Stop Being Mean!

Stop Being Mean!

You wouldn’t say that to a good friend would you?

Why on earth do we do it to ourselves? Yep, even the men folk do it at times. Whether an internal thought or vocal berating – criticizing ourselves on actions, looks, ideas, and such, is a horrible habit.

If there’s one thing that you just can’t get away from it’s that other part of you – the one that isn’t always self-confident, amazing and gorgeous.

Maybe instead of ignoring it or feeding the fire, you simply get to know the reason behind the thinking?

Most people hire a personal trainer when they are not feeling so great. They aren’t happy with themselves, the way they look and feel and take it out on themselves and yes, even those around them.  They hide behind objects and people when it’s picture time, or even turn down a social event because of it.

Not fun!

That inner critic is a bully and has  taken over  headspace long enough!  I’ve worked with people who say really ugly words out loud about themselves. I think whoa…

Sometimes it’s spoken in a self-deprecating way, you know, with a little backward bend at humor. Sometimes it’s: I hate this, I hate that, I am fat, clumsy, ugly, stupid, and the like.  Inside I cringe. Out loud, I try to lovingly steer them in a healthier mental/verbal direction.

Usually I let them know in my kindest southern drawl: Darlin’, we don’t say those types of things in this here studio. We’re gonna kick that critic to the curb and send it packin’. It’s not welcome here no more. Let’s find another word! I usually throw out ‘loathe’ as a potential candidate. Ha! Fantastic word right?! Seems a little less harsh than the H word.

Then we begin day by day, hour by hour, to turn that stinkin-thinkin around. It is a habit, and I like to help people break bad habits and show them who’s BOSS!  *** TAKE THAT!!! ***

It’s a process and takes some time. As your body gets in better shape and your energy is running high you begin to see and say other things. Kinder things. More confident things! For instance: I can, I will, I am DOING THIS, people are noticing and complimenting me, my clothes are looser, it’s working, if it is working for others it will work for me, this is great, or even I  R. O. C. K. in the U. S. A. baby!

There are so many ways a person can take to gain some inner self esteem and self confidence.

So, my friend, the first step is become aware of you and what  you are saying to you.

Second, learn to stop yourself mid-disrespect! STOP. Just say it out loud if you have to – S.T.O.P.  Then, get grateful and get thankful. You are alive and breathing and you are here working on yourself. And hey, you’re pretty damn awesome! You mean something to the people in your life. Keep pushing!

It sounds silly, but stand up, slap a smile on your mug and say I AM AWESOME! Kind of toss your hair while you say it.  (You just did it didn’t you!?)  Good job!  Those are just starters and while simple and silly, you will notice how your energy changes.  Did you feel a shift?

Bottom line is – if it’s a habit, it can be changed!

It’s terrific to see someone change their attitude about their body and stop saying all those wicked mean things in their brain. I love it.

If you are interested in some other ways, deeper and more meaningful ways to let go of some of the head trash I really like these two books as one more way to start gaining some perspective:  Power of your Subconscious mind and The Big Leap.

I love helping people with releasing subconscious blocks that keep jamming them up. If you want more help get with me: HERE

We obviously sometimes go way beyond simple personal training. But isn’t THAT what personal training is really? It’s a much deeper course that you will learn simple realistic skills and tools that get you real honest results that you can take with you.  That is what you want out of a course right?  Results and tools and skills!

Remember, you are not one in a million. YOU, my dear, are the only ONE (of you). Now, let’s get you owning that!

Hugs and Blue Skies,

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