Full Body Fitness | What’s Your “End” Game?
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What’s Your “End” Game?

What’s Your “End” Game?

So Long 2017! See ya! Adios! Ciao!

How did it go? Did you make it happen? Get it done? Meet the mark?

If not, please do not beat yourself up about it.

Instead, sit for a second and think about why it didn’t happen. Think about what you want to happen. Really dig into your feelings and heart and ask yourself what is it you truly desire to happen? What do you need to do differently?

A person can’t just say, hey, I want to learn the Italian language and then POOF – they’re off to Europe.

A person can’t just say they want to play the piano and then, POOF – they’re a concert pianist.

You want to get rid of the ghosts? Who ya gonna call? Yea, that’s right! GHOSTBUSTERS! 😉

So also saying, “I want to lose weight and get in shape” is using too broad of a brush stroke. We need to get the really fine brushes out and create a better pallet. More color! More depth! More detail, please!

All of these things take time, teaching, learning, putting into practice, persistence and keeping your YES big, your WHY in front of you – and then getting RESULTS.

That’s why the highest success rates come to those who hire professionals to help them learn, put into practice, be persistent, help you stay focused and proud of yourself. Personal Training IS the very essence of personal. YOU are the only focus, your time is not divided among a group, no one staring or judging, you don’t have to listen to people’s chatter. The focus is all on you.

How about making a list. On one side write down how you are feeling now, on the other write down how you want to feel, or imagine how it would feel after accomplishing your goals. Something like this perhaps:

Current Feelings:                                                    Desired Feelings:

I feel fat.                                                                    I feel great in my skin and body!

I feel sluggish, tired.                                               I have so much energy now it’s ridic!

I feel un-sexy.                                                           I love the way my clothes fit, I feel great!

It’s too scary to start, what if I fail… again.       I am SO proud of myself! I DID IT!!

I don’t like lettuce.                                                 Wow. Not bad when you add good stuff to it!

I don’t want to starve myself.                               I forgot how easy it is to eat well! Yeah flavors!

It’s so confusing.                                                      It’s so simple! It’s not hard and I get it now!

I’ve tried and tried.                                                 I was persistent and found – SUCCESS! I rock!

I weigh so much, how do I do this?                     I’ve learned it’s not about the scale.

It’s about:  No more back fat, no more jiggly thighs, sagging butt, or flabby belly! I FEEL and AM healthy, fit, strong and sexy in my skin again! Now THOSE are the things you really want, if you stop and think about it, or at least my clients do (once they let go of the whole “scale” thing).

Ask the right questions and you’ll be able to focus more positively on the end game.

Now, what does it take to shift to the right and stay there?

You need skills, knowledge, practice, persistence, patience, a sense of humor, faith, resolve, and… RESULTS!


What is the first thing that comes to mind when the year comes to an end? What do people usually do?

They join their local gym, sign up for the two “complimentary, free” personal training sessions and think, Yes! This is it.

I read in an article that 70% of most big box gyms incomes are from people who sign up and don’t show up. Seventy percent! But here is another one that comes in close: https://www.statisticbrain.com/gym-membership-statistics/

That’s extremely high, and very sad to me. I always root for them to stay, keep pushing – get their end game set up and stay the course.

Now, let’s ask why? Why do people continue to do this in the beginning of the year over and over again?

People like to feel like they are part of something, connected to others. That they are not alone!

But there is something I’ve noticed from talking with people (especially women) for over a decade.

In a crowded gym, full to busting with people this time of year, some still feel “alone, uncomfortable, incapable, awkward, lacking in confidence, like they’re not good enough, don’t belong, insecure, too out of shape, and highly stressed when they walk into one of them! So they quit going.

This. Kills. Mehhhhh. However, I get it. I used to feel this way… and I couldn’t stand it either.

Want to know one of my favorite things to do? My clients would tell you it’s one of my favorite things to help you with! It is to get you feeling so ridiculously confident with your new skills, and your rockin’ body in that new gym of yours that you won’t recognize yourself! This makes me giggle and I love it! Yaaay, you!

Now, what is the END GAME?     Learn It. Earn It. Own it.

I’ll be packed back to back very soon with new clients! Find your professional and quit wasting time with no intention, get your end game and get busy.

My new year gift to you, if you are ready to make this finally happen is here: http://fbfitness.com/programs/

2018?!!? I am coming to get you! And I am going to make you so proud! – note to self.


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