I Want It NOW!

I Want It NOW!

I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly a patient person. I have gotten much better over the years, but I think fast, I walk fast, I talk fast and I like to get things done. Is that you as well?

As far as weight loss is concerned, taking it slow and steady is the hardest part for people to wrap their minds around. That’s where I come in.  I “pull people back from the ledge” of frustration and the give up trigger. My way of handling that is humorous, loving and fun! It’s okay, we’ll push through together!

It’s the end of JANUARY already you’re thinking….  I joined the darn gym!  Now what? What more does it take!? There are only a few more months until dresses, shorts, sleeveless tops, and bathing suits again! Errrrg… I can’t hide in my winter clothes anymore.

It always makes me smile to see everyone going after it in the new year, and I give considerable points for effort! However, if you are in a pattern year after year perhaps some of these tips could get you out of that pattern and off that hamster wheel.

Here are a few habits that you can change today that will help you lose weight, feel better and be healthier.


Soda consumption is linked to SO many diseases which include obesity, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney stones. Not to mention weight gain, lack of energy, foggy brain, and inflammation. Every time a soda is purchased, the soda industry is being empowered to continue selling health destroying beverages. Stop feeding the beast.

You KNOW this stuff! Quit already. Most if not all of my clients STOP drinking this poison because I get to help them understand the significant damage they are doing to their body. I explain that they are going to be spending some time with me implementing tools so successful, it’s crazy — so why WOULDN’T they attempt it.  They are so happy when they kick this habit.

If you have real physical WITHDRAWAL symptoms from a drink or food it is a sure sign it is a drug or poison.  My clients tell me they feel SO much better and that their bloat is going down, their sleep is better and their energy is more revved up!

If your body is actually going through a withdrawal experience (headache/nervousness/anxiety) that tells you VERY CLEARLY that this is something your body is addicted to. This is not a natural occurrence friend. This is just crazy to me!  I remind my clients that the first three letters in diet soda are… die. So there ya go.

For more in depth information read this:

Pump up your water consumption! You will die without water my friend. That and oxygen. That makes it rather important don’t you think? I help people understand this significant fact and incorporate it into their training.

Tip: Put some FRESH lemon wedges or berries in to give it natural flavoring and boost alkalinity. Most of us are walking around completely acidic which is a hotbed for ill health. Water bores you, you say?  Hmmm…. again, you’ll die without it, so there you go!

WATER FACTS: It helps your body burn fat. It can help clear up brain fog. It helps you body work at optimal levels. Besides needing to breathe, your body does not “make” water. For instance your body makes new hair, blood, bones, skin, etc., but you have to breathe and drink water to get it into your body.

Fun facts: Your muscles are about 75% water, your brain cells are about 85% water, your blood is about 82% water, your bones are about 25% water. Get it? So breathe in deep and gulp it up.

First off, learn what real food is.  At Full-Body Fitness we do that in a major way. Many times I’ll bring a client into my kitchen for a little “cooking” show and tell – and tasting!  That usually wins them over to giving real food the attention it deserves.

The problem with most people when it comes to eating, whether at home or out, is not only are portions two to three times too large, but we’re usually eating later in the evening- way past the time when your body needs to go into fasting, fat burning, and healing mode! For a lot of folks this also might include alcohol as well which just adds fuel to the fire.  Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there!

Remember also, even when it appears to be good for you (i.e., salad), what comes to your table is what I like to call a “trough.” Seriously, those salads are huge!  You gobble it all up thinking, “Yes! I did good! I had a salad.”  Remember, just because it’s “good for you” doesn’t mean it’s good to “eat a huge amount.”  Portion size is what has a tendency to jam people up, but your body will adjust and lose fat when you eat correctly.

Stop eating on your large dinner plates. Use the small ones! I used to pack my plate on the left when I was heavier.  Yowza. I was stuffed after every single meal I ate.  Yuck.

See the difference?!

At home use small plates and bowls.  If eating your meals out with your honey or a friend – split, or take home. Yes, even the salads. Or save half for your lunch or dinner the next day. And skip the bread basket. Seriously, you’ll survive. Just skip it. Obviously try to make the best choices possible. The foods that are broiled, grilled or baked are good. Stay away from breaded, fried, buttered, crispy, creamy or cheesy. What?!? Why bother going out right?  HA! I hear ya. But again, once in a while is okay, about 85% of the time you want to be “on the eating plan.” This is where you have to remember there are seven days in a week. Do well on five to six of those days and I can promise you, you’ll create habits that will help you make better choices when going out.

A regular portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards. For everyone. Even you men folk. Go see how small a deck of cards is.  THAT is a portion my friend. (don’t shoot the messenger!). That being said, you’ll notice I do not tell people to count calories. That will be different for men. We work on revving up your metabolism by feeding your body high nutritionally valued food during the day time hours and let your body burn and utilize fat for fuel at the other times when it is supposed to.  It’s simply how our bodies work. My heart is big for you and your journey in this area.  You are a warrior and it’s time to conquer this beast. I’ll help you in the wonderful way I do with my clients.

Your body will acclimate to EVERY thing you give it. Whether good or bad, it will adjust and acclimate. When you feed it bad food, or too much, or even have poor sleep habits, your body’s first response is to gain fat to protect itself. It can take about a decade of this kind of abuse, until worse things start to show up like, high blood pressure, cholesterol, pre-diabetes, inflammation, etc.  Even too much worrying and stressing about life in general can be detrimental to helping your body release fat and weight.

Pushing yourself so hard right out of the gate that you can’t move for two is days is not the right way to do this friend.

First of all breathe.  Take deep deep belly breaths. Let your body and mind relax. If you are constantly in the fight or flight zone of your sympathetic nervous system you are creating massive stress and pumping cortisol in your system, which is a fat producing hormone.  Also when you feed it horrible things that inflame your insides you create insulin drops and spikes.  This too is a major fat producing hormone.

If your goals are fat loss and gaining endurance (so you no longer huff and puff running up the stairs), train how the marathoners do it. Start at a slower pace and acclimate your body to that first, then crank it up a notch. Let it acclimate to that level and then push it a little more.

Begin with 4 days per week, 45 minutes minimum, in your Fat Burn Zone, for three weeks. Here’s the formula for finding your “Fat Burn Zone.” Take 220 and subtract your age, that number is your “Maximum Heart Rate.” Multiply that number by 60% to get your low end of your FBZ and then, take the MHR and multiply by 80%. That number is your high end of your FBZ. You want to begin at the lower end of your FBZ and build up, but always be bouncing around inside those two numbers. Soon enough you will see and feel your body acclimating.

That is the time to step it up a bit more. Build your cardio foundation brick by brick until you have a strong foundation. Building your cardio system the proper way will tell your body to utilize fat for fuel while doing cardio.

There you go! I hope some of these things help you. If you are needing knowledge, a skill set and habits created, hire a 1:1 personal trainer. The course and information you are provided is so much more in depth than small/large group training.

At Full-Body Fitness, we focus on learning the skills, implementing them and getting you your results. This is what creates a lifestyle change for the duration. I make it enjoyable, sustainable, and comprehendible. It’s not a suffering, it’s a retraining. The other big part is learning to lift correctly and use all that crazy, intimidating equipment (in ways I’ve come to find out most are not learning out there!). Beautiful, strong, toned muscles are your best fat burning engine besides food and your metabolism. It’s the key for keeping weight off!

Until then, shine on your crazy diamond.

Blue skies, Cindy

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