Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

Have you noticed that we as a society are daily inundated with “new” ways to lose weight, get fit fast, new names for ways to eat?  It’s ridiculous.

Is it just me or do you find this confusing, along with kind of irritating? Every single day some ‘doctor,’ magazine or headline is promoting some new miracle way to lose body fat and get “in the best shape of your life!”  Ugh!

This reminds me of a great saying that I just love: KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie. (I believe the original word used was “stupid” – but that’s just not nice.)

Just think for a minute. Is it truth that they are trying to shove down our throats or just a money making ploy? Is it all about the money? Do you really think they care about your well-being and health?

When you’re depressed, upset about how you feel and look and are at the end of your rope, you’ll try anything – and they know it.

Basics. You start your weight loss journey with the basics. Add a little humor, logical thinking and then get busy learning some skill sets.

Feed Me Seymour!
Take out the word “diet” from your vocab and replace it with “edit.”  You can’t eat the way you’re eating anymore. It’s not working. Food is different, the dirt is different, you are older.

There’s a way to eat to actually lose weight and maintain it, not starve yourself to the point of wanting to hurt your loved ones, and actually have excess energy because of it. Sweet!

It’s simple really. Get back to basics. Real, whole foods. This means foods that grow and therefore, rot. The stuff in boxes or freezers that you nuke in the microwave are not food. Sorry, but these are created food like substances and harm our bodies. We aren’t made to eat that fake food.

At your fitness assessment is where we discuss your eating habits in depth: what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and all that goes with it.  This information creates a puzzle for me and I can instantly tell where the pieces are missing.

This changes the game every time for my clients. Some even think they are doing okay on their eating, but in reality they are missing key pieces to the puzzle. The name of the game is to learn the correct way to get your body back to the incredible fat burning engine it is.

But you have to learn all that first, then implement it for a duration of time to get the incredible results that you have been wanting so badly!

Take Action!
Start for heaven’s sake. There is no better time to start anything than right now, this second, when the idea is hot in your head and you are jacked to get started. Are you regularly making the same new year resolution? Are you working out somewhere but not really seeing results? Does it bum you out when you yet again start and fail? Find the missing puzzle pieces! Time and money spent on you – your body, mind and spirit, only makes You a better You, and much healthier and happier!

Power Up with Muscles!  Your body has muscles. Lots and lots of muscles. They have more than one purpose to them and I help you understand this and work them! So why is it you are not lifting weights? And if you are, are you seeing results?

For the most part, we live a rather sedentary life. There is no need to go out every day and use our muscles and body to plow the fields by hand, hunt our dinner or cut down trees to build our homes.  However we are actually designed to easily keep fit.  We are the culprits who keep messing it up! Muscles burn three to five times more calories than fat at your resting heart rate. Which would your rather have?

At Full-Body Fitness, nutrition and strength training are the foundation for changing your body. And if you want change you have to do something new and different. Learning how to do it all correctly to actually see and feel results is the key.

Is it going to be easy? Maybe, maybe not. To most, learning and implementing what is taught, is met with enthusiasm because results start to happen pretty quickly. Change: It’s only as hard as we make it.  Think about that for a second.  If you keep saying “it’s so hard” “I can’t do it” “I’ll never make it”… you’re right! So stop that sweetie and let’s turn that stinkin’ thinkin’ into something more empowering and create your success.

I have been helping people in Fishers/Geist, Noblesville, Carmel and Northside Indianapolis for 17 years as a weight loss coach and personal trainer. Is it your turn? Let me help you get this done once and for all.

Some of these people are still going in the studio, some have ‘graduated’ and some will come back for a reboot now and again… it just depends!

Hugs and Blue Skies!

Change is calling… pick up the phone.

Cindy 🙂

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