Discipline?! Ugh, Not This Again!

Discipline?! Ugh, Not This Again!

Isn’t it so much fun to beat yourself up, tell yourself you failed again, then feel disappointed about you, yourself, and you. Sounds like a blast doesn’t it?

Now, I’m going to say something in my usual direct, but loving way…

Snap Out Of It.

Talking smack about yourself is not “allowed” in my studio. Yea, we’re human, we slip. I too have moments.

Enough already. Your bright shining light of who you are was never supposed to be thought of this way. Think: the devil made me do it. (and if I’m anything I am a kingdom warrior woman in this department! I WILL fight for my peace of spirit, mind and body).

If you let me, I’ll help you too!

Discipline. It’s a type of muscle you know.

To me, at this point, discipline equals peace. Peace of mind, peace of spirit, and – it has given me more pieces of my self worth and respect back. It’s too precious to let go of again. In other circles, that might be called boundaries.

“Discipline is a gift you give yourself.”

No one can give it to you. It’s all yours for the taking.

It’s not a punishment. Feeling like a victim and full of your typical victim-y excuses? Stop!

While you’re trying on new habits and a new lifestyle, say positive and uplifting things to yourself. I mean it! Say it out loud if you have to, yell it, sing it.. just don’t go down the self-loathing spiral.

Hey, if you have young kids, this could even be a teaching moment! How you speak about yourself in front of your little ones makes an impact. Maybe a self-check is in order and really pay attention to what you are saying in your noggin as well as out loud.

So when things go south and you fall off track, just flex your discipline muscle!

Did you quit on yourself again? Get back on track. Simply restart. FLEX.

Another strong tool I’ve found that is amazing is: WRITE IT DOWN! Make writing it out fun, positive, silly, uplifting!

Congratulate yourself for going on a half hour walk every day and stretching. That’s literally 15 minutes walking away from your house, then turn the heck around and go home and stretch. Taa daaa! 30 minutes… done!

Congratulate yourself for tossing the sweets out the door and ditching the bad habits.

Congratulate yourself for your small direct steps you are taking in your life to do YOU better. FLEX.

We love to hit REPLAY, REPLAY, REPLAY on situations. You know as well as I do that that will make you crazy and will have a ZERO, productive or healthy outcome. Plus you’ll more than likely start to irritate those around you if you keep replaying it to everyone. Haha.

Choices. Free Will. Self Respect. Self Worthiness. Faith. Flex those muscles!

These things are connected to the choices we make. Think about it.

“I have no will power!” is a statement I’ve heard a lot, and I’m calling B.S. on it.

Just like any other muscle in your body, when you learn to work that Discipline Muscle and make it super strong, you can easily and quickly move through the mire of thoughts no longer worthy of your NOW.

I KNOW you’ve got it in you! So is it time to start flexing this powerful muscle? Are you ready to see some magic when you do?

Ah yes, Discipline – what a gift.

Flex, Flex, FLEX!  Need help flexing?  I’ve got some INCREDIBLE deals going!  Check out my site.  Look around. Read up on me and see some of my peeps awesome outcomes and progress! 

Hugs and Blue Skies,


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