Cindy’s Personal Story

Cindy’s Personal Story

In 2002 I decided that was enough.

On the left I was about 34 years old.

While also having a seriously bad hair day, I was 40 pounds overweight and gaining steadily. I was fat, tired, unhealthy, miserable and just plain old uncomfortable.

My mind, body and spirit were draining fast. Oh, I was also pushing into the next size up in clothes. That’s when the line was drawn! I was fed up (read: pissed!).

In the picture on the right I was five years older at 39. What a difference!

I took a good, strong, and honest look at my choices, behaviors and habits. It empowered me and true accountability started to set in. This was no one’s fault by my own and by God I was going to change my ways!

I started going to the gym 5-6 times a week and I stopped all those horrible habits that held me back from getting my body and health back. By the way, my inner critic, mental health, energy, self confidence, along with many other things – went off the charts!

It took me 5 1/2 months to take off that weight. While that seems quick, it was also done wisely and in a healthful way. I never felt like I was “starving” or “torturing” myself, or doing without.

The choice was to get honest, get real and stop self-sabotaging with my overeating, over-drinking, ice cream and popcorn after dinner while sitting down and watching T.V. doing the proverbial “couch potato” thing at night. Ugh! I was upset with myself and I was determined to change. Guess what? I did it. And so can YOU!

During this time, I remembered my passion from previous years, but the timing then was not right as my sons were still so young. My desire and passion was to become a personal trainer and health coach and to help others on this journey.  Now, after twenty years in business, and hearing what my clients and friends tell me about their experiences ‘out there’ I know that it is knowledge, along with skills and tools that is lacking. They were not being taught anything, sometimes acquiring injuries and zero results! Ahhhh, enough of that. We are not born simply knowing how to do this stuff. My courses I have developed and fine tuned over the years is where most of my clients finally find success after struggling for a long time.

When you learn skills and tools that get results – you stick with them! I. love helping people change their mindset on foods, nutrition, cardio and strength training. If results are your goal, that is what you’ll get.

Your fitness and health NEED to be at the top of your personal priority list. There’s a lot of psychology that comes into play and I love that part of it. I love helping you through those rough spots and getting you to your “Ah HA! Moments!” I uplift, motivate, empower you and cheer you on! You will learn to switch your pattern of thinking from defeat (I can’t, it won’t happen for me, it’s too hard, I’ve got too far to go); to “WOW! I am feeling it, I love it, I look great! I’m DOING it!” This is awesomeness in action! Sharing a different way to look at things sometimes clarifies it for that person.

We ALL slip up – I definitely do at times. However, once results are attained you can realize that you have the ability, knowledge, and strong determination to get those extra pounds off again.

You do not have to suffer through the ups and downs again – ever.  If you start to slip back… simply get back to the habits that got you great results!

There are always times in life when “life” tries to knock us off the rails. You know the standard excuses; no time, no money, too tired, feeling guilty ‘leaving’ my family to go workout. Well, I understand and will help you get back on track, not punish yourself and enjoy the ride!

I don’t ever want to go back to walking around feeling the way I used to feel with that extra weight on me and having horrid health.

If you feel that way, or have ever felt that way, I am here to tell you – you CAN do it and I will help you!

Blue skies,
Cindy Sams

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