Kill the Critic!

Kill the Critic!

We all do it. Yep, even the men folk. They are just as, if not more so at times, self-critical than women.  What are you s a y i n g in your brain to yourself?

If there’s one thing that you just can’t get away from is that “other” part of you – the one that isn’t self-confident, amazing and gorgeous.  She (or he) has to go!

Most people hire a personal trainer when they are not feeling so great. That inner critic is a bully and they’ve taken over space in their head and have been there for a bit.  I’ve worked with people who say really ugly words out loud about themselves. It seems to flow so smoothly out of their mouths that I think whoa… Sometimes it’s spoken in a self-deprecating way, you know, with a little backward bend at humor. Sometimes it’s “I hate this, or I hate that.”  Inside I cringe. Out loud, I try to lovingly steer them in a healthier mental/verbal direction. First off, I let them know – we don’t use the word “hate” here. Ever.  It’s a dark word to me.

Usually I let them know in my kindest “cow girl” voice- “Darlin’, we don’t say those types of things in this here room.”   “We are gonna kick that critic to the curb. Send her packin. She’s not welcome here no more.” “So honey, get yourself ready.”

Then we begin day by day, hour by hour, to turn that stinkin thinkin around. Yep, it is a habit, and honey – I like to break bad habits and show them who’s BOSS!  *** TAKE THAT!!! ***

It’s a process and takes some time. I like to think I’m a relatively compassionate person so I tend to ease folks into a kinder, gentler, more loving way to speak to themselves. For instance: I can, I will, I am DOING THIS, or I  R. O. C. K. in the U. S. A. baby!

There is such a plethora of avenues a person can take to gain some inner self esteem and self confidence that I just cannot list them all!

So, my friend, the first step is become Aware of you and what  you are saying to you. Second, learn to stop yourself mid-disrespect! STOP. Just say it out loud if you have to. S.T.O.P.  Then, get grateful, get thankful. You are alive and breathing and you are HERE!

It sounds silly, but stand up, slap a smile on your mug and say I LOVE ME! Kinda toss your hair while you say it.  (You just did it didn’t you!)  Good job!  Those are just starters and while simple, you will notice how your energy changed.  Did you feel a shift?

Bottom line is – if it’s a habit, it can be changed!

Or you can check this out:    Here’s How You Tell That Critic To GO!

It’s kind of awesome to see someone change their attitude about their body and stop saying all those wicked mean things in their brain. It’s a cool process I get to witness and I love it.

If you are interested in some other ways, deeper and more meaningful ways to let go of some of the head trash feel free to write me an email. You can get that from my website HERE

Remember, you are not one in a million. YOU, my dear, are the only one of YOU.


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