6 Habits To Start Your Fat Burning Engine!

6 Habits To Start Your Fat Burning Engine!

Weight loss is hard. But that is only if you fight it. Whether that is subconsciously battling your triggers or fully aware of what you are doing to make it hard and keep you in that dreadful cycle.  Ugh!  Doing it that way is exhausting. Stop with the hard already.

I have heard it said, and I agree, it’s only hard – until you quit telling yourself it is! Shift perspective. Stop repeating the words. Habits are just that – habits. An acquired act done over and over. That means you can change them. And yes, that might be the tricky part, but I ask you, how much do you want your weight loss and health?  Your body will acclimate to whatever you give it and do to it. And neither myself, nor anyone else can want it more for you than you do.  It’s up to you. Make up your mind.

Do nothing, don’t change bad habits, eat crap, too much, too little, too late – yep, it’ll be a hard road.

Do some moving, lifting and eat healthy, correct portions in the time frames for fat loss, lowering inflammation and maintenance – that is the road you want!

Sometimes the hard things are accomplished with less friction by simply getting back to basics, and doing those positive things that pull you away from the victim stance and self-loathing. You are this beautiful glorious being – so start doing those things that produce good fruits!

Most people are following old, out of date ideas, some are following new and potentially harmful ways to lose weight, some are following flighty fads, and some are so overwhelmed that they just say screw it and eat the junk and stay stuck.

Slow goes your engine, glug glug glug…

How about learning how to make it purr and roar!?!

Here are six simple things you can do right now to jump start your metabolism.

Think of your body as a powerful fat burning ENGINE! Because that is what it is. Seriously. It knows perfectly well how to be healthy and run at its top level.

1. Slow your Roll! Slow down when you sit down to eat (or stand up and eat for that matter)

When you start eating, relax for three seconds, take a big breath in and let it out slowly. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to send you signals that you’re full. Most people are done eating their meal in ten minutes, and they continue to shove food in the face.

When you eat too fast, you end up eating way more than your body requires. You should be simply sated after a meal, not stuffed!

Eat on a smaller plate. Use small portions so that you only eat what your body requires. Most people fill up their plates like it’s going to be a week before they get to eat again!  Make your portions smaller.  Much smaller!  Real foods, with nutrient density are what sate your body.

2. Eat “solid” proteins

Solid proteins make your body digestion work hard. This means that your body requires a lot more energy to digest protein than any other macronutrient. Psssst!  THAT is your metabolism at work!  Stop drinking your meals…. Stop! (yep. Zero powders and smoothies folks. Cut it out. Proof is in my clients… pudding!) Don’t believe me? Just ask my clients.

More solid protein not only means you will use energy when digesting, it also means that you will be sated more. Protein basically gives you natural appetite suppression.

Drinking your meals tells your body’s engine it has to do NOTHING. No expended energy necessary. SOLID food items is what your metabolism needs to rev up.

3. Eat Carbs. Guess what? Vegetables ARE the carbohydrates your body NEEDS. (not starchy carbs)

If you aren’t already eating vegetables, it’s time to EXPLORE. Look I’m not a big veggie person either. I like the regular stuff like spaghetti squash, cucumbers, mixed greens, green beans, etc. I eat them at two of my meals every day, sometimes three.

Vegetables (and some fruits) are also a great way to increase fiber content in your body.  Your body has to work to digest fiber and expends more energy in that process.

Plus fiber, just like protein is a natural appetite suppressor! It helps you feel sated, improves gut health and helps absorb crucial nutrients from other food that may otherwise be lost in the digestion process.

Eat your veggies!

4. Healthy Fats  – fuel for your body!

The “No fat, Low fat” products and thought process is a fraud, myth and misconception and frankly dangerous for your health!

They had to put something in those items to make them palatable – think: chemical @#$ storm, and stop buying and eating it.

Proper fats are one of the three powerful, amazing nutrients that our body needs in order to survive.

Try to consume a snack a day of healthy fats taken from nuts, seeds and omega 3 and 6. Things like almonds, walnuts, cashews; avocado; use coconut oil or high quality olive oil to cook with; eat the whole egg (not just whites!)

5. Hydrate!

You will die without water – just like you will die without full oxygen! Do I need to say any more than that? Plain old, deliciously refreshing water, which is seriously needed for life sustaining processes in all of your organs. It’s great for weight loss and losing the bloated look. Here’s an oldie but goodie on Why Water: https://fullbodyfit.wpengine.com/come-on-in-the-waters-fine/

6. Meals eaten at correct times

Eat your breakfast!  You’ve been fasting all night if you’ve eaten at the proper shut off time in the evening.  Your body engine needs to be started and that key is FOOD. Don’t believe me? Ask my clients! Their energy is off the hook and they sleep great again!

At a meal, you should not eat so much that your body has not digested it in a three hour time frame. The key is not storing calories as fat and feeding the body life sustaining quality foods every few hours. Not two, not four… three.  Meals: three. Snacks shouldn’t last you as long… maybe 1.5 to 2 hours.

I’ve been doing this a LONG time. My clients and their testimonies speak for themselves. Their results speak for themselves.  How they did it?  By eating the way I share with them.

See, here’s the thing. These habits are so simple to start doing. They are not hard. Notice there is no driving through a drive through to get them, not ripping open a box or bag.  You have to shop, prepare and eat/drink the stuff. Then go do it again the following week. I help all my clients learn how simple this is.  The ones that succeed know how powerful my Eating Guide is!  It works when followed, and is maintainable.

Your body’s engine (metabolism) does not care how you feel! If you don’t like breakfast… it doesn’t care. Eat! Your feelings don’t matter to the metabolic process of a roaring, purring fat burning engine that your body is.

Your habits simply need to be switched over to the simple, delicious, delightful ways of helping it become it’s best and strongest fat fighter! Doing these things will also help lower inflammation, reduce poor health issues (cholesterol/blood pressure), help you sleep better and give you outrageous energy!

This way of eating is not starving your body. You eat during your waking hours, (approximately 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or earlier! <–I mean IT!) making sure it is healthy, live, real, raw foods. (Hint: real foods rot. I know, gross, but true)

You shop, you prepare, you eat and repeat. End of story, but the beginning of energy, fat burn and pure, powerful health.

When my clients start, we start with their fitness assessment. We discuss in detail what they are doing currently with their eating patterns and choices.  I then can see where the problems are and how to begin turning the habits around. I share my Daily Eating Guide and they begin to feel hopeful and encouraged and ready to begin!  We have regular dialog through their package to ensure maximum efforts and results!

Feel empowered to begin this healthy process in acclimating to new habits.  If you’d like further help, just email or call me and let’s get you started on your package.

Blue skies,


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