I Have “Bigger Bones” Than You

I Have “Bigger Bones” Than You

Nawww. That’s not the way that works.

Let’s take a look into the skeletal system and how muscle and unhealthy fat stores load up on your body.

See? Same skeletal system, excess fat stores on same.  No wonder why backs, knees and hips are under stress.

My clients soon learn that I focus very strongly on their food choices and daily habits. This is the sole reason why they gained weight, caused internal inflammation and started putting on fat. It happened to me.  It was the ONLY REASON.

Since taking complete accountability of my personal food and exercise choices twenty years ago (and tweaking it in the past ten years) I have healed all of my health issues and kept the chub and misery off my frame.  Ugh, it was all my fault. I was kind of irritated with myself. (See My Story:)

My passion and whole business revolves around helping clients understand how their body actually works and why what they are doing is NOT working. I mean, if it was working – it’d be working right?!

Once they understand, all the while implementing the tools I teach, they relatively quickly see and feel results.  Results they haven’t found before.

It’s kind of cool… and a ton of fun! I love their smiles and excitement.

Many of my clients have grabbed their arms and said I want to do more tricep exercises so I can see my muscles here.

I gently tell them, yea… that’s not how it works. Your first outer layer is your skin, then FAT, then muscles underneath, then your normally proportioned skeletal system.

So the MAIN GOAL is to shed unhealthy fat stores while you are getting stronger and learning proper techniques in the gym.

This is NOT your skeletal system:      Obviously grown men have larger frames. Taller women have larger frames. BUT THEIR BONES DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS inside of them.


This is:  See how the frame is the same.

We can’t see muscles POP without shedding the fat.  You HAVE TO change your food habits. You can’t out run the fork unfortunately.

I help them understand they are trying to learn and implement all the tools I’ve put into my knowledge box into the timeframe we have during their course duration. Sometimes, we have only three months, sometimes five, many times even more as they continue on to further get them to where they can maintain their fitness level they have attained.

Giving MAXIMUM EFFORT from start to finish of your course is how you utilize it and get great results.  Push back for too long and you’ve lost momentum.  The hardest part is helping folks understand their eating and lifestyle habits are what got them into the mess they’re in and then get them to get on my Eating Guide plan ASAP.

People want changes in their body and health, but truly taking accountability for HABITS and LIFESTYLE is what they need to get on board with.  I help them understand this at our first meeting, their fitness assessment. Stop giving it lip service and get to work.


I always say, I cannot be the one who wants it more for you than you do.  And let me tell ya, I want your success SO very much.  Why?  Because I’ve been exactly where you’re at… and now I’m not. You can have that experience as well.

Let’s get busy ‘eh?

It’s go time!  Do NOT wait until your new year resolution.  This is your HEALTH and well-being we’re talking about.  Get to the starting line pronto.

See ya soon.

Big hugs and blue skies,

Cindy Sams


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