You have to make the choice to learn the stuff it takes to finally make this a lifestyle as opposed to a yearly spirit draining new year goal.

I promise you, it’s a lot more fun (and forgiving) learning and growing daily, weekly, monthly.

Everyone knows that none of this “life change/personal self growth” stuff is going to happen until a person is ready. You can lead someone to the water, but you can’t hold their head under it!

Thousands of people have made the choice to quit floundering around with all the fads and new stuff popping up left and right, get serious, and actually learn some things.

So? Are you ready for a new… you?

If so, check out my website RIGHT HERE.

Pick a package that’s just right for you and let’s get this done already.

Whether it’s weight loss, getting healthy, or just toning up – send up a flare, SOS, or smoke signal and let’s get you off the crazy merry-go-round too.

Hugs and blue skies!
Cin 😉

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