Food! Glorious Food!

Food! Glorious Food!

Food! Glorious food! It’s the archenemy of all weight loss wannabes. Food is quite possibly the hardest place to start, but that’s where it all begins. So where exactly is the beginning of this eating thing?

First, know this: your body acclimates to e v e r y t h i n g you give it. Period. Whether it’s a lot or a little, good or bad – it acclimates to it.

Scenario 1: You love food. Greasy, junky, not so great for ya food and some pounds have packed on. A lot of pounds! Also, you’re not feeling well. But man oh man, does this food comfort you and make you ‘feel better.’ You just don’t know where you went wrong, and you don’t know how to stop. Well, maybe you DO… but that food is SO good right?!

You feel awful, run down, tired and are wondering where am I in there when you look in the mirror. How do I do this healthy eating thing?

This scenario is very common unfortunately. Even I was trapped ‘in there’ at one time.

Scenario 2: You come for your fitness assessment. We discuss what you are doing now in the eating area of your life. The when, the where, the how much. We tweak it. I cross out and add in things. I’ll supply ideas, show you my fridge, give you a mock shopping list and lots of recipes and ideas!

Heck, we may even sing: (kidding!)

After a fitness assessment, people will start to incorporate things now that they have hope! Usually they very quickly start to lose bloat, a few pounds AND feel better with more energy!

It’s thrilling to watch and experience my clients reactions to this. We also talk about this throughout your package. I will not leave a person twisting in this area. It’s not difficult if you are wanting a good change.

The information I share during a fitness assessment helps to release false perceptions about food and cardio for weight loss and the myth that it is hard. We flip off some old thinking switches and flip on some new ways of thinking, which are rather basic and easy to accomplish.

I make it easy for you to succeed in this area. It’s a win/win baby if you just give yourself time to go through the process.

When you start to feel better, you think better. When you have more energy and are sleeping better everything gets better: your mood, your stamina and desire to workout, your irritation levels at work and home…ha! They all start to balance or go away. How delightful yes?

For most, the common denominator is TOO MUCH of the bad food, not enough good food (or food they think is good for them but isn’t) and sometimes too much of that as well.

A portion size is a portion size. It’s a one size fits all. It’s not a “but I’m bigger so I need more” size. Remember those ‘switches’ we turn off? This is one of them. Training the body to eat how it should, not only to lose excess fat, but keep it off and actually be healthy and feel great is what you’ll get.

Unfortunately, we can not just run, sweat, grind, zumba or freeze it off and keep it off if you don’t learn the eating part. And if you do manage to lose a little, it will usually come back.

You want to be smaller than you are? Then you’ve got to eat smaller portions than you do, but still feed your bod throughout the day. During a fitness assessment I will actually get out my measuring cups to remind people the SIZE of a cup, 1/2 cup, etc. Quite an eye opener.

It’s fun to show people how I personally used to eat. We’ll have some laughs with that one! I used to FILL the big dinner plate on the left… FILL. IT! UGH…

Portions shown below are on the little plate.


Taking control of your own health and wellness is your responsibility. I love helping the people that get to that point and know they need help. It would be wonderful to sit down and chat with you and help you in this area if you are ready.

After all, I am known as a fat killer! I help people shrink, learn, tighten and tone and age well. It’s what we DO here – along with all sorts of other wonderful things for you to get your results and mojo back.

If you are looking for a ‘personal trainer near you’ I’ve got 17 years experience backed with a ton of clients’ successful results! Check it out on my facebook page ‘Full-Body Fitness’ or on my site.

Looking for a personal trainer in Fishers, Noblesville, or Carmel? I am smack dab in the middle of all those places! Even those people looking for a personal trainer in Indianapolis.

Are you ready for your results? I hope to see you soon.

Blue skies,
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